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As the leaders of the world today cry for "peace" everywhere, and also for summits to unite all countries into one "New World Order;" so there are some who also cry for "peace," and for a summit to unite the Davidian groups together. The latest cry, which God's Association received near the end of 1998, was not the first cry for a Davidian summit to confederate the Davidians. There have been other Davidians over the years who should have known better than to cry for unity. They were either naive or ignorant, or they did not understand the SRod message very well. If they did understand, they would know that a call for a summit to unite the Davidians together cannot be a cry from God; because His "voice crieth unto the city" and says to "hear ye the Rod" (Mic. 6:9)! And because these different Davidian groups have rejected certain truths in the SRod message which they do not want to teach, then that is why they are disunited. And as long as they continue to reject those truths, then they will always be divided. This fact proves irrefutably that their cry for a summit to unite together, while they still reject truths in the SRod, is not a cry from God. And all true Davidians can understand why, if they ask themselves this question:

"How did these divided and disunified Davidians become separated in the first place?"

It is obvious that the answer to that question would clearly expose the true identity of these unity-criers, because there are two classes of Davidians who cry for peace:

TRUE DAVIDIANS--CLASS 1: The first class are the true Davidians who were so named (1 T.G. 9:6:1) by Elijah the prophet, because they believe in and teach that God will soon set up His kingdom of peace, with David as their visible king (Hos. 3:5), while Christ sits on his throne (Isa. 9:6,7) as the invisible King. That is the reason why Elijah entitled some of his literature, "TIMELY GREETINGS--THE ONLY PEACE OF MIND." These true Davidians have always been unified; therefore, they have no need to be calling for summits to unite with class 2 Davidians.

FALSE DAVIDIANS--CLASS 2: The second class are the false Davidians who have become separated by their own self-induced conflicts, which can only create disharmony, and cause them to exist in a contentious state of disunity. They have identified themselves as rebels, usurpers, false prophets, office seekers, tithe stealers, teachers of false doctrines, and tares, etc. The purpose of their cry for peace and unity is to try to "deceive the very elect" (Mt. 24:24) into joining with their union of perpetually divided and disunified Davidians. But they are trying the impossible; because the Lord said through His servant Paul the apostle that "when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them" (1 Thess. 5:3). Except they repent, these unity-criers will die in the "sudden destruction" of the slaughter of Ezekiel 9. These false Davidians must be exposed to others who may be tempted to waste their time, labors, and money to attend their so-called Davidian summit for unity. Therefore, it is important that this question first be answered: "How did these disunified Davidians become separated in the first place?"


It was two thousand years ago that Jesus predicted in His parable that the devil would sow his "tares" (Mt. 13:25) into His newly unified church, and cause disunity among the Christians. And they have been in and are still in every church since the days of the apostles; and they are even among the Davidians today! Therefore, let not the reader be amused that the Davidians admit they have their "tares," because you also have them in your church, if you are a Christian! So don't deceive yourself into believing that the members of your church are all of "one accord," and that there are no "tares" in your church, lest you end up being one of them yourself. After all, if your church had the truth which the Davidians have, then the devil would cause your tares to make trouble for your church, as he does for the true Davidians. Note this fact in Christ's parable: His servants asked Him if they should cast out the "tares," but He said "Nay" (Mt. 13:29). Yet, in spite of His explicit command not to cast out the tares (T.M. 47:2), the church of God today, Seventh-day Adventists, are foremost among the Christians for disobeying Christ's command; because their leaders cast out the Davidians, and here is the reason why: "we find the General Conference...determining that they are to rule the denomination until the end of this world, and their availing themselves of every chance to cast us {Davidians} out of their midst, in order to safeguard their control of it." (8 Tr. 53:3). And even though the Davidians are cast out, the devil has sown his "tares" among them to cause disunity; and that is why Christ told His "reapers" (the angels) to "bind them into bundles" before they are burned (die in the slaughter of Ezek. 9). He said:

"Let both {wheat and tares} grow together {in the Seventh-day Adventist church} until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers {angels--Mt. 13:39}, Gather ye together first the {Davidian} tares, and bind them into bundles {disunified Davidian groups} to burn them {die in the slaughter of Ezek. 9}: but gather the wheat {true Davidians who escape the slaughter} into My barn {God's soon-coming kingdom--2 Ans 18:0}."--Matthew 13:30 (bold emphasis, braces added).

The fact that these disunified "bundles" of Davidian "tares" cry for a summit to unite themselves into one bundle, proves irrefutably that they are openly admitting that they are disunified; otherwise, they would have no need for a summit. Therefore, it is obvious they think that if they can somehow unite together, then, they will be of "one accord," and God will save them from the slaughter. But the fact is, these rebels refuse to accept all that the SRod teaches, and that is the very reason why they became divided into disunified "bundles" in the first place. This fact proves that their calls for a summit to unite together into one bundle is a deception; and its purpose is to make these "bundles" of rebels think that God will be pleased with their unification, and save them from the slaughter. After all, these rebels not only know which truths in the SRod message they have rejected, but they also know that their guilt has doomed them to die in the coming slaughter. Therefore, they feel insecure and doomed, and thus their call for unity is a vain effort to ease their guilty conscience.

True Davidians have no guilty conscience, because the faithful join with them and they stay united, even though some "tares" come into their midst and later apostatize, rebel, and break away from God's Association. Therefore, it is not the true Davidians that would be calling for a summit; for they would never want to unite with the rebels. Instead, it is the guilty conscience of these doomed rebels that causes them to cry out for unity, which proves that even if they did unite together to have a "united front," they will still die in the slaughter (except they repent), because Jesus said that His angels (Mt. 13:39) will "burn" (Mt. 13:30) these "bundles" of "tares"! And if, by chance, their summits and cries for unity does associate some of them together, they have nothing to "brag" about; because they are disunified-tares who have become one accord-tares, as noted below:

"No matter how great and how effective a revival and reformation even God Himself may launch in His church, the Scriptures {Mt. 13:24-30} make it plain that both the sinners {tares} and the saints {wheat} will be in the church until the harvest {Mt. 13:30}. No one {Davidian rebels} need brag that the members of his church {association} are all saints, that they are all of one accord {united together}. If they really are of one accord, then it must be that they are all tares, that there is no saint among them; that church for a certainty is not the church of which Christ speaks in His Word. If anything is plain in the Bible this one thing is."--1 Timely Greetings, No. 21, pg. 3:1 (bold emphasis, braces added).

Those Davidians who claim to believe the message of The Shepherd's Rod, must believe the statement above by the prophet Elijah. It means that their so-called cry for a summit, by which to unify the divided and disunified false Davidians, is in reality a cleverly disguised snare by the devil to unite the true and false Davidians together into one accord to make them become all "tares"! It is obvious, then, that such a deceptive cry for a summit to unify all the Davidians into one accord, would cause the true Davidians who cannot be deceived to cry out, "God forbid," for this reason:

"'If unity' says the Spirit of Prophecy, in expressing the attitude of the early Christian church, 'could be secured only by the compromise of truth and righteousness {for error}, then let there be difference, and even war {against the errors of the rebels}.'"--The Great Controversy, p. 45.

