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"And about the eleventh hour he went out, and found others standing idle, and saith unto them, Why stand ye here all the day idle? They say unto him, Because no man hath hired us. He saith unto them, Go ye also into the vineyard; and whatsoever is right, that shall ye receive."--Matthew 20:6,7. (bold emphasis added.)

"The 'market place' where the Master is said to have gone after such employment-seekers, is, of course, the church, for the Lord chooses His servants only from among His well-informed people."--2 Timely Greetings, No. 43, pg. 9:3. (bold emphasis added.)

Therefore, the "market place" today in the time of the last "seventh candlestick" Laodicea (Rev. 3:14) is the Seventh-day Adventist church where the Lord finds His labourers. [To learn more about Laodicea, click on that study at the end.] They are not called out of the church, but are called to work in the church at the eleventh hour, [To learn more about the eleventh-hour call, click on that study at the end.] It is in this church, the "marketplace," that the Lord finds the idle laymembers to work in His vineyard at the eleventh-hour. Who are they?

"...the eleventh-hour servants, the Davidians, are the ones unto whom the message of this cleansing, 'the Judgment of the Living,' is committed,..."--2 Timely Greetings, No. 43, pg. 12:1. (bold emphasis added.)

Those (Seventh-day Adventists) who refuse to be hired of the Lord are represented as the "grisled horses," and those (Davidian Seventh-day Adventists) who are hired of the Lord at the eleventh hour are represented as "bay horses" (Zech. 6:3). [To learn more about the grisled and bay horses, click on that study at the end.]

"The double team of horses {pulling the fourth chariot--Laodicea}, and their two kinds of colors, pulling in two different directions are immediately seen to symbolize a double set of church leaders (the Seventh-day Adventist leaders {grisled horses} and the Davidian Seventh-day Adventist leaders {bay horses}) unlike in character and aim."--2 Timely Greetings, No. 22, pg. 22:3 (bold emphasis, braces added).

Did you know that there are some Davidian Seventh-day Adventists whom the Lord did not choose to work in His vineyard? What! All Davidians are not chosen of God? Well, isn't that what Jesus said in His parable of the vineyard (Mt. 20:1-16)?--"for many be called, but few chosen" (Mt. 20:16)? So how can one tell the difference between those Davidians who are "called" and those who are "chosen"? It's very simple.


Those Davidians whom the Lord has "called" but not "chosen" are always concerned about their wages; but not just wages, they want high wages. And what Bible text is their favorite one to quote when they inquire about working for God? That's right, the one where Jesus said, "for the labourer is worthy of his hire" (Lk. 10:7). They make sure that this scripture is the focal point of any discussion about their being hired to work for God in the field, or especially at His Headquarters at Salem. That is always their big concern--how much money in wages are they to receive for their hire; and if it does not meet their expectation, which must be high wages, then they will not hire out to God. That proves that though God has "called" them among many others through the message of The Shepherd's Rod, they are not the Davidians whom He has "chosen" to work in His vineyard.


The few Davidians whom the Lord has "chosen" to work in His vineyard at the eleventh hour, are not those whose primary concern is wages! That's right! Doing the Lord's work is their primary concern, not how much money in wages they are to receive. Read it in Matthew. 20:7. Those whom the Lord has "chosen" to work in His vineyard are not promised wages of any kind! Instead, He only promised them that "whatsoever is right, that shall ye receive" (Mt. 20:7). And since those true and faithful Davidians whom God has "chosen" to work in His vineyard know that high wages is not right, then they will accept whatever wages He so provides, and will not murmur or complain! And that is because the wages they expect is not the perishable gold and silver, which men will cast "to the moles and to the bats" (Isa. 2:20). Instead, the wages they expect is to be sealed as one "of" or one "with" the 144,000 in God's soon-coming kingdom--eternal life.


It is obvious, then, that some Davidians who have been "called," are not "chosen" by God to work in His vineyard, because they refuse to work for the wages of eternal life; instead, they demand the high wages of the world--gold and silver. For this reason they are deceived, because they think they are working for God, but they are really serving self.

