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The church of "Laodicea" is one of the seven candlesticks that John the Revelator saw with the "Son of man" (Jesus) standing in their midst (Rev. 1:13). Jesus told John that the "seven candlesticks which thou sawest are the seven churches" (Rev. 1:20). There is, therefore, no need for anyone to wonder which churches these candlesticks symbolize, because of the fact that the "Son of man" (Jesus) is standing in their midst; which proves irrefutably that they can only be Christian churches! And the fact that there are seven candlesticks, which number means completeness, proves indisputably that they symbolize the Christian churches during the entire New Testament Christian era.

"The names of the seven churches {candlesticks} are symbolic of the church in different periods of the Christian era. The number seven indicates completeness, and is symbolic of the fact that the messages extend to the end of time, while the symbols used reveal the condition of the church at different periods in the history of the world."--Acts of the Apostles, pg. 585:3 (bold emphasis, braces added).

"The Laodicean church, the last of the seven {candlesticks} churches (Rev. 2, 3), being figurative of the Christian church in her last period, our time, the message on record to her is therefore the last message to the church."--1 Answerer Book, pg. 8:2 (bold emphasis, braces added).


Every Christian Bible student knows that he is a Christian because he believes that Jesus Christ, the foundation of the Christian faith--"chief corner stone" (Eph. 2:20), was a Jew--the "son of David" (Mt. 1:1). And that is why the early Jews of the tribe of Judah who believed that Jesus was the Christ were called Christians (Acts 11:26).

"Then, too, the early Christian church was made up of Jews only: the apostles, the 120 in the upper room (Acts 1:15), and the 3,000 who were converted on the day of Pentecost (Acts 2:41) were all Jews, as were, indeed, virtually all those who 'were added daily' for the first three and a half years after the crucifixion (Dan. 9:26, 27; Acts 2:47). And even after this period was over, and the apostles were commissioned to take the gospel to the Gentiles (Acts 13:46), many more Jews became Christians, and subsequently, as Christians rather than as Jews, were scattered among the nations."--8 Tract, pg. 9:1.

And the fact that in the beginning the great majority of the converts were Jews, is irrefutable proof that the Christian church is an offshoot of the Jewish church. (To learn more about offshoots, click on that study at the end.) It is obvious, then, that when Jesus died on the cross, there came forth two classes of Jews (Christians and non-christians) who have existed for nearly 2,000 years during the entire New Testament Christian era. But there are two things which the strict (orthodox) Jews would not do, which the Christians did:

(1) The Christian Jews took the gospel to the Gentiles (Acts 13:46) which the strict Jews would not do.

(2) The Christian Jews married these Gentiles which the strict Jews would not do.

"We must not overlook the fact that the Gospel of Christ divided the house of Judah into two sects--Jewish and Christian, that the Christian church for about four years after the resurrection of Christ consisted practically only of Jews. Plainly, then, the original Christians were full-blooded Jews,--the Christian church is only a branch {offshoot} of the Jewish church, but they and their descendants have, through the years, lost their racial identity {because they married Gentiles}. Then, too, the descendants of both Israel and Judah who through the years of captivity {married Gentiles and} lost their identity as did the Jews who embraced Christianity, according to prophecy must also have greatly multiplied. Plainly, then, many who are taken as Gentiles, are but unidentified descendants of ancient Judah, Israel, and the Jewish Christians. The Christian church herself is, as we have seen, a Jewish-Christian church."--2 Timely Greetings, No. 6, pg. 16:1 (bold emphasis, braces added).

This means that during the 2,000 years the strict (orthodox) Jews never lost their racial identity (their facial features, color of hair and skin, etc.); whereas the Christian Jews married Gentiles and lost that racial identity and today they look like Gentiles.