"'We are to unify, but not on a platform of error.'--Mrs. E. G. White, Series B:2, p. 47.

"Thus one may easily see that, though our {true Davidians} fervent desire is to fulfill Christ's prayer for unity, we dare not attempt to do so by sacrificing Truth {for error}, for then we would not be one with Christ, even were we one with all others {united with rebel Davidians}."--4 Answerer Book, pg. 80:2-4 (bold emphasis, braces added).

True Davidians want Christ's unity above all, but they will not compromise truth to accept the errors of the false Davidians who cry for a summit. They will not try to soothe over the Davidian differences caused by the "usurpers" who teach error, and join in their cry for a summit to unite together. Instead, they will wage "war" against them by preaching the truth, which will expose them for what they are--usurpers, false prophets, rebels, and rejecters of truth. And though Jesus is their king, the "Prince of Peace" (Isa. 9:6), and though the SRod literature they believe in gives them "THE ONLY PEACE OF MIND" (Timely Greetings cover); yet, they will unite with Jesus to fight His "war" against the devil and those rebel Davidians who seek to unite error with the truth. Therefore, no true Davidian would dare link himself with these kind of people. Elijah (Bro. V.T. Houteff) warned the true Davidians in his Shepherd's Rod literature that after his death the "usurpers" and false prophets would arise to deceive many:

"The fact that Inspiration {in Zech. 4:9} takes the pains to tell who {Elijah--Bro. V.T. Houteff} is to finish the work {restore all things--G.C.S. 19,20} in itself is proof that there must be active {Davidian} usurpers of his {prophetic} office as there were of Moses' office."--1 Timely Greetings, No. 14, pg. 22:0 (bold emphasis, braces added).

"These two sins--trust in man, and desire to exalt self--are still the leading sin elements now here on earth....This same stumbling block, the desire to exalt self, has predominated throughout the ages, and it predominates today {by the Davidian usurpers and rebels}."--2 Timely Greetings, No. 28, pgs. 13, 14 (bold emphasis, braces added).

Bro. V.T. Houteff stated emphatically in his SRod literature that he came in the spirit and power of Elijah (G.C.S. 31:32), who was the last prophet (Mal. 4:5) before Christ's second advent, as John the Baptist was the last prophet before Christ's first advent. And as John died, so he knew that he was to die. The reason why his statement that Elijah is the last prophet is irrefutable, is because Christ cannot come again if He is to send another prophet. That is, if Elijah did not say he was the last prophet, then the door of his prophetic office would still be open. And that would mean Christ is yet to send another prophet, and He would not come until after that prophet has appeared to teach his truth and do his work. Since, however, Bro. V.T. Houteff shut the door to the prophetic office of prophets and said that he (Elijah) was the last prophet, then it is certain that Christ will come soon, in spite of the false prophets that has arisen among the Davidians.

Furthermore, it was not the prophetess of the Seventh-day Adventist church (Sis. E.G. White) who shut the prophetic door, because the Lord inspired her to predict in her writings that Elijah the prophet was to come to their church (T.M. 475:3). And when that Elijah (Bro. V.T. Houteff) appeared in 1929, he was the only true prophet in the entire Bible that ever said he was the last prophet (G.C.S. 23,24). Even Malachi, the last prophet in the Old Testament Jewish era, said Elijah the prophet was yet to come (Mal. 4:5). Those Davidians, however, who deny that Elijah (Bro. V.T. Houteff) is the last prophet and exalt themselves as prophets, are saying that Christ is not to come soon, because they are falsely claiming to have opened the door (which Elijah shut) for prophets to come. And the devil, the one who raised up these usurpers, is not going to tell them to shut the door so that Jesus can never come again. In fact, Satan would raise up false prophets for eternity, if that would keep Jesus from coming again. [If you want to know about the Davidian false prophets, click on that study at the end.] Thus, it is certain that these Davidian usurpers cannot bring harmony out of their disunity by calling for a summit and pretend that they are united. Their cry, therefore, for a summit is two-fold: (1) It is a snare of the devil to entice true Davidians into their "bundle" of "tares"! (2) And it is a snare of the devil to entice the true Davidians to link up with those who reject truth and foster errors, to make their unification appear as if the true Davidians have accepted the usurpers. And that is why the true Davidians would never approve of any call for a summit (much less attend it out of curiosity) to unite themselves into disunity with the "bundles" of Davidian "tares"! Here are some of the reasons why they will not unite with these perpetually disunified and divided Davidians:


In the days when Bro. Houteff was still living at Mt. Carmel Center, a semblance of unity existed there, and the work prospered, because he was loved and respected by most of the Davidians. Yet, he knew that some "tares" were there; but no Davidian rebel ever dared face him and defy his authority, as did the rebel Korah who dared to face Moses (P.P. 398:2). In 1955 he died and his wife, Sis. Houteff, and her Council became the leaders of old Mt. Carmel.

Soon after his funeral a Davidian named Ben L. Roden apostatized and rebelled against God's Headquarters at Mt. Carmel Center. He claimed that he was Elijah who would never die. Since he was a Jew, and still believed its teachings, though he professed to be a Christian Davidian, he initiated the keeping of the ceremonial feast laws among some Davidians, and raised up the Branch Davidian movement. The true Davidians, however, were not deceived by his errors, because they knew that the writings of the true Elijah (Bro. V.T. Houteff) forbade the practice of keeping the ceremonial feast laws, which said: "And so, as this law was nailed to the cross (Col. 2:14), we need not, and must not, observe it now." (2 T.G. 37:15:1). He also claimed that those at old Mt. Carmel were the cause of the dissension among the Davidians, and he called for a summit to unite them together into his movement.

That, of course, is the way apostates and rebels who are agents of the devil have always worked, even during the two thousand years of the Christian era. They rebel and split off to form another group; then they point to the faithful Christians and accuse them of causing division. But if the rebels had not rebelled there would have been no division. Yet, in spite of Ben Roden's call for a summit to unify all Davidians with his movement, he failed to destroy the work of the true Davidians, because they waged "war" (4 Ans. 80:3) against him by teaching the truth, and never joined with him, nor accepted his errors. Ben Roden, however, was not the only rebel; because other Davidians also rebelled.


Since Bro. Houteff knew that there were "tares" among the Davidians, then that is the reason why he predicted in his literature that they would bring to fulfillment his predicted "knockout blow"!

"Unparalleled, therefore, is the urgency that every {Davidian} eleventh-hour church member now quickly and solidly brace himself against the Enemy's effort to deliver a knockout blow. We must be alert, too, to realize that the blow is to come from surprisingly unsuspected foes--from professed {Davidian} friends of the gospel {not their SDA enemies}, who are no less pious than were priests in Christ's day."--White House Recruiter, pg. 33:2 (bold emphasis, braces added).