"Those {Davidians} who think more of their wages than of the privilege of being honored as a servant of the Lord {at Salem Headquarters or in the field}, who take up their work in a self-congratulatory spirit because they are to receive wages, do not bring self-denial and self-sacrifice into their work. The last men hired {at the eleventh hour} believed the word of the householder, 'Whatsoever is right, that shall ye receive' (Matt. 20:7). They knew that they would receive all that they deserved, and they were placed first {Mt. 20:16) because they brought faith into their work....Christ warns those in His service that they are not to bargain for a stipulated sum {high wages}, as though their Master would not deal truly with them. He gave this parable that {Davidian wage} murmurers would not receive sympathy {from other Davidians} on account of their supposed grievances."--2 Selected Messages, pg. 182:1. (bold emphasis, braces added.)


The Lord has no sympathy for Davidian wage murmurers, and that is why "He gave this parable" (Matt. 20), so the true eleventh-hour Davidians will not sympathize with other so-called Davidians who murmur about their so-called low wages. In fact, there are some Davidians who feel they must be paid money for every little missionary work they do, because they are working for self, not for God.

"God desires us to appreciate His promised blessings. But He would not have us eager for rewards nor feel that for every duty we must receive compensation {money}."--Christ's Object Lessons, pg. 398:1. (bold emphasis added).

"Whatever work we {Davidians} do, we are to do it for Christ. There are many kinds of temporal work to be done for God. An unbeliever would do this work mechanically, for the {money in} wages he receives.... Those who are truly united with Christ do not work for the wages they receive."--Medical Ministry, pg. 133. (bold emphasis, braces added.)

"Not for the wages we receive are we to labor {in the vineyard at the eleventh hour}. The motive that prompts us {Davidians} to work for God should have in it nothing akin to self-serving."--Prophets and Kings, pg. 65:1. (bold emphasis, braces added.)

Think of the years of time that Davidians in the field have consumed in self-sacrificing labor for our Seventh-day Adventist brethren, by giving Bible studies without pay. Think of all the gasoline that was burned in their cars or bus fares paid for to transport them to and from these Bible studies without compensation. Think of all the food they consumed over the years for energy to teach the message to the brethren without wages. Think of all the other things that had to be paid for to do this work for them without any reimbursement of money. Does not this prove that these Davidians have been "chosen" by God to labor in His vineyard, not for money in wages, but for "whatever is right" (Mt. 20:7)? If such Davidian servants working in the field can be so self-sacrificing, should not we at Salem Headquarters do the same? But if high wages are demanded by any Davidian at the Headquarters, then they are working for self, not for God! Such Davidians we should beware of!


"Beware of placing too great confidence in those {Davidians} who demand high wages before they will engage in the Lord's {11th-hour} work. I write you this as a caution."--2 Selected Messages, pg. 199:2. (bold emphasis, braces added.)

Now if the world is the standard of some Davidians, and their garments are spotted and polluted with the high wages of the world, then as "wages and more wages" is the supreme thought of the world; so will be their demand for high wages at the Salem Headquarters, before they will accept a position as a worker. But God has cautioned us to beware of them!

"Christ wants no selfish workers {Davidians} who are seeking only for the highest wages {money}. He calls for those who are willing to become poor for His sake, as He became poor for them."--5 Testimonies, pg. 86:3. (bold emphasis added.)

"Let none say, 'I will engage in this work for a stipulated sum. If I do not receive this sum {high wages}, I will not do the work.' Those {Davidians} who say this show that they are not wearing Christ's yoke; they are not learning His meekness and lowliness..."--2 Selected Messages. pg. 180:2. (bold emphasis, braces added.)

Any Davidian who professes that he has been "called" and "chosen" to work in the vineyard at the eleventh-hour will not work for wages, but only for "whatsoever is right" (Mt. 20:7). If he refuses to accept a call to work at Salem Headquarters, or anywhere else in the field, because he cannot have the high wages of the world that he demands, then he has not been "chosen" by God. Let him beware and examine himself, lest he be found a lover of money as was Judas and Baalim. God forbid that this should be so with any Davidian at the Salem Association or in the field.

