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This article is about two E-mail letters: The first one was sent to Bro. Don Adair. And the second one is his answer sent back by E-mail.


In the first E-mail letter sent to Bro. Don Adair, this Davidian quoted a statement from one of his website articles, and then addressed him:

"Also in 1961 when some of the Shepherd’s Rod Davidians knew that Sis. Houteff was closing down new Mt. Carmel Center, they reorganized and set up God’s headquarters in Riverside, California. But some REBELS broke off and set up other headquarters; first in Missouri (Bashan Davidians), and in California (Wanda Blum Davidians), and in Canada (Gilead Davidians)."

Dear Brother Adair,

I visited your Website, and I think in general it is a OK, but I have one comment which I think you should seriously consider, and it is this: The negative comments about other Davidians are unnecessary, and to me is a TURN-OFF to people more than anything else. I am not saying this to put you down in anyway because I DO RESPECT YOU for the tremendous job you have allowed G-d to do through you in preserving and publishing the original SRod Publications etc.

However, when one reads your comments about other Believers (and I know some of them have done bad things), I do not see a Christ-like spirit manifested at all, and this is very disappointing to me.

Your reference to others as "REBELS", "JAMAICANS" and these kinds of words, to me, is not the way to describe people. If you have to say something, do so in an objective manner, without putting personal biases in it.

I thought carefully in my wording of this letter, because I do not want you to think that I am AGAINST YOU. I am just pointing out a weakness that I see coming through in your writing that will not attract people to you, but repel them. I have differences with you on some things, but I will NEVER try to put you down in that way. I think it is time for Davidians to stop cutting each other down like that, DESPITE our doctrinal differences.

Anyway, may the Lord continue to BLESS you in your sincere endeavour to advance His Cause.


Bro.______ _________


Dear Bro. ______ _______,

We were glad to hear from you by E-mail, and read about your Christian concern for me. Also your constructive criticism of one of my website articles in which I had called by name certain Davidian "rebels" who broke away from God’s Association in Salem, So. Carolina.

I assume you understand that what I wrote on our website was because we wanted to inform other Davidians as to the reason for the confusion and divisions caused by some Davidians who are the "rebels" among us. But your point is that I should not call them "rebels" because this does not, in your opinion, show a "Christ-like spirit." So I am compelled to ask you these questions:

When Davidian rebels do wrong, do we flatter them and say that what they did (breaking away from God’s already established Association and forming a false association) was Christ-like? Do we call a sinner (rebel) a saint?

We trust that you are planning to be one "of" or one "with" the 144,000 who escape the slaughter of Ezek. 9 (2 SC 5:8), so that you can have a place in God’s soon-coming kingdom. If so, then you, like the rest of us Davidians, must "sigh and cry for all the abominations" (Ezek. 9:4); and "cry aloud, spare not" (Isa. 58:1). But you say that it must be done in a Christ-like spirit, which I agree is true. So what is your definition of a Christ-like spirit? Is it not Jesus Christ, whose life of words and actions we must imitate? If so, then let us Davidians see how we are to "sigh and cry" by looking at His Spirit and others who imitated His Spirit.


"Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!"—Luke 11:44.


"But when he saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees come to his baptism, he said unto them, O generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come?"—Mt. 3:7.

"John’s work the type, ours the antitype." (1 T.G. 36:4). John rebuked the rebels, so must we Davidians; because no rebels or rebel sympathizers will be in God’s kingdom.


"But the apostle teaches that while we should manifest Christian courtesy, we are authorized to call sin and sinners by their right names,—that this is consistant with true charity. While we are to love the souls for whom Christ died, and labor for their salvation, we should not make a compromise with sin. We are not to unite with the rebellious (Davidians), and call this charity {love}."—Sanctified Life, pg. 65.


"The fact that inspiration takes the pains to tell who is to finish the work in itself is proof that there must be active {Davidian} usurpers of his {Bro. Houteff’s} office as there were of Moses’ office." (1 T.G.14, 22:0).

"He who would resent {reject a part of} the {SRod} message from heaven is a {Davidian} rebel in the sight of the great God" (1 S.R. 250).

"When we {Davidians} rebel against God, He turns to be our enemy." (1 S.R. 159).

"The {Holy} Spirit in a message {SRod} is the only medium to awaken the conscience. When rebelled against, the sinner cuts himself off from the channel through which God communicates." --2 Shepherd's Rod, pg. 13.


You see, my brother, there are "rebels" and "usurpers" among us who cause division. And they must be called exactly what they are; because they have rebelled against the SRod message and God's Headquarters. We must call them by their right name—"hypocrites" as did Jesus! We must call them by their right name—"vipers" as did John! We must call them by their right names—"rebels" and "usurpers" as did Bro. Houteff! And that is because the saints are "authorized to call sin and sinners by their right names" as Sis. White said to do (S.L. 65).


She stated above (S.L. 65) to the saints that they are not to sympathize with these "rebellious" Davidians and call that "charity" (love); because it is not a love inspired of Jesus. Instead, it is a love for Satan's rebellion and the rebels and usurpers who sympathize with his cause against God! Any Davidian saint who has a true love for the souls of these Davidian rebels would not sympathize with their rebellion and flatter them by minimizing their great sin of rebellion as if it was nothing. Don’t forget that what happened to the rebel angels who sympathized with Lucifer, will happen to those today who sympathize with Davidian rebels!