The "professed friends" turned out to be Sis. Houteff and her Council who gained control of old Mt. Carmel Center after Elijah's death and sold it. Then they bought other property, which they set up for their headquarters, and which was known as new Mt. Carmel Center. In 1959 they expected certain events to occur and they called all the Davidians to new Mt. Carmel for their Solemn Assembly; but the events which she and her Council had predicted would occur that year did not come to pass. This led them to conclude that they must first teach the truth to the Protestant Churches; and they set up a program in 1960 to preach to them. But it, too, failed, and this brought the "knockout blow" upon the Davidians in this manner: Sis. Houteff and her Council finally realized that they were wrong in what they did, but they did not want to admit that their predictions were not based on Elijah's teachings, but upon their own errors. But since they refused to accept this fact, they apostatize and led other Davidians to rebel with them against the truth in the SRod message. They blamed Elijah for the failure of their 1959 predictions and their 1960 program; and these false accusations against him not only led them to reject the SRod message, the writings of Sis. White, and the Sabbath, but it also led them to sell the new Mt. Carmel property, and have its assets liquidated.


In the mean time the true Davidians, knowing that new Mt. Carmel Center was being liquidated, called for a "special session" (Lev. pg. 7:4) in Los Angeles, California in 1961, and they reorganized with a new Executive Council and other officers, including an Editor, who was Bro. M.J. Bingham, a former teacher at old Mt. Carmel. They set up their new Headquarters in Riverside, California and stayed there until 1970. But there were some Davidian rebels who still followed Sis. Houteff's false teachings to preach to the Protestant Churches. And though they called a summit to unify all Davidians with them, the true Davidians in Riverside waged "war" (4 Ans. 80:3) against them by teaching the truth, and never joined with them, nor accepted their errors. Then another rebel arose.


Soon after the true Davidians were reorganized in 1961, their new Editor (M.J. Bingham) rebelled. He claimed that he was a prophet (the porter), even though the message of the SRod had already stated that Elijah (Bro. V.T. Houteff) was the "porter" (1 T.G. 2:20:1) and the "last prophet" (G.C.S. 31,32). And the Editor also taught that the "Carmel" pasture (Mic. 7:14) represented God's literal Headquarters at Mt. Carmel Center. But Elijah (Bro. V.T. Houteff) had already stated in his SRod message that "Carmel, Bashan, and Gilead are used as symbols of good spiritual pasture." (1 S.R. 243:2). And he also wrote this: "though Carmel has now plenty of pasture (present truth), when probation closes it shall be deserted ('wither')." (11 S.C. 12:32:0). But the Editor refused to accept what Elijah said about the "Carmel" pasture, and he broke away from the God's Headquarters in Riverside, and set up his headquarters in Missouri.

The true Davidians, however, realized that the objective of his teachings was two-fold: (1) His purpose was to deceive the true Davidians into believing that "Carmel" was not a spiritual pasture of probationary time as the SRod said, but a literal Headquarters in Waco, Texas, which he said had "withered" when it was sold and liquidated. (2) And his other purpose was to deceive them into believing that the property he later acquired in Exeter, Missouri, was the new "Bashan" headquarters for all Davidians to support. And, of course, the former Editor pointed to the true Davidians in Riverside, and not only claimed that they were causing disunity, but he also called for a summit to try to unite them with his organization. But the Riverside Davidians were warned not to join with him, or accept his errors.


It was during the time of the apostasy of Sis. Houteff and her Council, while they had the new Mt. Carmel property put on the market for sale, and while the true Davidians had reorganized in Riverside, California, that Ben L. Roden contested the right to this property in the Texas courts. Finally, in 1968 he acquired ownership of this property and set up his Branch Davidian headquarters there to print his literature. And for ten years he continued to travel and teach to his Branch Davidian followers until he died in 1978; which proved that he was not Elijah who would never die.

Then his wife (Lois Roden) took charge of his Branch Davidian followers, and continued to teach his errors along with her false doctrine that the Holy Spirit is a woman. And after she died in 1986 her son (George Roden) took charge, but he lost control of new Mt. Carmel Center to David Koresh (their sinful messiah). Then later in 1993, during his confrontation with the authorities of the BATF, he was among the eighty-six Branch Davidians who died in the fiery burn out of their compound! The true Davidians, however, were not deceived by the errors of Ben Roden, Lois Roden, George Roden, or David Koresh, because they waged "war" (4 Ans. 80:3) against them by teaching the truth, and never joined with them, nor accepted their errors.


Later in 1969 the true Davidians were studying The Shepherd's Rod book (2 S.R. 290-298) and realized that God's Headquarters in Riverside, California must move eastward across the united States; because Elijah's SRod message stated this fact: "This direction of the compass {east} denotes that the message of the 'loud cry' is to start eastward when it is first revealed....This symbolical prophecy reveals that the message of the 'loud cry' is to originate in California." (2 S.R. 297). It was for this reason that after Elijah (Bro. V.T. Houteff) set up God's first Headquarters in California in 1929, that he was divinely directed to move "eastward" in 1935 to Texas, where he set up God's second Headquarters adjacent to Waco, which he named Mt. Carmel Center. Observe below the doctrinal reason he gave for moving eastward:

"It has been evident for some time that it would soon be necessary to seek a more central location for the office in order to serve the whole field efficiently, so those at headquarters {in California} have been praying very earnestly over this matter for many months, and as they kept on praying for light, the Lord finally indicated definitely that beautiful Southern California was no longer to remain the center of His work for the 'lost sheep of the house of Israel,' but an eastward course was to be seen in the stream {of water} from that 'fountain' which is to swell into the great river of Ezekiel's prophecy, and plans were soon formulated whereby a thorough search could be made in the territory indicated by the Lord where the future {second} headquarters {adjacent to Waco, Texas} were to be found."--1 Symbolic Code, No. 10, pg. 3:1 (bold emphasis, braces added).

His second Headquarters at old Mt. Carmel Center stayed in Waco, Texas, even after he died; then his wife (Sis. Houteff) became Vice-President. Later, she sold it and bought property for her new Mt. Carmel Center. After her call for a "Solemn Assembly" failed in 1959, she put up the property of new Mt. Carmel for sale, and started court proceedings in Texas to liquidate its assets in 1961. This was the same year that the true Davidians reorganized in California and set up God's Headquarters in Riverside, California. In 1970 they moved God's Headquarters eastward from Riverside to Salem, So. Carolina; and began to print all of Elijah's Shepherd's Rod tracts, books, and large charts. And as they began to distribute it everywhere, the Davidians were refreshed with the truth, and their work at Salem to gather the "vanguard" (Lev. 3:2) began to grow. Then another rebel arose from among the Bashan rebels.


