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This is a first of a series of several Usurper Articles which have been taken directly from the Bible, the Spirit of Prophecy, and the message of The Shepherd's Rod. Its purpose is to expose to all honest Rod-believing Davidians the peculiar errors which the modern-day office seekers are teaching, in order to exalt themselves to the office of Porter-Prophet-President. The SRod message has identified them as "usurpers of Inspiration's throne" (1TG5:14:2), because they are guilty of coveting the prophetic office of Elijah (V.T. Houteff), who was the first and last Porter-Prophet-President.

"Men {usurpers} are walking in the light of the sparks of their own kindling" (TM 87:0); and have no light for Davidians for this reason: "To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them." (Isa. 8:20).

"How often men of talent and education have been placed in positions of trust, and have proved failures....They {office seekers} walked in the sparks (their bright flashes of thought) of their own kindling. They did not depend on the wisdom which God alone can give."--Messages To Young People, pg. 187:1 (bold emphasis, braces added).

Were it not for the fact that some Davidians cannot recognize a "usurper," even if he should see him face to face, there could not exist the division among us today (assuming all are honest seekers of Truth); for how could the "usurpers" prosper if no Davidians followed them? Thus, the reason for these series of studies is to clearly identify to Davidians who the "usurpers" are, and what errors they teach. If, however, there be any Davidians who deliberately choose to follow the "usurpers" after they have been exposed, will thereby show themselves as their disciples--those who make flesh their arm. "Cursed be the man that...maketh flesh his arm."--Jeremiah 17:5.

"God's people will know that those who take a stand other than the one which Truth here sets forth, are so doing because the Spirit of Truth is not in their hearts. And let us remember that to make flesh your arm, to consult man when God should be consulted, is every bit as bad as to consult the spirit of Darkness."--2 Timely Greetings, No. 41, pg. 22:7 (bold emphasis added).

Those Davidians, therefore, who want to recognize a "usurper" for what he is, must know the answer to this important question:


According to the dictionary the word "usurp" means this: "To seize and hold (office, place, or powers) in possession by force or without right (a throne); to seize or exercise authority or possession wrongfully; to be, or act as, a usurper." And it also gives the definition of a "usurper" to mean this: "One who usurps, or seizes and holds, sovereign power, without proper authority."

With a correct understanding of the two words, "usurp" and "usurper," any honest Davidian should quickly recognize the fact that an office of position, such as "a throne," must first exist before it can be usurped by anyone. And since "usurp" means to hold an office "wrongfully," and "without proper authority," then this definition is proof that there must be an office which not just any Davidian is qualified to hold, and which must be forbidden to him until after the slaughter of Ezek. 9. This fact proves that "without proper authority" from God, all Davidians who are seekers of this forbidden office must "seize and hold" the coveted office "wrongfully." And this, of course, automatically exposes them to others as "usurpers of Inspiration's throne"! (1TG5:14:2)

And what is the most forbidden, yet the most highly coveted office that some Davidans seek? Is it not "Inspiration's throne"--the prophetic office of Elijah (V.T. Houteff), who was a Porter-Prophet-President? Why, though, is it a forbidden office to Davidians today before the slaughter? Simply because "without proper authority" from God, the prophetic office of Porter-Prophet-President cannot be held by anyone except those whom He appoints, for this reason:


"Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation."--2 Peter 1:20.

"Affirmatively stated, all Scripture, not merely a part of It, is inspired. Negatively stated, none of It is privately interpreted, for the reason that It did not come of men but of God; that is, as the Spirit of God dictated to men the Scriptures, so the Spirit of God must interpret the Scriptures to men, that no man privately (without Inspiration) is capable of disclosing the sealed prophecies or interpreting any part of them or even capable of understanding their importance after they are interpreted, except it be by the gift of the Spirit of Truth."--1 Timely Greetings, No. 14, pg. 16:5 (bold emphasis added).

"We as Christians have obviously failed to note that if the secret things of God, matter not how simple, were to be unsealed at anytime by anyone, Inspiration would never in the first place have concealed them in symbols and parables. Christendom is still blind to the fact that to attempt to break into the mysteries of God would be to attempt to defeat His purposes; yes to try to break into the Divine code {in the Bible}, is to try the impossible."--2 Timely Greetings, No. 44, pgs. 30, 31 (bold emphasis, braces added).

"In that day the wicked shall be cut off and kept out of the house of David, and the false teachers, 'prophets,' shall feel ashamed of having ever taught their private interpretations of the Scriptures. Then shall men fully realize that though they could be taught by men to keep cattle, yet no man could teach them to prophecy; that this office is restricted to the Spirit of Prophecy, that no prophecy of the Scriptures is of private interpretation."--2 Timely Greetings, No. 44, pgs. 48, 49 (bold emphasis added).