"It is, therefore, obvious that the few identified Jews of today are not the only descendants of Abraham's, but that many of the Gentiles must be of Abraham. Since this mixed up situation exists, hardly any one can really say for sure that he is not one of Abraham's children. Perhaps many of the nations whom the world calls Gentiles are the children of Abraham. We do not know for sure who is who. God, however, has kept a perfect genealogical record, for He says: 'I will make mention of Rahab and Babylon to them that know Me: behold Philistia, and Tyre, with Ethiopia; this man was born there. And of Zion it shall be said, This and that man was born in her: and the Highest Himself shall establish her. The Lord shall count, when He writeth up the people, that this man was born there. Selah.' Psa. 87:4-6."--1 Timely Greetings, No. 37, pg. 12:0.


Since the seven churches "extend to the end of time," then the seventh and last candlestick (Laodicea) must be God's church today in the latter days who have descended from the Jews of Judah. And since it is now 1998 and the last days is about to end with the second advent of Jesus, then no Christian can deny the fact that God's church, the seventh candlestick Laodicea (Rev. 3:14) exists today. There is, however, a problem, because there are hundreds of Christian churches, with some large memberships but mostly small ones. And they are so divided among themselves in doctrinal beliefs that they have become a babylon of confusion; which blasphemes the name of God, because He is not the "author of confusion" (1 Cor. 14:33)! Yet, in spite of their confusion, they all have one thing in common; each one believes that they are God's latter-day church. And this means that they all claim (knowingly or unknowingly) to be the Christians in the last candlestick Laodicea who have descended from Judah! (To learn more about Judah, click on that study at the end.)

"The ten tribes (the Kingdom of Israel) were by ancient Assyria dispersed throughout the cities of the Medes, and assimilated by the Gentiles of that day, but it was not until years later that the two tribes (the Kingdom of Judah) were carried into Babylon, remaining there until the expiration of the seventy years of Jeremiah's prophecy, then returning to their homeland. Thus it was only the descendants of the Kingdom of Judah who became so unfaithful that they rejected and crucified the Lord. But the faithful from among them accepted Him, and became the Christians, the founding members of the New Testament church. The {Christian} church herself, therefore, is the daughter of the Kingdom of Judah. Hence she is appropriately still called Judah.

"While she is by virtue of parentage, faithfulness, and purity (absence of tares) entitled to be called 'Judah,' still because of their last-day lukewarmness and the resultant infiltration of 'tares' into her membership, she is, of necessity, additionally termed 'Laodicea.'"--14 Tract, pg. 21:1,2 (bold emphasis, braces added).

However, those Christian churches who claim to be the last candlestick (Laodicea) have a problem: they do and they don't want to admit this fact. That is, if you ask each of them if they are the last true church Laodicea, they will proudly answer "Yes we are." But if you ask them, "Well, then are you these blind and naked people?" they will not answer you or deny that they are blind and naked. The reason they have this problem, is because Jesus rebuked His last candlestick church (Laodicea) and told them of their spiritual condition: "and knowest not that that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked" (Rev. 3:17). That is the great problem which all of the Christian churches have concerning the last candlestick (Laodicea): They want to boast to everyone that they are God's true people in that church, but they refuse to admit that they are blind and naked, because Jesus said they "knowest not" (Rev. 3:17) this fact! Well, then, who are the Christian people in God's church of Laodicea who have descended from the Jews of Judah? and how can we identify them from all the other churches in their babylon of confusion? Its simple, they are identified by the meaning of the name Laodicea!


SDACHRCH.JPG (13791 bytes)"Laodicea may be infallibly recognized amidst the many 'isms' of Christendom {Babylon} by the work she is doing--declaring the judgment. Indeed, this mark of identification is pointed out by the very name Laodicea, compounded of the two Greek words lao and dekei, the one meaning 'people,' also 'speak,' the other meaning 'judgment,' the two in one meaning the people declaring judgment. The church, therefore, which declares, 'Fear God, and give glory to Him; for the hour of His judgment is come' (Rev. 14:7), is evidently the one called Laodicea. And it is almost as well known outside Seventh-day Adventist circles as within, that the Seventh-day Adventist church is endeavoring to carry the judgment message of Revelation 14:7, and is therefore unchallenged in her claim to the title, Laodicea."--1 Answerer Book, pg. 11 (bold emphasis, braces added).