It was a few years after God's Headquarters had moved in 1970 to Salem, So. Carolina that the Executive Council learned of a Davidian who was named M.T. Jordan, a member of M.J. Bingham's association who came from Trinidad to live in Canada. He accepted the Bashan teachings of the former Editor, who appointed him as leader over his believers there. He held that position until M.J. Bingham announced to his Bashan believers that he was appointing his wife to take his place after he died. This disappointed some of his leaders who expected to have a chance to take his place; but now they saw that the door was shut when that position was given to their leader's wife. One such leader was M.T Jordan, who rebelled against the "Bashan" rebels in Missouri. He claimed that he was a prophet of "Gilead" (Mic. 7:14), even though the SRod stated emphatically that Elijah is the last prophet (G.C.S. 31,32); and he set up his Gilead headquarters in Canada. He also had himself coronated as king David, contrary to what the SRod teaches--that Elijah is to be king David (2 T.G. 2:23; 8 Tr. 71). Yet, in spite of their call for a summit to unify all Davidians with his "Gilead" movement, he failed to destroy the work of the true Davidians, because they waged "war" (4 Ans. 80:3) against him by teaching the truth, and never joined with him, nor accepted his errors. Then another rebellion was agitated in California.


About 1972 some Davidians in California (Bro. Warden, Bro. Reichmann, Howard and Wanda Blum, etc.) recanted the teachings in The Shepherd's Rod book about its message going eastward, and agitated a rebellion there and began to foment it elsewhere. The Executive Council in Salem, So. Carolina learned of their plot to overthrow the Headquarters and move it back to California; and they sent a Bible teacher (Bro. Don Adair), and a Council member (Marilyn Mueller), along with the printer (Craig Mueller), to California to study with the Davidians there. And they were successful in educating the Davidians to see the importance of this doctrine. Thus, the plot to move God's Headquarters back to California was defeated, and the rebels who instigated the plot were exposed; because they rejected the SRod doctrine that God's Headquarters must be in the east (So. Carolina). As a result they set up another headquarters in the west (California). The leader they chose was Wanda Blum, whom Bro. Warden ordained as a minister to continue their rebellion. Her husband died, and so did Bro. Warden and Bro. Reichmann, and she married again and moved her headquarters to northern California. Yet, in spite of their cry for a summit to unite all Davidians with them in California, the true Davidians waged "war" against them by teaching the truth of going "eastward" (2 S.R. 297:0), and never joined with these rebels, nor accepted their errors. Later, other Davidian rebels arose.


The Salem Headquarters had indication from other Davidians that rebellion was brewing among the Jamaican Davidians; especially in New York. It was evident, however, that these rebels needed some kind of excuse to justify their rebellion. They wanted to take over the Salem Association, or if that failed, then start one of their own. But they dared not openly commit an act of rebellion, lest it come to failure, because they would be labeled for what they are--rebels. So they had to wait for something to occur, which they could make it appear to others that they had good reason for their rebellion.

Later, the Vice-President (Bro. Don Adair) trained a young Jamaican (Bro. Tony Hibbert) at the Salem Headquarters, and the Executive Counsel sent him to New York to be their teacher there. In 1982 the Vice-President went to New York to attend his wedding, and he gave Bible studies to the brethren. One study was the subject about the 144,000 and the living saints who will escape the slaughter and be saved "with" them (2 Tr 39:1; 2 T.G. 22:21:3; 4 Ans. 20,21), and Bro. Tony Hibbert was at this study. He stood up and opposed this doctrine and said that there will only be 144,000 living saints saved out of the entire Seventh-day Adventist church; and that the others saved "with" them are those who died. His opposition to the study caused a disturbance, and this was what the Jamaican rebels were looking for, and they were jubilant. "Now," they said, "we have good reason to rebel and take over God's Association." So they united with Bro. Hibbert to reject the truth of the living saints saved "with" the 144,000, though they admitted that others who died will be saved "with" them; and he became the leader of their open rebellion against the Salem Headquarters (like Korah's rebellion against Moses--LD 28-40).

Their efforts failed, of course, to take over the Salem Association, because they could not convince the Executive Council that the Vice-President's study was wrong. So the Council put their membership on temporary probation to see if they would repent. But they were not about to forego their long-anticipated desire to rebel, and they refused to repent. It was during their time of probation that the Vice-President sent a written study to the Salem Davidians about the living saints saved "with" the 144,000, and the rebels also sent them a letter to refute it. And because they were so sure that they were right, they even admitted in their letter that they were rebels: "We may be called rebels in New York, but if we have to be called rebels for truth and righteousness then so be it..." But they could not prove that only 144,000 will be saved from the Seventh-day Adventist church, because of the many statements in the SRod message, which prove that there will be other living saints saved "with" them. So they broke away from God's Headquarters and set up their own association in Mountain Dale, New York. Among the many SRod references they could not refute is this special statement quoted below:

"All {Davidians and Seventh-day Adventists} that are found members of the church up to the fulfillment of {the slaughter of} Ezekiel Nine will either receive the seal and be a part of or with the 144,000, or else be left without the seal and fall {die} under the 'slaughter weapons' of the 'five angels'."--2 Symbolic Code, No. 5, pg. 8:1 (bold emphasis, braces added).

As a result of their rebellion, the devil caught them in a trap. If they admit that there will be other living saints saved "with" the 144,000, then they must admit that they are rebels, and that their association in New York is false. But if they refuse to admit that there will be others saved "with" the 144,000, then they will be condemned by God for rejecting that truth, even though they accept other truths; because "rejection need not include all truth. To reject a part may be just as fatal as to reject the whole" (1 S.R. 160:2).

Thus, their rejection of this "part" of the truth has forced them into a dilemma; because they teach that the saints saved "with" the 144,000 are all dead Davidians who have joined their association. And since they say only a 144,000 will be saved out of ten million Seventh-day Adventists, then that would leave a very large number of Davidians who must die! It is obvious, then, that the only way for them to solve their dilemma is to set aside a large section of their land at their New York headquarters for a cemetery to bury all their Davidian members whom they teach are going to die! And what do you suppose they would name their large cemetery? What else but the "DAVIDIAN DEAD-WITH CEMETERY," of course! Yet, in spite of the disunity which their rebellion has caused, they point to the Salem Association as the cause of disunity, while they call for a summit to unite others with them. But it has failed to destroy the work of the true Davidians of the Salem Association; because they waged "war" (4 Ans. 80:3) against the Jamaican rebels by teaching the truth which they had rejected, and never joined with them, nor accepted their errors.


Later, some of the Jamaicans who had already rebelled against the Salem Association and rejected the truth of living Davidians saved "with" the 144,000, suddenly rebelled against the other Jamaicans whose headquarters was in New York. They set up their own headquarters on a very small parcel of land once owned by old Mt. Carmel Center adjacent to Waco, which is now in the city limits of Waco, Texas. By their second rebellion, they proved that the prophetess of the Lord (Sis. E.G. White) was right when she wrote that "open rebellion...becomes incurable" (5 Test. 672:1). Thus, the Jamaican's first rebellion led them to rebel again, because "rebellion" against truth is "incurable"! As a result, they rejected two truths: (1) the truth of living Davidians saved "with" the 144,000; and (2) the truth that God's Headquarters is to be in the east, not in Texas. And, of course, they also cry out for a summit to unite others with them. But the Salem Davidians have waged "war" (4 Ans. 80:3) against these Jamaican rebels at their Mt. Waco headquarters, by teaching the truth which they have rejected, and never joined with them, nor accepted their errors. But they are not the only Davidian rebels.