"There is always a class {of Davidians} who are more influenced by individuals {rebels} than they are by the Spirit of God and sound principles; and, in their unconsecrated state, these {sympathetic Davidians} are ever ready to take sides with the wrong and give their pity and sympathy to the very ones {Davidian rebels} who least deserve it." (3 Test. 114).

Love these rebel Davidians? Yes! but sympathize with the sin of these rebels? No! because we are to be like Jesus: "Christ hates the sin, but loves the sinner" (D.A.462).


The best Christ-like love that we can give to these Davidian rebels is not to sympathize with them and flatter them to make others believe that their rebellion is not all that bad; but to call them by their right names—rebels. This, my brother, is the true love of Jesus; it is Christ-like love; because Jesus said, "As many as I love, I rebuke" (Rev. 3:19). And didn’t He show that rebuking love by calling them by their right names?—"lukewarm" Laodiceans who are "wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked" (Rev. 3:17)? And didn’t He call their ministers by their right names—"dumb dogs" (5 Test. 211)? Shouldn't we Davidians to do the same?


During church service Sis. White publicly rebuked a sister; and "Her husband seemed to feel unreconciled to my bringing out her faults before the church and stated that if Sister White had followed the directions in Matthew 18:15-17 he should not have felt hurt....My husband {James White} then stated that he should understand that these words of our Lord {Mt. 18:15-17} had reference to cases of personal trespass, and could not be applied in the case of this sister. She had not trespassed against Sister White. But that which had been reproved publicly was public wrongs which threatened the prosperity of the church and the cause. Here, said my husband {James White}, is a text applicable to the case: 1 Timothy 5:20: ‘Them that sin rebuke before all, that others also may fear.’" (2 Test. 15). She also stated that "The Lord reproves the sins of one, that others may take warning and fear." (2 Test. 452).

This, my brother, applies to those Davidians to whom we openly rebuked on our website by name (as Sis. White did when she rebuked a brother named "N. Fuller"—2 Test 449). And because these rebels did not sin against us personally, we cannot apply Mt. 18:15-17 to their case. Instead, they sinned against God’s Headquarters and His Association, which threatens the prosperity and work of His SRod message!

Therefore, our open rebuke against these Davidian rebels is so that others will see it and "take warning and fear" (1 Tim 5:20), and so that they will not sympathize with them and follow their example of rebellion. And since such rebels as these were put into the Testimonies, so we put them on our website because: "The object of publishing the testimonies is that those who are not singled out personally, yet who are as much in fault as those {Davidian rebels} who are reproved, may be warned through the reproofs given to others." (2 Test. 687).


This means, my brother, that our open rebuke against these Davidian rebels is a warning to you and others not to sympathize with these rebels, and not plead for them to excuse their rebellion. And this you have done by criticizing me (not personally), but for calling these rebels by their right names, which you should be doing. Are your eyes so blinded by false sympathy for them that you can’t see the damage which these rebels are doing to God’s cause by spreading confusion and division? Whose side are you on? theirs? or on the Lord’s side? If you are on the Lord’s side, then you should be calling these rebels by their right name as I have done!


You see, my brother, it is very dangerous to sympathize with any of the Davidian rebels, including the Jamaicans; because such flattery can not only lead other Davidians to sympathize with these rebels, but it can also lead them to join with the rebels and lose their souls. And that is the reason why I and those at God’s Association in Salem have no sympathy for these rebels, and why we have openly called them by their right names—rebels; because we do not want souls to be lost for our lack of love for them (not rebuking them). Those Davidians who do not rebuke the rebels, show that they do not love them. And if any Davidian saint should see my loving rebuke for these rebels, it will inspire in them the same Christ-like love to call rebels by their right names. But if any Davidian saint should see in me any sympathy for these rebels, then they would know that there is rebellion in me.


We noted that in your constructive criticism to me, you ignored the rebels whom I wrote of by name, but you mentioned the "Jamaicans" which was not listed among those whom I rebuked there. So it seems that you had no sympathy for the ones I did mention; instead, you only had sympathy for the Jamaicans whom I did not mention here but elsewhere. Had you quoted where I mentioned the Jamaicans elsewhere, you would have to quote where I rebuked their rebellion and rejection of the living saints that escape the slaughter "with" the 144,000.

Have you rejected, as do the Jamaicans, what the SRod teaches about the living saints who are saved "with" the 144,000? No? Then why does your e-mail letter make it appear that you are overly sympathetic toward the Jamaican rebels who have rejected that truth? You know that their rebellion was based upon their rejection of these "with" saints; and you also know that for years they have been fighting against God’s message of the SRod which teaches this truth (2 S.C. 5:8). And more and more Davidians (even among their own members) are seeing the truth of these living saints who are saved "with" the 144,000. And now this truth is not only exposing these Jamaicans for what they are—rebels against God, but it is also exposing their sympathizers! God forbid, my brother, that you should lose out in God’s soon-coming kingdom, because of any sympathy you may have lurking in your heart for these Jamaicans who have not only rebelled against the God who originated the truth of the living "with" saints, but who have also rebelled against His Headquarters at Salem!