"This is the evil which today threatens our schools, our institutions, our churches. Unless corrected, it will imperil the souls of many. One man will think that he should be greatly favored, because he is doing a line of work which among unbelievers would command large wages. Becoming dissatisfied, he will sell himself to the highest bidder. For the safety of the principles that should control all who labor in our institutions, the Lord bids me say to all who carry responsibilities, 'Disconnect from all such {Davidians} without any delay; for this is the evil leaven of selfishness and covetousness.'"--2 Selected Messages, pg. 196:4. (bold emphasis, braces added.)

For the safety of Davidians in the field, as well as the workers at the Salem Headquarters, "the Lord bids" all "who carry responsibilities" in the vineyard of the Lord at the eleventhth hour, to "disconnect" themselves from all such demanders of high wages.

"The worst thing you can do for them is to seek to retain them {in God's work}, even though they be editors or managers. God is not with such a man, and you cannot with any safety hold onto him {by paying him high wages}. An atmosphere of unbelief surrounds his soul."--2 Selected Messages, pg. 196, 197 (bold emphasis, braces added).


"My brother, if you have no more heart interest in the work than is indicated by the fact that you can drop it so easily, I have nothing to say, no plea to make for you to remain in the office, or for Brother X to return to it. You both reveal that you are not men that can be depended upon....I would not for one moment present to you or any other {Davidian} man a bribe of dollars and cents {high wages} to hold you in connection with the work, whatever inconvenience it might suffer for a time because of your withdrawal from it. Christ stands at the helm. If His Spirit does not make you willing to be anything or do anything for the truth's sake, then you can learn that lesson only by passing through trial."--2 Selected Messages, pg. 214:1,2. (bold emphasis, braces added.)

Not one moment of time should be wasted to present a "bribe of dollars and cents" (high wages) to induce Davidians to work at Salem Headquarters, or at any other post of duty. If the Holy Spirit cannot convince them to accept the call to labor at the eleventh hour in the vineyard for "whatsoever is right" (Mt. 20:7), then they would only be working for wages. And even if they should accept the position, they would have a murmuring and begrudging spirit for their supposed low wages they receive. But God has no sympathy for wage murmurers, and we should beware of them. But why?

"Dr. W, I entreat of you that you do not exact a high salary. If you do this, others will follow your example; and if this is allowed, we shall soon find that the sanitarium income will all be absorbed for the payment of salaries, and that there will be none to carry on the missionary work to be done in foreign countries."--2 Selected Messages, pg. 201:2. (bold emphasis added.)

If a Davidian will not engage in the work unless he receives the same high-wage salary earned in the world, then he should not be hired for any duty whatsoever. And if one of the Davidian workers at Salem Headquarters should demand high wages, then the rest would also want the same amount of money. Thus, his selfish, money-loving spirit would contaminate the other workers, demoralize their self-sacrificing spirit, and cause the Headquarters to lose God's blessing. But this infectious Baalam-like spirit (2 T.G. 21:13:4) would not stop there; they would invent more demands for other things, until finally, the tithe received would all be consumed in salaries, with nothing left to carry on the work. Would these high-wage demanders care? Oh no, they are not there to help with the work; they only came for the wages! But God will test every Davidian to see what manner of spirit he is.


"If, when cramped for means, you let your competent workers go, to set up business for themselves, you will in a short time wish you had them back. The question of finance can be managed nicely, if all the {Davidian} workers will be willing when there is a pressure for means, to accept less wages. This was the principle the Lord revealed to me to be brought into our publishing institutions. There will be plenty to do, and your work will need these very men. Should we not all be willing to restrict our wants {by accepting less wages} at a time when money is so scarce?"--2 Selected Messages, pg. 207:1. (bold emphasis added)

Who are the Davidians with a self-sacrificing spirit, and a willingness "to accept less wages" if ever the time should come when "money is scarce"? Certainly not the demanders of high wages, who have to be induced with a "bribe of dollars and cents" in order to get them to come and work at God's Headquarters for money! If anybody has to make a sacrifice by accepting "less wages," these demanders of high wages will make sure that it won't be them!