Besides the several false Davidian headquarters and associations, there are other Davidian rebels scattered in many places who have rejected all headquarters, especially God's "storehouse" at the Salem Headquarters. They are the small independent groups of Davidians who are guilty of practicing one or more of the "abominations" in Ezek. 9:4, especially for saying in their hearts, if not by their actions, that "the Lord hath forsaken the earth, and the Lord seeth not" (Ezek. 9:9).

"These {rebellious} persons come to feel secure in their deceptions and, because of His long-suffering, say that the Lord seeth not, and then act as though He had forsaken the earth."--5 Testimonies, pgs. 212,212 (bold emphasis, braces added).

Besides the rebels, there are impatient Davidians who are the independent rebels. They know that there are only a few Davidians who believe the SRod message. And they think that the reason why the 144,000 are not sealed, is because they think the Lord has "forsaken the earth." And this worries them, because they do not know how they are going to get the 144,000 and escape the "ruin" of trouble yet to come. So, rather than look to the Lord to guide and save them from the "ruin," they look for "a man" (Davidian usurper) to follow, which is a paradox: That is, they call for a summit to unite so they can work together; then they think the Lord will bless their efforts to get the 144,000. But how can the Lord bless their united efforts if He has "forsaken the earth"? Besides, He does not bless rebels anyway, even if they were united. That, of course, is why they look for "a man" to "rule" and save them from "ruin," as Isaiah wrote:

"When a man {Davidian rebel) shall take hold of his brother {a usurper} of the house of his father, saying, Thou hast clothing {righteousness}, be thou our ruler {false prophet}, and let this ruin {trouble} be under thy hand."--Isaiah 3:6 (bold emphasis, braces added).

"To say 'come and rule over us because you have clothing,' is perhaps equivalent to saying, 'If you rule over us you can at least give us something to wear {your so-called righteousness}, and this ruin {coming trouble} shall be under your control, you can remedy the situation' {and save us}.

"The people's way of thinking and acting in this soon-coming time of trouble, ruin, and adversity of all kinds, clearly reveals that they {Davidian rebels} are not taking God into consideration,--no, not at all. They are trusting in men and goods {and rejecting truth}. They hope that someone can yet remedy the situation, can save them from ruin. Thus by their calling on men to help instead of calling on God, they are acting as if God has forsaken the earth."--1 Timely Greetings, No. 5, pg. 17:3,4 (bold emphasis, braces added).

The leaders of these small independent Davidian "bundles" who tell their followers that God does not have a Davidian Headquarters, are teaching that the Lord has "forsaken the earth, and...seeth not" (Ezek. 9:9). They refuse to accept the fact "that the Lord is taking the reins in His Own hands ('Testimonies to Ministers,' p. 300)" (1 T.G. 45:16:0) by the message of The Shepherd's Rod. This proves that these rebels are wrong, because God has not forsaken the earth as they think.

"By saying 'the heaven is My throne, and the earth is My footstool' {Isa. 66:1}, the Lord actually says that He has not forsaken the earth; that though His throne is in heaven, His feet are still on earth; that He is still interested in His people {and has taken the reins in His own hands}."--1 Timely Greetings, No. 45, pg. 12:3 (bold emphasis, braces added).

Thus, these independent Davidians, as well as the other rebels, who say Christ has "forsaken the earth" are "...blindly deceiving themselves and leading others away from the truth {of the SRod}, all because they chafe at bringing themselves under the rule of Christ now when 'He is taking the reins in His own hands.'--Testimonies to Ministers, p. 300."--3 Answerer, pg. 33:1 (bold emphasis, braces added).

The definition of the word "chafe" means to annoy, irritate, or aggravate; and it is used by Elijah to teach that Jesus has taken the reins in His own hands. This fact is at first annoying to some Davidians, then it is irritating, and finally it is aggravating, because they want the reins in their hands; but Jesus is taking them in His hands by teaching the SRod message through His Headquarters at Salem, So. Carolina. And because they teach the truths which the rebels have rejected, it chafes them; and that is why they rise up in open rebellion agaianst God's Headquarters. It chafes the Branch rebels to be told that the SRod says Elijah is the last prophet (G.C.S. 31,32); and that they must not keep the ceremonial feast laws (2 T.G. 37:15). It chafes the Bashan and Gilead rebels to be told that the SRod says the "Carmel" pasture has not withered (11 S.C. 12:32). It chafes the California rebels to be told that the SRod says God's Headquarters must move "eastward" (2 S.R. 297). It chafes the Jamaican rebels to be told that other living Davidians will be saved "with" the 144,000 (2 S.C. 5:8). And it chafes them to be told that the Lord Jesus has not forsaken the earth, and that He has taken the reins in His own hands (T.M. 300) through His Headquarters in the east at Salem, So. Carolina, which is His "storehouse" (2 T.G. 30:18) where they are required to pay their tithes. These are some of the reasons why they are identified as rebels (which chafes them), because they teach against certain parts of the SRod message. And here is the reason why:


"'You must have charity {love},' is the cry to be heard everywhere, especially from those {the Davidian rebels} who profess sanctification. But charity {love} is too pure to cover an unconfessed sin {of rebellion}....the apostle teaches that while we should manifest Christian courtesy {love}, we {Davidians at the Salem Headquarters} are authorized to call sin and sinners by their right names {rebels}--that this is consistent with true charity {love}. While we are to love the souls for whom Christ died, and labor for their salvation, we should not make a compromise with sin {rebellion}. We are not to unite with the rebellious, and call this charity {love}. God requires His people {all true Davidians} in this age of the world to stand, as did John in his time, unflinchingly for the right, in opposition to soul-destroying errors {of rebels who cry for a summit to unite others with them}"--Sanctified Life, pg. 65:0,1 (bold emphasis, braces added by author of this study).

And why is it so important for true Davidians to call these rebels for what they are? Obviously to warn others to beware of uniting with the rebels who cry for a summit to associate others with their rebellion; because Jesus said in His "testimony" (Rev. 19:10) by His prophetess (Sis. E.G. White) that "open rebellion, which becomes incurable ends in destruction" (5 Test. 672:1)! And what greater sin can these incurable rebels commit than to reject a "part" of the very SRod message which they claim to believe, while they teach their errors to others; and then cry for a summit to unite others with them, which they say is "charity" (love)! But Jesus has warned all Davidians in His testimony that "We are not to unite with the rebellious, and call this charity {love}" (S.L. 65:1). And He has also warned them in His parable that these rebels are the "tares" whom His angels are binding into "bundles" to "burn them" (Mt. 13:30), which means that they will eventually die in the slaughter of Ezek. 9. So why are these "bundles" of rebel Davidians crying for a summit to unite together?


