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BOOK   1


   Bro. V.T. Houteff, the author of The Shepherd's Rod literature, wrote 168 books and tracts, totaling 4,700 pages (besides his other literature--The Symbolic Codes).   Some were combined together in Nos. and Vols., which totaled 40 books and tracts.   After his death in 1955, and his wife had liquidated his Association Headquarters at Mt. Carmel Center in Waco, Texas, it was re-established in Riverside, California and later moved to Salem, So. Carolina in 1970, where all of his 40 books and tracts were reprinted.  Then in 1990, all of his literature was bound together into one book, which was entitled, THE SHEPHERD'S ROD SERIES

BOOK   2


Now for the first time all of the original Symbolic Codes have been bound up into one 760 pg. hardback book entitled, THE SYMBOLIC CODE SERIES. It was compiled together during the years of 1991 to 1992 and copyrighted in 1992, and it has the same pagination as the original literature. It includes a Scriptural Index as well as 20 Teacher Charts; and it only weighs 4 pounds, which is 2 1/2 pounds lighter than all pieces of the Symbolic Code literature weighed together (6 1/2 pounds). Order your copy today by clicking on the---> ORDER FORM.

BOOK   3


Now for the first time a new hardback book has been compiled, edited, bound up, and printed into a 184 pg. book entitled, A COMPLETE SCRIPTURAL INDEX. It is a complete index of all The Shepherd's Rod literature, The Symbolic Code literature, the two books (Vols. 1, 2) of The Shepherd's Rod, and references from the large charts. It also includes an index of the Spirit of prophecy references used in this literature (and miscellaneous book references). Those Davidians who desire to search deeper into the writings of the SRod literature, will find the Scriptural Index a great help to find inspired comments on Bible texts found in The Shepherd's Rod message. Order your copy today by clicking on the---> ORDER FORM.

BOOK   4


The very first SRod literature ever published was the two volumes entitled, The Shepherd's Rod, (Vol. 1 was printed in 1930 and Vol. 2 was printed in 1932). They contain truths which are the very foundation of all the SRod literature, and that is the reason why it is very important that these two books should be obtained by all SRod believers, because they have truths that can be found no where else in the rest of the SRod literature. This fact was realized after the author (V.T. Houteff) of these two books died in 1955, and the Headquarters he established at Mt. Carmel Center in 1935 was later liquidated by his wife.

In 1961 God's Headquarters was reorganized in California and moved to So. Carolina in 1970, where the leaders began to reprint all of the SRod literature, except the two SRods books. They were reprinted in 1974 because they contain valuable information which would help the Davidians completely understand the rest of The Shepherd's Rod literature. Again they were reprinted in 1980, in 1987, and in 1995. And they are still available for those truth-seeking Davidians who see the need of learning the important information which they contain.  Order your copy today by clicking on the---> ORDER FORM.

BOOK   5


This book entitled, THE FALL OF THE PROTESTANT NATIONS, was published in 1986; it is a compilation of SRod references based on Tract 14. This tract explains briefly about the European world of yesterday symbolized by the non-descript beast of Dan. 7:8, which the Protestant world of today recognizes as Papal Rome. Its horn-head symbolizes the people being ruled by an unprecidented church-state confederacy which the world had never seen before.

This is proven by certain parts of the symbolic beast (Dan. 7:8): (1) by the fact that he had a "head" with eyes and a mouth, which symbolizes the papal church (Catholicism) that spoke "great things;" and (2) by the fact that the beast had a "horn," which symbolizes a state government. It is this horn-head combination that symbolized the church-state confederacy of Papal Rome that ruled the Christian world in the Dark Ages for 1260 years (Dan. 7:25)--538 to 1798.

Tract 14, however, explains much more about the world of today, after the fall of Papal Rome, when the world is symbolized by the leopard-like beast (Rev. 13:1), whose body (Rev. 13:2) represents the descendants of people from Babylon (mouth of a lion), Medo-Persia (feet of a bear), Grecia (body of the leopard), and Rome (ten horns), who are now ruled by these "ten horns"--being the Protestant Nations of today, who have "crowns" of authority. These "crowns" prove that the horns (Protestant Nations) represent the leaders of governments who have authority to rule the people independant of Catholicism--the church symbolized by the papal "head" that was "wounded to death" (Rev. 13:3). Today, it is the governments of the English-speaking Christian world that rules the peoples, whose leading power was Great Britain. But she lost that status when she was weakened by World War 2 and she began to crumble; and then the English-speaking people in America arose as the leading power of the world.

But the Bible said that the deadly wound was "healed" (Rev. 13:3), which means that the world of today will soon revert back to a church-state confederacy as it was in the Dark Ages! And that is exactly what America, the leading power of the English-speaking Christian world of the Protestant Nations in Europe (antitypical Assyria), is doing today--setting up the NEW WORLD ORDER--a church-state confederacy. However, the Bible says that the combined power of their confederacy will be "broken in pieces" (Isa. 8:9).

They will fall from power by losing a gigantic war in Jerusalem (World War 2 resumed), which will involve the Jews (backed by the Protestant Nations) and the Arabs (backed by Russia). Tract 14 explains about this Assyrian confederacy, but the book entitled, THE FALL OF THE PROTESTANT NATIONS, is a compilation of SRod references found in other parts of the SRod message that explains in greater detail the outcome of this gigantic war based on Tract 14. Order your copy today by clicking on the---> ORDER FORM.