"Since 'The Revelation,' the book that speaks to the people of God at this time, recommends the sect that keeps the commandments and that has the gift of prophecy, you cannot wisely connect yourself with any other, the truth that there is but one sect that has the Gift is an absolute reality. And while you may choose to keep the Sabbath commandment, you cannot inspire yourself with the Spirit of Prophecy--this Gift is bestowed upon the remnant by God Himself."--2 Timely Greetings, No. 34, pg. 23:1 (bold emphasis added).

"All who trust to the boastful decisions of human reason, and imagine that they can explain divine mysteries, and arrive at truth unaided by the wisdom of God, are entangled in the snare of Satan."--Great Controversy, pg. 601:0 (bold emphasis added).

Only those Davidians who have deliberately put out their spiritual eyesight can fail to see that the office of a Porter-Prophet-President is a forbidden office to all Davidians until after the slaughter of Ezek. 9, and that those who may profess to hold that forbidden office have openly exposed themselves to others as "usurpers of "Inspiration's throne"" (1TG5:14:2), because of the following important facts: (1) "No prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation" (2Pet.1:20). (2) "To try to break into the Divine code, is to try the impossible" (2TG44:31:0). (3) Though man could be taught by men to keep cattle, yet no man could teach them to prophecy" (2TG44:48:2); that (4) "you cannot inspire yourself with the Spirit of Prophecy" (2TG34:23:1); and that (5) those who try to "explain mysteries, and arrive at truth...are entangled in the snare of Satan" (GC601:0).

These facts prove that the prophetic office of a Porter-Prophet-President is forbidden to all Davidians today. But some individuals still covet this office, because he thinks he can hold it one of two ways: (1) He has no problem with being a false prophet--a "usurper of Inspiration's throne," and he will "seize and hold" this office "wrongfully" and "without proper authority!" (2) He deceives himself into believing that God has choosen him as a prophet, since it is impossible for him to "inspire" himself "with the Spirit of Prophecy." But he cannot have neither way, because God will not inspire a false or a true prophet "with the Spirit of Prophecy" to be a Porter-Prophet-President today, for this reason:


"To reemphasize the fact, let it be said again that being the last of the prophets Elijah {V.T. Houteff} is, therefore, the only one who can open to our understanding all the prophecies pertaining to the great and dreadful day of the Lord {slaughter of Ezek. 9}."--General Conference Special, pg. 19:2 (bold emphasis, braces added).

"So it is that the Elijah of the great and dreadful day of the Lord, the last prophet to the church of this day, comes in the spirit and power, to prepare the way for the Lord's second advent."--General Conference Special, pg. 32 (bold emphasis added).

"Nevertheless, the words of Malachi make plain that the Messenger of the Covenant is, in the strictest sense, Elijah the prophet (Mal. 3:1-5; 4:5), the last messenger who prepares the way of the Lord. (See Testimonies to Ministers, p. 475)."--1 Answerer Book pgs. 78, 79 (bold emphasis added).

"Since the promised Elijah is to be the last prophet to the church today,...the truth stands forth like the light of day that Elijah's message is the message of the Judgment for the Living, the last,..."--General Conference Special, pgs. 23, 24 (bold emphasis added).

"Taking place in the end of the world, it perforce is the gathering of the people by Elijah's message, the last Heaven-sent proclamation of the gospel,..."--9 Tract, pg. 67:3 (bold emphasis added).

The crystal clarity of the foregoing inspired references conclusively proves that the prophetic office of Porter-Prophet-President is a forbidden office to Davidians today, because of the simple fact that Elijah is "the last prophet to the church today!" And when Davidians today claim to hold that office, they automatically expose themselves as "usurpers of Inspiration's throne" (1TG5:14:2)--(false prophets), because they must "seize and hold" this office "wrongfully," and "without proper authority" from God who alone can inspire anyone "with the Spirit of Prophecy."

Ask any Davidian, no matter who he is and where he is, who is the promised Elijah of Testimonies to Ministers, pg. 475:3, and invariably they will tell you that it is none other than V.T. Houteff. They have to say this, for they cannot call themselves Davidians if they believe otherwise, for this Elijah was the only one who raised up the "GENERAL ASSOCIATION OF DAVIDIAN SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS" (2TG29:10:0), by which we get our name "Davidian" (1TG9:6:1; 2TG10:17:1). And when one identifies himself as a Davidian, he is automatically admitting that V.T. Houteff is that Elijah who gave him his name!