REASON 1: One reason why these Davidians are "bundles" (Mt. 13:30) of rebels is because their predecessors rebelled against God's Headquarters, either at Mt. Carmel Center in Waco, Texas since 1935; or His reorganized Headquarters in Riverside, California since 1961; which moved "eastward" to Mt. Carmel Center in Salem, So. Carolina since 1970. It is God's last Headquarters in So. Carolina that they all despise and fear, because as long as it exists, the rebels can never say that their headquarters is true; since their predecessors were at one time members of God's Association before they rebelled against certain truths and broke away. Therefore, they know that the beginning of, and the very foundation of their disunited associations, are all false--deceitful counterfeits of God's Association in So. Carolina! It is this fact that they are trying to cover up by uniting together. Thus, their cry for a summit to associate together for a "united front," is not to forward the SRod message as they claim; because they have all rejected a "part" of it (1 S.R. 160:2), which can only retard its work. Their purpose is to fabricate a so-called "united front" against God's Headquarters in Salem, So. Carolina to draw all Davidians to their one united bundle of several "bundles." Thus, they hope to destroy the work at Salem, so that it cannot warn the Davidians to beware of their "bundles" of rebel "tares."

REASON 2: Another reason why they are crying for a summit to consolidate, is because they all have one common ground to unite upon: They are all guilty of rejecting one or more truths of the SRod message! Therefore, they think that if all the disunited rebel Davidians came to a summit, and agreed to accept each others errors (by keeping silent or by compromising the truth), then they would not only pretend that they are the true Davidians because they have a "united front;" but they would also pretend that their unification into one "bundle," proves that they have love (charity) for each other. And then because the Salem Association with its Headquarters in So. Carolina would not unite with them, they would falsely accuse them by saying they are not God's people. What else could they say, since they know that the Salem Davidians would never unite with their "bundle" (Mt. 13:30) on their "platform of errors" (4 Ans. 80:3). And that, of course, is the reason why they wage "war" against the "bundles" of rebels and their errors.


So what kind of "united front" would these Davidian rebels have? You could liken it to Daniel's great image standing on its feet of iron and clay (Dan. 2:42). If their so-called "united front" was like a great image, it could not be strong and stand (even if they did unite, which is not likely), because the foundational feet upon which it stands, is made of iron (some truths of the SRod they teach) and clay (some truths they reject). And when the time of trouble comes, and the slightest stress or strain is applied to their feet, then their errors (which replaces the truths they have rejected) will cause their whole structure to crumble. And then their "united front" (of associations, likened to gold, silver, brass, and iron) will break into pieces; because truth and error cannot mix as iron and clay cannot mix (Dan. 2:43). Thus, their "united front" (even if they did unite for a short time, which is not likely) would be a deception, because truth mixed with error has never saved anyone. And here are some reasons why:


Imagine what kind of basis for unification, which the summit-criers must accept at their meeting if they are to join together. Suppose they urged the Branch Davidian rebels to come to their summit to unite with them on their platform of one common ground (guilty of teaching error), which is accepting a false Elijah, keeping the feast laws (2 T.G. 37:15), and worshiping a false messiah (David Koresh). The summit-criers can't point their finger at them and demand that they stop teaching these errors, because the Branch Davidians would point out their errors. And besides, if they did honestly repent of these errors, they would no longer be Branch Davidians, and would not unite with the rebels who cry for unity anyway. Instead, they would go back with the true Davidians from whom they rebelled against in the first place. It is obvious, then, that the basis of unification, which the summit-criers are seeking, cannot be a unity based upon accepting truth, but upon a mutual acceptance of the errors which the different "bundles" of rebels are teaching!

And imagine that the Bashan and Gilead Davidian rebels came to their summit meeting. The summit-criers could not point their finger at them for teaching the error that the "Carmel" pasture has withered (11 S.C. 12:32) and following a false prophet, because these wither-teachers would rebuke them for their errors. And so for the same reason, the summit-criers would be afraid to point their finger at the California Davidians in the west for denying that God's Headquarters must be in the east (2 S.R. 197). And what if the Jamaicans from New York and the Jamaicans from Texas came to their summit meeting. The summit-criers could not point their finger at them for teaching the error that no living Davidians will escape the slaughter and be saved "with" the 144,000 (2 S.C. 5:8), because these dead-with Davidians would retaliate by pointing out their errors. Besides, if the Bashan and Gilead Davidians, and the no-east Davidians, and the dead-with Jamaicans did repent of their errors, they would not unite with the summit-criers anyway. Instead, they would go back with the true Davidians in Salem whom they rebelled against in the first place.

So what kind of demeanor would prevail at their summit meeting if all the rebels should attend? Obviously, they would all be bristling with a defiant attitude, and be ready to defend the errors they have accepted. And they would also be on guard, and mentally prepared to retaliate against the summit-criers, if they should dare suggest that their rejection of any truth in the SRod is causing division. Imagine the chaotic confusion that would be generated by each rebel who points his finger at the others, while condemning them for causing division, and demanding that they renounce their errors so they can have unity. What a babylon of disunity that would create at their summit meeting for unity.

Now you can imagine what kind of unity their summit meeting would have: All the rebel Davidians must agree to unite together on one common ground, which is to keep quite about the truths which each have rejected, and point no finger at each others errors. Then they can not only pretend to others that they have "charity" (love) for each other, but they can also pretend that they have a "united front." As you can see, though, their pretensions of love and a "united front" would not be for the better, but for the worse! And here is the reason why: Prior to their unification, they would only be guilty of rejecting one or two truths; but if they should join together into their so-called "united front," then they would be guilty of accepting all the errors of the others with whom they united (by compromising the truth for the sake of their "united front" or by keeping quiet), and would be more guilty than ever before. So what good would their "united front" do for them? and how can it save them? If they cry for a "united front" rather than "cry" against the "abominations" (Ezek. 9:4), which are the errors the rebel "bundles" have accepted before or after they join together, then they will never receive the seal to escape the slaughter of Ezek. 9.


Furthermore, if the disunited Davidians did come to a summit to confederate, and they did join together, who would be the leaders of their so-called "united front"? Are the unity-criers so blind that they cannot see the conflict that would be generated at their summit over the appointment of leaders? Will the Branch Davidians allow the Bashan or Gilead Davidians to be the leadership over their "united front"? Or will the California Davidians allow the Jamaican Davidians to be the leaders over their "united front." Or will the Jamaican Davidians allow the Branch Davidians to be their "united front" leadership? The obvious answer is an emphatic "No"! because they are all rebels; and the "bundles" of rebels, false prophets, usurpers, office seekers, and the "tares," are rebellious because they will not have others rule over them.

Isn't that why Jesus said in His parable that God's angels, His "reapers" (Mt. 13:39), are commanded not to hinder but to cause the "tares" to be bound into "bundles?" The obvious purpose of the command to the angels is to allow those who have rejected Elijah (Bro. V.T. Houteff) as the last prophet, to be attracted to and join a "bundle" of Davidians who follow a false prophet. And those who have rejected the truth of God's Headquarters in the east, will be attracted to join the "bundle" of rebel Davidians in California, the west. And those who have rejected the truth of living Davidians saved "with" the 144,000, will be attracted to join the "bundle" of rebel Davidians in New York and Waco, Texas.