BOOK   6


This book is based on Tract 12, which explains the subject of Daniel 11 and 12 about the king of the south and the king of the north. The time of these two kings begins with the death of Grecia's king--Alexander, whose kingdom was divided among his four generals--Lysimachus, Seleucus, Cassander, and Ptolomy. The power which controlled the "glorious land" (Dan. 11:16,41) was identified as the king north, because it is north of Palestine (1st Lysimachus, 2nd Seleucus, 3rd Pagan Rome, 4th Papal Rome, 5th England, 6th America).  And another power was identified as the king of the south, because it is south of Palestine (1st Ptolemy, 2nd Turkey). These kings were defeated by Pagan Rome (3rd KON) who gained control of Palestine. Next came Papal Rome (4th KON) who lost Palestine to Turkey or Mohammedism--Ottoman Empire (2nd KOS). Later Turkey lost Palestine to England (5th KON); but she was weakened by World War 2 and lost it. Finally, America (6th KON) gained control of Palestine and allowed the Jews to set up their NEW STATE OF ISRAEL in Jerusalem as an ally. These facts in Tract 12 (copyrighted in 1941) only led up to the time of England when she was involved in World War 2 and weakened by it.

During the years following that war, America began to rise up as the new king of the north, and the Jews and the Arabs continued to fight over the land of Palestine. Finally it became evident that America (KON) was leading out in the set up of a NEW WORLD ORDER of the Protestant Nations (Assyria).

It was for this reason that another book, based on Tract 12, was published and named, AMERICA KING OF THE NORTH. It is a compilation of many other SRod references about the last acts of America (KON), along with the other Protestant Nations who make up modern day Assyria. They will fall by God's mysterious sword (Isa. 31:8) when their church-state confederacy is broken by losing World War 2 after it is resumed. Then they will be driven out of Jerusalem (Palestine), and the reign of Assyria (Protestant Nations), including America (6th KON) will "come to his end, and none shall help him" (Dan. 11:45). During this war a Sunday blue law will be enforced upon the people, at the same time there will be a time of trouble for the saints. Moreover, a man having the mystical number 666 is identified, and the "wicked counselor" (Nah.1:11) appears to work evil against the saints. Read about all of this and much more in the book entitled, AMERICA KING OF THE NORTH. Order your copy today by clicking on the---> ORDER FORM.

BOOK   7


   Are you burned out on reading books about the burn out of the Waco Branch Davidians?  Don't be; read the book entitled, A DAVIDIAN TESTIMONY, and a flame of truth  will rekindle in you a burning interest to know why they  were burned out.  This  historical book is a brief  autobiographical narration (from 1951 to 1997) about the author, Don Adair, who began as a Davidian Seventh-day Adventist forty-six years ago in 1951--the year before he moved to old Mt. Carmel Center  near Waco, Texas  to work and  attend Bible classes for  three years (1952-1954).  There he met its founder (Bro. Victor Tasho Houteff) who  gave the name "Davidian" to members of the Seventh-day  Adventist church who believed his message which he entitled The Shepherd's  Rod.  And there he also learned their many Bible doctrines; especially about angels with slaughter weapons.   The book, however, contains more than forty-six years of historical  facts about Mt. Carmel and the author's experiences with   Davidians, and Branch Davidians, and Seventh-day Adventists; but it also includes 282 illustrations and pictures of people to make it more interesting.

    Though the author never believed in the teachings of the  Branch Davidians, read how he had first-hand experience in 1951 with Ben Roden and his family.   It was after Bro. Houteff had died in 1955 that Ben Roden began his "Branch" movement.   His main doctrine was the keeping of Jewish ceremonial laws, which he led his few Davidian followers to observe.  And this, of course, caused them to deny that Jesus  was the sinless Messiah.  It was later, after he died in 1978 that his wife (Lois Roden) took control of the Branch movement at new Mt. Carmel until her death in 1981.  Then George Roden (her son) contested in  court with Vernon Howell for leadership of the Branch Davidians, but lost to Vernon who later changed his name to David Koresh.  And as a result he gained control of  Branch Davidians at new Mt. Carmel, and they worshiped him as their sinful messiah!   As for George (a Jew), he moved  to Odessa, Texas after his defeat in court, and had a fight with the author's brother, Dale Adair (a Nazi believer), and killed him!  Read the book and learn why George killed Dale.

    You will also learn who were the Davidians that sent seven letters of doom with warnings of a great slaughter of certain church members, which was to occur in 1992.  These letters were sent to President Bush in 1991 and to President Clinton in 1992,  to the executives of the NEW WORLD ORDER,  to the news media, and to the General Conference leaders of the Seventh-day Adventist church.  Read the book and learn the General Conference's big lie about angels with slaughter weapons, which aroused the fears of the BATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Fire Arms), and which led them to attack  new Mt. Carmel Center on Feb. 28, 1993.  Also learn that sometime during the 51-day siege the news media called the author and came over to Mt. Carmel Center in Salem-Tamassee, So. Carolina for an interview about the death of his brother.  He also explained to them the error of the big lie; and when it was understood by others, the siege finally ended abruptly on April 19, 1993.  Not peaceably, as you know, but by the burning of the new Mt. Carmel compound to ashes.   These burning ashes still eat at the hearts of some patriots around the world who want to know the reason for the burn out, and why the arsonists were not punished.  Now they can learn why they were attacked by the BATF on Feb. 28, 1993 with gun-firing helicopters; and what the 7 letters of doom sent to President Bush and President Clinton had to do with the Waco burn out of the Branch Davidians.  Learn the answers to your many questions and much more by ordering your copy of this book no. 7.  Click on the---> ORDER FORM.

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