In spite of the fact, though, that certain so-called Davidians will readily admit that V.T. Houteff was that Elijah, yet, when asked the question: "Was he the last prophet to the church today?" they are loathe to answer "YES," and instead will answer with an emphatic "NO!" Such an answer automatically exposes them as "usurpers of Inspiration's throne" (false prophets), or as followers of "usurpers;" otherwise their answer would be "YES, Elijah is the last prophet to the church today." This is why Elijah repeated those words over and over again, because he knew that "usurpers" would arise, claiming to hold the prophetic office of Porter-Prophet-President, to deceive some Davidians into disobeying the command to "Hear ye the Rod."

"The fact that Inspiration takes the pains to tell who is to finish the work in itself is proof that there must be active usurpers of his office as there were of Moses' office."--1 Timely Greetings, No. 14, pg. 22:0 (bold emphasis added).

"Even present Truth believers {professed Davidians} have not as yet fully awakened to this startling revelation, many of them carried away with every wind of {false} doctrine, much of which is created by imposters such as Korah, Dathan, and Abiram (Numbers 16:9-11) coveting Moses' office--usurpers of Inspiration's throne--taking sides, one for Paul and another for Apollos, as it were!"--1 Timely Greetings, No. 5, pg. 14:2 (bold emphasis, braces added).

But why will Davidians copy this most terrible sin of Korah, Dathan, and Abiram who wanted Moses' office? Why do they covet the forbidden office of Elijah (V.T. Houteff--Porter-Prophet-President?

(First Main Reason)

There are, of many reasons, at least three main, basic, inherent driving forces in human nature that would assert themselves in a Davidian to cause him not only to secretly covet and seek the forbidden prophetic office, but as well as to openly "seize and hold" his illgotten prize of Porter-Prophet-President. The first reason is the oldest--directly from the very first sin in the garden of Eden. It is the DESIRE TO EXALT SELF!

"These two sins--trust in man, and desire to exalt self--are still the leading sin elements now here on earth. This was Eve's stumbling block and to many even today it is still the stumbling block.... The fruit, of course, appealed to her, but she was tempted by the idea of having the opportunity to be exalted to the throne of God, to be exalted to the same position to which Lucifer {Satan} himself aspired. ...This same stumbling block, the desire to exalt self, has predominated throughout the ages, and it predominates today."--2 Timely Greetings, No. 28, pgs. 13, 14 (bold emphasis, braces added).

In spite of the fact that Lucifer was cast out of heaven for his sin of self-exaltation, yet, there are Davidians today who would dare allow themselves to be inspired and controlled by the hellish spirit of Lucifer to exalt themselves as Porter-Prophet-Presidents, and still expect to have a home in Heaven! God forbid the thought! ("Heaven's golden gate opens not to the self-exalted." (COL404:2). But why will they be exalted? All because they want to be on top, to be looked-up-to as somebody important--to be exalted. Now since Elijah is "the last prophet to the church today," and since God is not inspiring Davidians "with the Spirit of Prophecy" today for that reason, and since there are Davidians who have this most overwhelming, all-consuming desire to exalt self, they assume upon themselves the fearful responsibility of appointing themselves as Porter-Prophet-Presidents--"usurpers of Inspiration's throne." (1TG5:14:2)

"Are we, too, seeking office by which to exalt self and are we, too, endeavoring to usurp the seat of the Spirit of Truth?"--1 Timely Greetings, No. 7, pg. 10:0 (bold emphasis added).

"Among the followers of our Lord today, as of old, how widespread is this subtle, deceptive sin! How often our service to Christ, our communion with one another, is marred by the secret desire to exalt self!"--Desire of Ages, pg. 409:2 (bold emphasis added).

"Plainly, one who aspires to position simply for self-exaltation, especially when such as office holds out spiritual responsibilities as does a church office, such a one should not be given any consideration whatsoever. And if he already has any station of responsibility, he should be relieved of it, for such high-minded leaders are spiritually blind, and they draw the multitude to themselves as did Lucifer draw the angels to himself and to doom."--2 Timely Greetings, No. 28, pg. 15:3 (bold emphasis added).

It was self-exaltation--the "desire for the supremacy" (A.A.37:1) that created discord among the disciples in the days of Christ, and it creates the exact same discord among the Davidian disciples of today. They are the Davidian "usurpers" who are "striving for the highest places" (8T20:4), and that is why they want to be exalted to the position of Porter-Prophet-President.

"The disciples prayed with intense earnestness for a fitness to meet men, and in their daily intercourse to speak words that would lead sinners to Christ. Putting away all differences, all desire for the supremacy, they came close together in Christian fellowship."--Acts of the Apostles, pg. 37:1 (bold emphasis added).