But why is the Seventh-day Adventist church "unchallenged in her claim to the title, Laodicea"? For two reasons: (1) The other churches are not declaring the judgment as Seventh-day Adventists are doing, so they cannot be Laodicea. (2) The other churches in their babylon of confusion are reluctant to accept this title, because they do not want others to say that they are blind and naked! Well, then, what about the Seventh-day Adventist church? they accept this "title, Laodicea"--the people who are declaring judgment. Therefore, shouldn't the rebuke of Jesus be upon them for being blind (spiritually) and naked (without Christ's righteousness)? Yes, Jesus not only rebuked them in the Bible (Rev. 3:17), but He also rebuked them in His Testimonies which were written by His prophetess (1 S.M. 34:5), Sis. E.G. White, whom He used to raise up the Seventh-day Adventist church in 1844 after she had her first vision of the 144,000 (5 Tr. 102:2; E.W. 13:3). She wrote:


"The message {of rebuke} to the Laodiceans {for being blind and naked} is applicable to Seventh-day Adventists who have had great light and have not walked in the light."--2 Selected messages, pg. 66:2 (bold emphasis, braces added).

"The message {of rebuke} to the church of the Laodiceans is a startling denunciation, and is applicable to the people at the present time....The people of God {Seventh-day Adventists} are represented in the message to the Laodiceans as in a position of carnal security. They are at ease, believing themselves to be in an exalted condition of spiritual attainments, 'Because thou sayest, I am rich and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked.'"--3 Testimonies, pg. 252:1,3 (bold emphasis, braces added).

There are many more statements like the two above that has rebuked Seventh-day Adventists for being blind and naked, because they think they need nothing! But do they accept Jesus' rebuke? According to the statement below, the answer is No!

"The plain message of rebuke {by Jesus} to the Laodiceans is not received. Many {Seventh-day Adventists} cling to their doubts {of the Testimonies--5T217} and their darling sins while they are is so great deception as to talk and feel that they are in need of nothing. They think the testimony of the Spirit of God is uncalled for or that it does not mean them....But the message of the True Witness {Jesus--2T36:2} reveals the fact that a terrible deception is upon our people, which makes it necessary to come to them with warnings, to break their spiritual slumber, and arouse them to decided action."--3 Testimonies, pgs. 253, 254 (bold emphasis, braces added).

Since most Seventh-day Adventists (Laodiceans) are guilty of "spiritual slumber," then what they think they need nothing of is spiritual truth! That is, the Lord has more truth for them to accept, but they are in so "great deception" that they feel no need of it. Yet, there is more truth to come, and the Lord predicted through His prophetess, Sis. E.G. White, that He would send Elijah the prophet to the Seventh-day Adventist church with the light of truth which they have no need of. She wrote:


"We {Seventh-day Adventists} must not for a moment think that there is no more light, no more truth, to be given us. We are in danger of becoming careless, by our indifference losing the sanctifying power of truth, and composing ourselves with the thought, 'I am rich, and increased with goods {old light}, and have need of nothing {new light--truth}.' While we must hold fast to the truths which we have already received {the old light}, we must not look with suspicion upon any new light that God may send {by his prophet Elijah}."--Gospel Workers, pg. 310:4--by EGW (bold emphasis, braces added).

"Prophecy must be fulfilled. The Lord says: 'Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord' {Mal. 4:5}. Somebody is to come {future tense--sometime after 1890} in the spirit and power of Elijah, and when he (a male person--Mal. 4:6} appears, men may say: 'You are too earnest, you do not interpret the Scriptures in the proper way. Let me tell you how to teach your message'."--Testimonies to Ministers, pg. 475:3 (bold emphasis, braces added).