So how can these "bundles" of "tares" be united if they could never agree upon who is to be the leadership of their "united front?" Well, lets suppose the summit-criers say that the "united front" leadership will be composed of one ambassador from each "bundle" of "tares." So whose agenda will each ambassador follow? His own, of course, because if he is a Branch Davidian, he is going to teach that Elijah (Bro. V.T. Houteff) is not the last prophet, and to keep the feast laws; while other ambassadors will disagree. And the Jamaican ambassador will teach that only 144,000 will be saved; while others will disagree. And the Bashan and Gilead ambassadors will teach that the "Carmel" pasture has withered; while others will disagree. So how could that be a "united front?" Therefore, regardless of what they may say or do at their summit, it is obvious that they can't fool others into believing that they have a "united front" of love, if they continue with their present leaders whose ambassador must take orders from them; because they would be right where they are today--all divided with their own leaders. So it is obvious that if they do not have a "united front" leadership who rules all of the united "bundles" of rebels, then they cannot boast that they are unified. Since, however, they will not accept this kind of leadership, then that, of course, is the obvious reason why it is not likely that the different rebel "bundles" will unite together.


Its important to note that the summit criers are using the wrong phrase--"united front," to describe their proposed confederacy of so-called SRod believers. For them, that phrase is a misnomer, because they are using the wrong term for their proposed unification. That phrase should mean, strictly in a religious sense, that they are united in their doctrinal beliefs, since they all profess to be Davidians who pretend that they believe the entire SRod message. Their pretension, however, is a mockery. There is nothing united about their beliefs in the SRod; and a summit to unite together will not cause them to change their rejection of some parts of its message! And that is why Jesus' parable identifies them as "bundles" of disunited Davidian "tares," who embrace erroneous beliefs which contradict the message of the SRod. After all, every true Davidian knows that the "wheat" represents the saints who always accept the truth; while "The tares represent a class who are the fruit or embodiment of error, of false principles" (C.O.L. 71:0). This irrefutable fact proves, then, that those Davidian rebels who become members of one of the association "bundles," while they continue to willfully teach their errors, are exposing themselves to others as "tares"! And if these summit-criers want to unite these "bundles" of disunited rebels and tares into one bundle, then they can say that they have a "united front" of doctrinal errors. But they can never say that they have a "united front" of doctrinal truths!


According to Ezekiel, the only way for Davidians to have a "united front" is for all Davidians to "sigh and cry" against the "abominations" (errors of the rebels), and accept all that the SRod teaches, including that which the rebels have rejected: (1) Accept Elijah (Bro. V.T. Houteff) as the last prophet (G.C.S. 31,32). (2) Accept the feast laws being nailed to the cross (2 T.G. 37:15). (3) Accept the "Carmel" pasture until probation closes (11 S.C. 12:32). (4) Accept the moving of God's Headquarters "eastward" (2 S.R. 197). (5) Accept the living Davidian saved "with" the 144,000. (6) Accept all other truths which the rebels have rejected. If these truths are accepted by all the Davidians, then there would only be one Association with one Headquarters, and they would not be divided into "bundles" of "tares." Neither would there be a need for anyone calling for a summit to unite them together, when they are already united. The rebels, however, will never recant their errors, because Jesus said that there would be Davidian "bundles" during the "time of harvest" (Mt. 13:30), when the "reapers...the angels" (Mt. 13:39) will "burn" (Mt. 13:30) them! It is obvious, therefore, that the only way for the Davidian "bundles" to really have a "united front," is not to unite with each others errors, but to accept all that the SRod message teaches, and stop sinning against the Holy Ghost!


"Wherefore I say unto you, all manner of sin and blasphemy {hypocrisy} shall be forgiven unto men: but the Blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men. And whosoever speaketh a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him; but whosoever speaketh against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world, neither in the world to come."--Matthew 12:31, 32 (bold emphasis, braces added).

I don't know of any Davidian who deliberately blasphemes God in an open manner before others, or curses His name. In fact, they are usually very careful to comport themselves before the public in a manner consistent with the life of Christ, especially in refraining themselves from the sin of blaspheming the Holy Ghost by cursing His name. Yet, Elijah the prophet (Bro. V.T. Houteff) was inspired of the Holy Ghost to condemn the Davidian rebels for sinning against the Holy Ghost. But how?

"You know for a fact that there is not one who names himself a Christian that talks outright against God. What professed Christians really do, is say things against God's revealed Truth {which is Jesus--Jn. 14:6}, without realizing that they are talking and sinning against the 'Holy Ghost,' and thus against God Himself, too."--1 Timely Greetings, No. 5, pg. 18:2 (bold emphasis, braces added).

You see? He says that "not one...Christian...talks outright against God." Not because they would not like to, but because they are professed Christians; and they would not dare openly talk against God before others and expose themselves for what they are--rebels, usurpers, hypocrites, blasphemers. And where are the great majority of these Christians? They are in the fallen churches of Babylon. And what revealed truths do they speak against? The truths which God's Seventh-day Adventist church has been teaching ever since 1844--the Sabbath, the 2300-day (year) prophecy, and many other true doctrines revealed in the Bible. Yet, they do not know that when they talk against these Adventist truths, they are sinning against the Holy Ghost! Sure, they think they are talking against (character assassinating) the Christians in the Seventh-day Adventist church who teach those doctrines which they despise, but they are really speaking against (character assassinating) the Holy Ghost who gave them those truths. And for that sin, there is no forgiveness! What a terrible sin to be guilty of, especially when they are not aware of this sin. But what about Davidians, surely they wouldn't be guilty of this terrible sin? Oh yes, they would, because Elijah said so:

"Even some present Truth believers {Davidian rebels} now and then drop a word of criticism, saying things by which to bolster their own reputation and down another's or to win someone to their way of thinking at the expense of God's cause! These kinds of sins are the most insidious. And the greater the ability of the one {a Davidian rebel} that is engaged in such practices, the greater the damage {to himself and others}."--1 Timely Greetings, No. 5, pg. 18:3 (bold emphasis, braces added).

Elijah says that the "present Truth" which the rebels are speaking against, must be the doctrines which the Davidians of the Salem Association in So. Carolina is teaching from The Shepherd's Rod message. And the reason why is because they have rebelled against God's Association and set up a counterfeit association; and they want members to join with them and support their rebellion. And in order "to win someone to their way of thinking" (1 T.G. 5:18:3) to attract members by their errors, they speak against the truths which Salem teaches, which is sinning against the Holy Ghost! But how do they do this? Several examples are evident:


EXAMPLE 1--FEAST LAWS: Ben Roden spoke against the Davidian members of Mt. Carmel Center for not believing the error that he was Elijah (when the SRod says Bro. Houteff was the last prophet--G.C.S. 31,32,35,36); and for not keeping the ceremonial feast laws (which the SRod says not to do--2 T.G. 37:15). And his Branch-Davidian followers who teach his errors to another Davidian by which "to win someone to their way of thinking" (1 T.G. 5:18:3), think it is a good way to "bolster their own reputation and down another at the expense of God's cause" (1 T.G. 5:18:3)--by using God's tithe to turn Davidians against the truth which they despise. But they do not know that they are not talking against the true Davidians; instead, they are rejecting truth which is speaking and sinning against the Holy Ghost!