If you really love the Jamaican rebels, then stand on God’s side against them, and rebuke their rejection of those "with" the 144,000, and pray that they will repent. But above all, do not sympathize with them. This is all you and we here at the Salem Headquarters can do for them, because we can not unite with them "on a platform of error" (4 Ans 80), for this reason:

"Jesus Himself never purchased peace by compromise....The servants of Christ are called to the same work, and they should beware lest, in seeking to prevent discord, they surrender the truth. They are to 'follow after the things which make for peace' (Rom. 14:19); but real peace can never be secured by compromising principle. And no man can be true to principle without exciting opposition."--Desire of Ages, pg. 356:1.

Since the Jamaican rebels have rejected the truth of the living saints who are saved "with" the 144,000, and since we cannot compromise this truth in order to secure peace with them; then it is obvious that we must "war" (G.C. 45) against their rebellion. But how can Davidian saints "war" against these rebels if they do not know who they are? And that is the obvious why we are compelled to call these Jamaican rebels by their right name, and identify them before others on our website, so that no honest Davidian will be caught snare to their deceptions. The Jamaicans wrote a letter to Salem Headquarters and admited that they are "rebels" (read the 2nd letter in study # 36 on our website— So why does it seem apparent to us by what you wrote in your E-mail letter, that you were offended because I called them what they admit they are—rebels?

Other Davidians know that the Jamaicans were members of the Salem Association at one time, but rebelled against the truth they teach about those "with" the 144,000 and broke away. So how does my telling other Davidians what they already know, appear to be offensive to you? Even if we no longer said that the Jamaicans are rebels, that would not keep others from knowing what they really are; because all the true Davidians know that the rebels always expose themselves when they reject truth! This fact should be very obvious to all, because the true Davidian saints never reject truth!


The tract entitled, The Leviticus of Davidian Seventh-day Adventists, contains the Constitution and By-Laws of God’s Association in 11 pages. It's purpose is to reveal the appointment of the leadership positions of the Executive Council and the other officers who are to lead God’s Association. As for the rest of the tract from pages 12 to 102, it contains four other subjects under four titles: GOVERNMENT, ORDER, DISCIPLINE, and EDUCATION. It's purpose is to reveal how the Davidian laymembers of God’s Association are to relate themselves to His leaders at His Headquarters.

Especially does this title DISCIPLINE apply to the Jamaican rebels and the others mentioned by name; because it deals with the rebellion of Korah against God’s appointed leader —Moses. It was Korah who led Dathan, Abiram, 70 elders, many princes, and thousands of the people of Israel to rebel against God and His servant Moses. And God signally punished these rebels before the eyes of all Israel, when the earth opened up and swallowed them, and fire consumed 250 princes; and the next day 14,000 of the people were killed by a plague.


This explicit example was put in the Leviticus to warn Davidians not to rebel against God’s Executive Council leaders at His Headquarters at Los Angeles, California (1929-1935), and at Waco, Texas (1935-1961), and after it was reorganized in 1961 and later moved to Salem, S. Carolina in 1970. If these Davidian rebels do not repent, they, too, will be punished by Elijah; because he said:

"This scripture {in Amos 1:2}, you see, reflects the tragedy which took place on the top of Carmel in the days of Elijah. Here we {the Davidians} are given the hint that there is to be another show-down between the prophet of God and the prophets of Baal {the Davidian rebels}."—2 Timely Greetings, No. 41, pg. 7:3,4.

This, my brother, is not an idle threat written by the prophet Elijah in his literature. It is a clear warning that one day the Lord will destroy all of these Davidian rebels as He destroyed the rebels anciently. And the death of these rebels can be done anyway God chooses, even today: It can be death by bullets from helicopters, or death by gas from tanks, or death by fire, which people now believe it can happen. As you know, Sis. White predicted in 1890 that Elijah would come to the Seventh-day Adventist church with a message (T.M. 475), which predicted that all the others in God’s church who have rebelled against his message will also be punished when they die in the slaughter of Ezek. 9 (1 Test 190, 198; 3 Test 266, 267; 5 test 211, 505; G.C. 656).


Consider this, my Brother: What if you lived in the days of John the baptist, would you sympathize with him or with the Pharisees whom he rebuked? Would your sympathy be for Barabbas instead of Jesus? What if you had lived in the days of Sis. White, would you sympathize with her or with the General Conference leaders, whom she rebuked for rejecting the message of Jones and Waggoner in 1888? The obvious answer is this: What we would do then, is what we would do today, no matter in what age we were born into and lived!

In conclusion, I must ask of you two things: (1) Please accept my constructive criticism, as I accepted and appreciated your constructive criticism. (2) And pray with us that the Jamaican rebels will repent and be saved!

And for you my brother, I pray the same prayer which you prayed for me:

May the Lord continue to BLESS you in your sincere endeavour to advance His Cause.

Bro. Don Adair





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