Since Sis. White began her ministry in 1844 and wrote in 1890 that Elijah "is to come" in the future, then she could not have been that Elijah. The Lord proved this fact when He said: "And Deborah, a prophetess, the wife of Lapidoth, she judged Israel as that time." (Judges 4:4). Did you notice that God's Word does not confuse the saints by saying that Deborah was a "prophet," a "husband" and a "he"? Why? because the Lord always refers to a male person as a "he" and a "prophet;" whereas He always refers to a female person (such as Deborah) as a "she" and a "prophetess"! And that is the reason why Malachi said that "Elijah the prophet" (Mal. 4:5) is to be a male person "he" (Mal. 4:6), as the first Elijah--John the baptist was a "he" (Mt. 3:1-3). This irrefutable fact proves, then, that Sis. White was not referring to herself (a "she") as Elijah, but to a "somebody"--a "he" who "is to come" after her day to the Seventh-day Adventist church. And she told how to find that Elijah by studying with other members:

"We {Seventh-day Adventists} should never refuse to examine the Scriptures with those who, we have reason to believe desire to know what is truth. Suppose a brother held a view that differed from yours, and he should come to you, proposing that you sit down with him and make an investigation of that point in the Scriptures; should you rise up, filled with prejudice, and condemn his ideas, while refusing to give him a candid hearing? The only right way would be to sit down as Christians and investigate {in a Bible study} the position presented in the light of God's Word, which will reveal truth and unmask error."--Testimonies to Ministers, pg. 107:2--by EGW (bold emphasis, braces added).


Seventh-day Adventists do not know that their spiritual condition is defective, and most of them absolutely refuse to believe Jesus' rebuke and admit that they are spiritually blind. So they continue to sleep on while dreaming that they are in a excellent spiritual condition and have need of nothing (Rev. 3:17)--no need of the truth of Elijah! And especially do they say that they are not naked (without Christ's righteousness), though Jesus says they are naked; and they are not willing to change their garments and put on His righteousness--truth!

"They {most Seventh-day Adventists} are not willing to be deprived of the garments of their own self-righteousness. They are not willing to exchange their own righteousness, which is unrighteousness {nakedness}, for the righteousness of Christ, which is pure unadulterated truth."--Testimonies to Ministers, pg. 65:0 (bold emphasis, braces added).

There are, however, some in the church who have chosen to awake from their spiritual sleep, and study with others to find the Elijah and his message of truth. They are the saints who will no longer be spiritually blind and naked, because they will put on the garments of the "righteousness of Christ, which is pure unadulterated truth"--the message of Elijah!

"Although satisfied with their attainments, the Laodiceans who believe {have been awakened} and take God at His Word will not question Him concerning their condition but will, whether they see it or not, acknowledge that they are in a 'sad deception,' 'wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked.' Having honestly made this acknowledgment, they will, in consequent obedience to {Jesus} the True Witness' counsel to buy of Him eyesalve {truth from the message of Elijah} which He alone can supply, anoint their eyes with it and be able to see {spiritually}."--1 Answerer Book, pg. 8:3.


Those in the Seventh-day Adventist church who have been awakened and studied with other members, have found the message of Elijah, the truth of the righteousness of Christ (TM65:0), and they are no longer blind and naked. And they try to tell other members about the truth who are spiritually asleep and need nothing. But they do not want to be awakened, and this causes a shaking in the church, because these sleeping people rise up against the truth!

"I asked the meaning of the shaking I had seen and was shown that it would be caused by the straight testimony {truth} called forth by the counsel of the True Witness {Jesus--2 Test. 36:1} to the Laodiceans. This will have its effect upon the heart of the receiver, and will lead him to exalt the standard and pour forth {teach} the straight {message of Elijah's} truth. Some {sleeping Seventh-day Adventists} will not bear this straight testimony {truth}. They will rise up against it {to turn the laymembers against the truth}, and this {their opposition} is what will cause a shaking among God's people."--Early Writings, pg. 270 (bold emphasis, braces added).sleep.bmp (9710 bytes)

"Men and women {in the Seventh-day Adventist church} are in the last hours of probation, and yet careless and stupid, and ministers have no power to arouse them; they are asleep themselves. Sleeping preachers preaching to a sleeping people"--2 Testimonies, pg. 337:2 (bold emphasis, braces added).