EXAMPLE 2--CARMEL PASTURE: M.J. Bingham rebelled against God's Association in Riverside, Calif. and spoke against these Davidians for not believing that he was a prophet--the porter (1 T.G. 2:20:1). His followers also speak against them for not believing that "Carmel" (Mic. 7:14) has withered (when the SRod says that it does not wither until probation closes--11 S.C. 12:32). And they think it is a good way to "bolster their own reputation and down another" by which "to win someone to their way of thinking at the expense of God's cause" (1 T.G. 5:18:3)--by using God's tithe to turn Davidians against those truths which they despise. Yet, they are not talking against the true Davidians; instead, they are rejecting truth which is speaking and sinning against the Holy Ghost!

EXAMPLE 3--MOVE EASTWARD: Some of the brethren in California rebelled against the Salem Association and spoke against them for believing that the Headquarters of God must be in the east (2 S.R. 297). They think that their words against them is a good way to "bolster their own reputation and down another," by which "to win someone to their way of thinking at the expense of God's cause" (1 T.G. 5:18:3)--by using God's tithe to turn Davidians against those truths which they despise. But they do not know that they are not talking against the true Davidians; instead they are rejecting truth which is speaking and sinning against the Holy Ghost!

EXAMPLE 4--LIVING "WITH": The Jamaican Davidians rebelled against the Salem Association in So. Carolina, and spoke against them for teaching the truth that living Davidians will escape the slaughter "with" the 144,000 (2 S.C. 5:8:1). They think that their words against them is a good way to "bolster their own reputation and down another," by which "to win someone to their way of thinking at the expense of God's cause" (1 T.G. 5:18:3)--by using God's tithe to turn Davidians against those truths which they despise. But they do not know that they are not talking against the true Davidians; instead, they are rejecting truth which is speaking and sinning against the Holy Ghost!

"As revealed truth {in the message of The Shepherd's Rod} is unfolded only by the Spirit of Truth at a given time, then for one {a Davidian rebel} to reject {any part of} such revelation, 'meat in due season' (Matt. 24:45), is indeed to sin 'against the Holy Ghost.' Matt. 12:31."--2 Timely Greetings, No. 45, pg. 8:1 (bold emphasis, braces added).

"When the judgment of the living begins and the cry is made, 'Behold, the Bridegroom cometh: go ye out to meet Him,' they {ten virgins} will all arise, but only half of them will gain admittance. The other half {five foolish virgins--rebel Davidians} will have sinned against the Holy Spirit, will have rejected His Truth!"--2 Timely Greetings, No. 11, pg. 13:2 (bold emphasis, braces added).


The true Davidians are the "wise virgins," but the rebel Davidians who reject truth are the "foolish virgins"--the ones who sin against the Holy Ghost. This fact proves that if the Davidian rebels did attend a summit meeting, and if they did agree to accept each others errors, then these "bundles" of tares would be confirming their rejection of truth as one voice together in one "bundle." Then at last they would have the "united front" which they have always wanted. But the only way they can have their coveted unification, is to join together and speak as one voice against the truths which God's Association in So. Carolina is teaching. And to do that would magnify their sin against the Holy Ghost, and consign them to the charge of the reaper-angels who are to "burn" (Mt. 13:30;39) them as the worthless weeds--the tares.

It is not likely, however, that they would unite together. So what else can they do but continue to speak against the believers and supporters of the Salem Association. They not only criticize their work and their leaders; but they also look at the "appearance" of God's Headquarters and say that it is not "prospering," or that it is "disintegrating," or that its "numbers" are few, or that it does not have much money and property. But they are looking at the wrong things. Instead, they should look at the truths which it teaches from the SRod "message" (truths which these rebels have rejected and speak against); because that is "the only thing to go by"! Read it for yourself, as stated below:

"No, not even the appearance of what his message is doing or not doing, or whether it is prospering or disintegrating, can be taken as evidence that God is in it. Neither can numbers of adherents, for such have never signified a right cause at any time, not even in the day Christ Himself preached the Gospel of the Kingdom. The message {of truth in The Shepherd's Rod} he brings is the only thing to go by."--General Conference Special, pg. 8:2 (bold emphasis, braces added).

And who are foremost among the rebel Davidians that speak against the truths which the Salem Association teaches? Those who have larger memberships, of course. They try to attract Davidians to their association by saying this: "God is with us because we have a larger number of members than does the Salem Association." Elijah, however, stated above that it is not "numbers" of members they are to "go by" to find the true Association whom God is with, but the truth of the SRod message! Yet, in spite of what Elijah wrote, some Davidian rebels have called to the Salem Headquarters and boasted that their association has more members than Salem. And they are told that they should quit them and join with the Catholics, because they have the most numbers. And they always say, "Yes, they do have the most members, but they do not teach all the truth; and that is why I cannot join with them." Then they are always told that they have proven by their own answer that it is not "numbers" they are to "go by," or whether they are "prospering" or "disintegrating," but strictly the truth!


The purpose of the SRod message is to seal and mark 144,000 and those "with" them who escape the slaughter of Ezek. 9. Today, they are the true Davidians now being sealed; and that is why they will not "cry" for a summit to unite with the rebel Davidians. Instead, they "sigh and cry for all the abominations" (Ezek. 9:4) in the Seventh-day Adventist church, as well as the abominations of the Davidian rebels (rejecting truth). And they are also bidden to "cry aloud, spare not,...shew my people...their sins" (Isa. 58:1). Therefore, they "are authorized to call sin and sinners {Davidian rebels} by their right names--that this is consistent with true charity" (S.L. 65). That means the true Davidians cannot "unite with the rebellious, and call this charity;" because they know that it is the truth that makes them free, not the errors of the Davidian rebels who rejected truth. They know that those who curse God's Association with its Headquarters in Salem will be cursed, and those who bless His Association will be blessed.

Furthermore, when the true Davidians receive literature from any Davidian rebel, who is trying to motivate them to come to a summit to unite all Davidians (wheat and tares) together, their reaction would cause them to cry out "God forbid"! After all, why would the Salem believers want to unite with the rebel Davidians, who would keep them from doing God's work, and waste their precious time by having to "war" against their "platforms of error? Why unite truth with the Branch Davidians and be forced to "war" against their errors (teaching a false Elijah and a counterfeit messiah)? Or why unite truth with the Bashan and Gilead Davidians and be forced to "war" against their errors (teaching a porter prophet and that "Carmel" has withered)? Or why unite truth with the California Davidians and be forced to "war" against their errors (teaching the Headquarters is not to be in the east)? And why unite with the Jamaican Davidians and be forced to "war" against their errors (no living Davidians saved "with" the 144,000)? To unite with them would only tear down, not build up God's Salem Association. These are the reasons why the Salem Davidians would never unite with the Davidian rebels; and why they would cry out "God forbid" to any call for a summit to mix truth with error, and unite the wheat with the tares!

If you want to know about the Davidian usurpers (false prophets), then click on---> STUDY11.



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