God is looking for self-sacrificing, consecrated Davidians who are glad for the privilege of being called to work at God's Headquarters, regardless of the wages offered, because they are not working for money in wages. The principle revealed to Sis. White--that all workers should be willing "to accept less wages" if need be, will expose the money-lovers whose selfish spirit would not allow them to accept anything less than the high wages of the world which they demand. We have a Davidian worker now at Headquarters who once earned several thousand dollars a year before coming here. Shall that person now receive the same wage from the tithe? According to Sis. White, the answer is NO! And that is what the worker did--accept less wages. If, however, the Lord should decide to increase the treasury with an overflow of tithes, then who will suddenly become interested in seeking a position of labor at the Salem Headquarters? That's right, none other than the false Davidians who had left God's Headquarters, or those who refused to come and work unless they were given high wages!

Think this through. If God does not have enough Davidians who will work at Salem Headquarters now for "less wages," then what good would it do for Him to overflow the treasury with more money? That would only attract those who can only be induced to work at His Headquarters unless they are given high wages? Wouldn't this reveal two facts? (1) An overflow of money at Headquarters would have a tendency to bring in an overflow of selfish Davidian workers who demand high wages. (2) A less flow of money at Headquarters would tend to bring in self-sacrificing Davidian workers who would work for less wages.

"In the early days of the third angel's message those who established our institutions, and those who labored in them, were actuated by high motives of unselfishness. For their arduous labors they received no more than a mere pittance--barely enough for a meager support. But their hearts were baptized with the ministry of love."--2 Selected Messages, pg. 177:1. (bold emphasis added.)

May God help the Salem Davidians to be actuated by the same "high motives of unselfishness." And if God so decrees that we should be tested, and should choose to give the eleventh-hour workers "no more than a mere pittance--barely enough for a meager support," then may we not murmur over the wages, but rejoice for "whatsoever is right" (Mt. 20:7) according to His good will. God forbid that the solemn words in the following inspired reference should ever apply to Davidians at God's Headquarters in Salem, now, or in the future.


"But in time a change came. The spirit of sacrifice was not so manifest. In some of our institutions the wages of a few workers were increased beyond reason. Those who received these {high} wages claimed that they deserved a greater sum than others, because of their superior talents. But who gave them their talents, their ability? With the increase of {high} wages came a steady increase of covetousness, which is idolatry, and a steady decline of spirituality. Gross evils crept in, and God was dishonored....Many ceased to deny self, and not a few withheld their tithes and offerings {which made them thieves}."--2 Selected Messages, pg. 177:2. (bold emphasis, braces added.)

Think this through. The brethren mentioned above were given the high wages which they demanded, even "beyond reason." But did it make them better workers? No! It exposed their selfishness, because they were greedy for more money; and some robbed God (Mal. 3:8) by witholding His tithe. This made them thieves of the worst kind, because they professed to be working for God! If such people were allowed to work at God's Headquarters today, there would be a "steady decline of spirituality," and who would they be? None other than those Davidians who demand high wages--those who think they deserve a "greater sum than others"! Would you be among those Davidians who demand high wages if you were at God's Headquarters? Which are you? a Davidian who has been "called" and "chosen" at the eleventh-hour to labor in God's vineyard for "whatsoever is right" (Mt. 20:7)? or are you a Davidian who is working for money--high wages?


"For whom are you working, Brother, Sister {Davidian}? for yourselves or for God?--You say, 'For God,' and I hope you are right,...You cannot, therefore, make your own interests {for high wages} of first importance and His of second, and at the same time expect to reap His promises, and expect Him to answer your prayers. If such be the case, then you are even falsely calling yourself a {Davidian} Christian. According to Matthew 6:32, you are still a deluded Gentile.--2 Timely Greetings, No. 35, pgs. 26,27. (bold emphasis added.)

What about you, Brother, Sister, Davidian? Are you a deluded Gentile, working for self, striving to get the highest wage you can, either from the world or from God's Headquarters? Or are you an eleventh-hour servant called to work for the Lord, even if it means working for "less wages" than what the world has to offer?

This article was not intended to accuse anyone of anything, but was written for the edification of the Davidian who reads it. "He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit sayeth unto the churches" (Rev. 3:22).

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