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    Davidians are Seventh-day Adventists cast out of the Seventh-day Adventist church for three main reasons: (1) They believe and teach from the Bible all of the doctrines of the church.  (2) They also believe and teach all of its doctrines from the Spirit of prophecy Testimonies (Rev. 19:10) by their prophetess--Sis. Ellen G. White.  (3) And especially are they cast out for believing and teaching her prediction that Elijah the prophet (T.M. 475) was to come to their church sometime after 1890.

   The name of this prophet was Victor Tasho Houteff, a member of the Seventh-day Adventist church in Los Angeles, California.  He began to teach in 1929 and was identified as Elijah by the teachings in his litera-  ture, which he entitled, The Shepherd's Rod.   In the year 1935 he moved to Waco, Texas, named his headquarters Mt. Carmel Center, and gave the name Davidian to all those who believed in his teachings about God's soon-coming kingdom to be set up with antitypical David as king.   But he never attached the Davidian name with the word "Branch" in his SRod literature.  It was after he died in 1955 that his wife (Florence Houteff) sold old Mt. Carmel in 1957 and bought new Mt. Carmel near Waco  in Elk, Texas.   During that time Ben L. Roden (a Christian Jew)  began his Branch movement with a few Davidian followers, and they became known as "Branch Davidians."  He was not, however, a converted Christian, because he led them to keep the Jewish ceremonial laws; and this caused them to deny that  Jesus the sinless  Messah had come.  In 1959 Sis. Houteff called many Davidians to a solemn  assembly at her new Mt. Carmel  headquarters, but its purpose failed.  Then she began to liquidate new Mt. Carmel in 1961 to 1962, and Ben Roden finally  acquired it for his  Branch headquarters.

     Also in 1961 when some of the Shepherd's Rod Davidians knew that Sis. Houteff was closing down new Mt. Carmel Center, they reorganized and set up God's headquarters in Riverside, California.  But some rebels broke off and set up other headquarters; first in Missouri (Bashan Davidians), and in California (Wanda Blum Davidians), and in Canada (Gilead Davidians).  Later, the true Davidians were led by the SRod  message to move God's Headquarters eastward from Riverside to Salem, S.C. in 1970, which is also named Mt. Carmel Center, and where it  publishes all of Bro. Houteff's Shepherd's  Rod  literature  into one book.  In 1978 Ben Roden died and the Branch Davidians eventually found  themselves a new, but very sinful  messiah--David Koresh, who gained control of the new Mt. Carmel compound.  In 1981 the Jamaicans rebelled and broke away from the Shepherd's Rod Davidians at Salem Headquarters, and set up their  headquarters in New York (Jamaican Davidians no. 1).  Later, other Jamaicans rebelled, broke away  from the New York Jamaicans, and moved to Waco, Texas (Jamaican Davidians no. 2); but they are not Branch Davidians.  Then on Feb. 28, 1993 the ATF attacked David Koresh's new Mt. Carmel compound, and burned it down on April 19, 1993 along with 86 Branch Davidians.

     As for the true Davidians at Mt. Carmel Center in Salem, SC,  they continued to print all of the originial literature of their founder (Bro. Houteff).   Later, they not only compiled together this literature into two books, which they entitled THE SHEPHERD'S ROD SERIES and THE SYMBOLIC CODE SERIES; but they also  print his first  two books, THE SHEPHERD'S ROD (vols. 1, 2), and THE SCRIPTURAL INDEX of this literature.  And besides this, they also compiled certain subjects from The Shepherd's Rod  literature into  other books, which are entitled, THE FALL OF THE  PROTESTANT NATIONS,  AMERICA KING OF THE NORTH, and A DAVIDIAN TESTIMONY.   You can see them listed by clicking on---> ORDER FORM; or, if you have time  to load them, you can see the book covers in color by clicking on---> BOOK COVERS.

If you want to review a book entitled,  A DAVIDIAN TESTIMONY, which explains in depth about the events that led up to the Waco burn out of the Branch Davidians, then click on---> BOOK REVIEWS, and read BOOK  No. 7.

If you want to know more about the reason for the Branch Davidians being burned out then click on---> STUDY18.  Or click on---> STUDIES and choose another study.


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