When those Seventh-day Adventists who have been awakened tell the sleepy laymembers about the truth of Elijah, the sleeping ministers who do not want to be awakened are disturbed and "rise up against it." And that causes a shaking and splits the church. Now there is war!

helltrch.bmp (23462 bytes)

"Many {Seventh-day Adventist ministers} will stand in our pulpits with the torch of false prophecy in their hands, kindled from the hellish torch of Satan."--Testimonies to Ministers, pg. 409, 410 (bold emphasis, braces added).

The ministers in these companies of "sleeping people" will stand in the pulpits with the "hellish torch of Satan" to bind them with cords of deception, ignorance, fear, and threatenings to keep those from the truth who were awakened by the shaking. (To learn more about the shaking, click on that study at the end.) And if any of these awakened ones try to break loose from the cords and accept the truth of Elijah, then the ministers would cast out these saints from the church, as the Pharisees cast out Jesus and the apostles (Jn. 9:22)!


"But as the {Seventh-day Adventist} church today is virtually everywhere in subordination to the state, and therefore utterly powerless to impose the penalty of imprisonment, torture, and death, as her predecessors frequently did {during the Dark Ages}, in punishment for supposed heresy, the threat of excommunication {casting them out of the church} is consequently the highest price that the Denomination is able to impose upon any who would dare to awaken her sleepers. Likewise it is become her strongest weapon for persuading the awakened to retract and to lapse back into Laodicean slumber and sleep."--White-House Recruiter, pg. 72:3 (bold emphasis, braces added).

"Notwithstanding Christ's warning, men have sought to uproot the tares. To punish those who were supposed to be evil doers, the church has had recourse to the civil power. Those {saints} who differed from the established doctrines have been imprisoned, put to torture and to death, at the instigation of men who claimed to be acting under the sanction of Christ. But it is the spirit of Satan, not the Spirit of Christ, that inspires such acts. This is Satan's own method of bringing the world under his dominion. God has been misrepresented through the {Seventh-day Adventist} church by this way of dealing with those supposed to be heretics {by casting out some members}."--Christ's Object Lessons, pg. 74:1 (bold emphasis, braces added).

"The Lord forbids us {Seventh-day Adventists} to proceed in any violent way against those whom we think erring,...Finite man {ministers} is likely to misjudge character {and label others as taress}, but God does not leave the work of judgment and pronouncing upon character to those {ministers} who are not fitted for it. We are not to say what constitutes the wheat, and what the tares. The time of the harvest will fully determine the character of the two classes specified under the figure of the tares and the wheat. The work of separation is given to the angels of God {reapers--Mt. 13:39}, and not committed into the hands of any man {to cast out people}."--Testimonies to Ministers, pg. 47:2 (bold emphasis, braces added).


"Fundamentally we {Davidians} are Seventh-day Adventists. Ever since the leading brethren of the Seventh-day Adventist denomination rejected the addition to the Third Angel's Message (Early Writings, p. 277) in the same fashion as the Jews turned down the gospel of Christ, and as the popular churches turned down the messages that followed thereafter, we {Davidians} have fundamentally remained Seventh-day Adventists. We are separated {cast out} from the mother church because the 'lukewarm' brethren by majority vote disfellowshiped us, and put a guard at the church doors to make sure that we could not enter the churches on the Sabbath day. Evidently they did these things in order to force us to renounce the Lord's revealed Truth, and also to frighten those who were embracing Present Truth and those who might investigate for themselves and accept the message of the hour. There could be no reason for dismissing {casting} us {out}."--2 Timely Greetings, No. 10, pg. 17:2 (bold emphasis, braces added).

"We {Davidians} likewise have not pulled away from the Denomination, but have been cast out of our respective churches and forced to go by another name, Davidian Seventh-day Adventists,--and all this for no other reason than for embracing the additional Heaven-born Truth which gives power and force to the Advent message (Early Writings, p. 277), and which makes us better Seventh-day Adventists than we have been or could otherwise be."--2 Timely Greetings, No. 43, pgs. 3, 4 (bold emphasis, braces added).

