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When Iraq was bombed during the Gulf War in 1991, President Bush announced to the public that America was leading out to set up of the NEW WORLD ORDER.  Here are two main reasons which the public may not have understood for the reason why the NEW WORLD ORDER is being set up: (1) To protect the Protestant Nations from their great fear of totalitarian aggression, especially atheistic and Communistic Russia who not only hates Democracy but also Christianity.  (2) And to give the depotic governments (the dictatorial, the tyrannical, the totalitarial, and the rebels) this message: "Do you see the bombing of Iraq, that is what you will get if you do not co-operate with the NEW WORLD ORDER to bring peace and order out of a chaotic and war-mongering world"!

    In 1998 President Clinton threatened to bomb Iraq again, because they considered Saddam Hussein a renegade, who is not co-operating with the NEW WORLD ORDER to bring peace in the Holy Land by allowing the United Nation inspectors to search for Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.   But why is America so afraid of Iraq?  Well, it's not really Iraq that they are afraid of, its Atheistic Russia--a big brother to Iraq as America is big brother to Israel.  And if Saddam uses his weapons to drive Israel from the Holy Land (as he vowed to do), then America and her allies ( Protestants Nations), will defend Israel; and Russia will defend her allies (Iraq and the Arabs).  That is why Boris Yeltzin, the Russian Premier, warned America that if she bombs Iraq again, it will start World War 3, which would, of course, include Russia!  

    Now how can America set up the NEW WORLD ORDER to bring peace between the two big brothers--America (with the Protestant Nations) and Russia (with the Communistic nations), in the Holy Land between the two little brothers (Israelies and Arabs), while Saddam Hussein makes his weapons of mass destruction to start a war?  Isn't that why the free world calls him a trouble maker and a rebel?  Couldn't they be the reason why some suggest that he should be assassinated!  But that seems unlikely, since he is guarded too well.  So why is he still there? and why can't he be removed?  Is he fulfilling Bible prophecy?  One of the next NEWS FLASHES may answer these questions for you.


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