"As we are now living in the time of The Revelation, in the time of the unfolding of the prophecies which point to the setting up of the Kingdom {Dan. 2:44} as well as to the second advent of Christ, the Church at this time, therefore, could not logically go by a name other than a name which would befit her present (advanced) phase of the gospel work....that promotes the title 'Seventh-day Adventist' to the title Davidian Seventh-day Adventist."--2 Timely Greetings, No. 34, pg. 25:0, 2 (bold emphasis, braces added).

"The double team of horses, and their two kinds of colors {grisled and bay}, pulling in two different directions are immediately seen to symbolize a double set of church leaders (the Seventh-day Adventist leaders {grisled horses} and the Davidian Seventh-day Adventist leaders) {bay horses} unlike in character and aim."--2 Timely Greetings, No. 22, pg. 22:3 (bold emphasis, braces added). (To learn more about the grisled and bay horses, click on that study at the end.)

"This Association shall be known provisionally as The Davidian Seventh-day Adventists {--national name}, the prophetic off-spring of the parent Seventh-day Adventist, the Laodicean, church."--Leviticus, pg. 3:1 (bold emphasis, braces added).

"Plainly, then, the Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven are in the hands of those who have the Truth for the day. Consequently just as plain as Heaven can make it, the Truth stands out that the Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven today have passed from the hands of the General Conference to the hands of the General Association of Davidian Seventh-day Adventists {--international name}, as verily as they passed from the Sanhedrin to Peter in the days of Christ's first Advent. So it is that Truth's decree on earth today is the decree in Heaven."--2 Timely Greetings, No. 29, pgs. 9, 10 (bold emphasis, braces added).

"The name, Davidian, deriving from the name of the king of Ancient Israel {David}, accrues to this Association by reason of its following aspects: First, it is dedicated to the work of announcing and bringing forth the restoration (as predicted in Hosea 1:11; 3:5) of David's kingdom in antitype, upon the throne of which Christ, 'the son of David,' is to sit. Second, it purports itself to be the first of the first fruits of the living, the vanguard from among the present-day descendants of those Jews who composed the Early Christian Church. With the emergence of this vanguard and its army, the first fruits, from which are elected the 12,000 out of each of the twelve tribes of Jacob, 'the 144,000' (Rev. 14:1; 7:2-8) who stand on Mount Zion with the Lamb (Rev. 14:1; 7:2-8), the reign of antitypical David begins."--Leviticus, pg. 3:2 (bold emphasis, braces added).

"Since the work we are now doing is not sponsored by any man, and since God has led us all the way as definitely as He led the Exodus movement, making our way inch by inch as Providence directs, and also since we are the only people who have the message of the re-establishment of the House of David, and of restoring 'all things' (Mark 9:12) and are therefore named Davidians, there is no escaping the conclusion but that the time for the fulfillment of these prophecies is very close at hand even at the door, the reason for which the announcement of these events is now being trumpeted throughout the Adventist world."--1 Timely Greetings, No. 9, pg. 6:1.


Questions for any Seventh-day Adventist to answer: Do you believe that the last candlestick--(Laodicea (Rev. 3:14) is the Seventh-day Adventist church who are blind and naked people? Do you believe that they think they have "need of nothing"--need no more truth (Rev. 3:17)? Have you awaked from your laodicean sleep? If so, do you admit that you were blind and naked? Are you willing to study with a Davidian to learn the truth of Elijah's message--the "eyesalve" (Rev. 3:18)?

Questions for any non-Seventh-day Adventist to answer: Do you and the people in your church claim to be the seventh candlestick "Laodicea"? If so, what judgment do you teach? Do you admit that they are a blind and naked people who need no more truth? Have you awaked from your sleep and found the "eyesalve"? If so, who did you get it from? Are you willing to study with Davidians to learn more truth--the "eyesalve"?

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