"Notice that it was after the disciples had come into perfect unity, when they were no longer striving for the highest places, that the Spirit was poured out. They were of one accord. All differences had been put away."--8 Testimonies, pg. 20:4 (bold emphasis added).

"When on the Day of Pentecost the Holy Spirit was poured out upon the {120} disciples {in the upper room}, they understood the truths that Christ had spoken in parables. The teachings that had been mysteries to them were made clear. The understanding that came to them with the outpouring of the Spirit made them ashamed of their fanciful theories. Their suppositions and interpretations were foolishness when compared with the knowledge of heavenly things which they now received. They were led by the Spirit, and light shone into their once darkened understanding."--8 Testimonies, pg. 267:2 (bold emphasis, braces added).

And today, ever since Bro. Houteff (Elijah) died, self-exaltation has been the scourge of Davidians! These "usurpers" are so filled with their own self-importance, that in their all-consuming, insatiable "desire for the supremacy," they find themselves "striving for the highest places"; even going so far as "to seize and hold" the forbidden prophetic office of Porter-Prophet-President; all the while they imagine themselves, supposedly sitting on "Inspiration's throne," as being inspired "with the Spirit of Prophecy," to reveal their so-called truths to all their Davidian followers.

"Now with all respect and sincerity, by the authority of the Scriptures and by virtue of the facts before me, I say that it would be easier for a chicken to find its roost in the blackest of the night than for uninspired mind {Davidian usurper} to unveil the prophecies and the parables. The difference between the two is that the chicken realizes the futility of trying to find her roost after sunset, but the self-willed man does not realize that he cannot unveil Truth at his own will and without light from above."--2 Timely Greetings, No. 44, pg. 30 (bold emphasis, braces added).

Thus, it is quite obvious that the common chicken is much more smarter than all the Davidian "usurpers," in that she "realizes the futility of trying to find her roost after sunset," whereas "the self-willed" Davidian "usurpers," who falsely claim that they are prophets, do not know, or could care less if they were told that Elijah was the last Porter-Prophet-President until after the Ezek. 9 slaughter.


Along with the sin of self-exaltation comes the second main reason for a Davidian "usurper" wanting to be a Porter-Prophet-President--that of power and authority! Isn't that what all the usurpers need if they are to maintain some kind of control over their idolatrous followers? And since the word "usurp" means "to seize and hold (office, place, or powers) in possession by force or without right," and "to seize or exercise authority or possession wrongfully," then it is obvious that behind the sinful desire for self-exaltation is another equally sinful desire--that of power and authority! Indeed, they must go hand in hand together, for why would a Davidian "usurper" want to be self-exalted as a Porter-Prophet-President if he could not exercise the power and authority that goes with such a forbidden office?

The Davidians, however, have been instructed in Zephaniah 2:3 to "seek meekness" (1TG22:24,25; 2TG41:13:2), the opposite of self-exaltation. This irrefutable fact is proof that only the "meek" Davidians will avoid any type of self-exaltation, especially for power and authority. But the proud usurper-Davidians will seek all the power and authority that they can possibly "seize and hold" on to, even if they must exalt themselves to the forbidden position of Porter-Prophet-President. But why this position?

It is a known fact among Davidians that in speaking of his position as Elijah or Joshua: "The first one to be given the garment is Joshua, the high priest, the highest official in the church" (1TG8:23:1), that Bro. V.T. Houteff always sought meekness, never exalted himself, for he knew that he was appointed of God, not self-appointed, as are the Davidians "usurpers" of today. And the fact that the "usurpers" were forced to appoint themselves as Porter-Prophet-Presidents, because God will not appoint another for the reason that Elijah was "the last prophet to the church today" (until after the slaughter), it proves that in the usurpers' insatiable desire for self-exaltation, they cannot and will not be satisfied with nothing less than the position of "the highest official in the church"--that of the Porter-Prophet-President!

Thus, it is obvious that these Davidian "usurpers of Inspiration's throne" have seized power and authority by appointing themselves as "the highest official in the church" (1TG8:23:1) to exercise "supreme authority" over their Davidian followers and supporters, by professing to be a Porter-Prophet to falsely interpret the Bible, the Spirit of Prophecy, and the "Rod" according to their so-called inspiration--trying to tell Elijah "how to teach" his message (TM475:3); and by holding the position of President to "dictate" their false teachings and enforce them upon others.

"Sometimes a man who has been placed in responsibility as a leader gains the idea that he is in a position of supreme authority, and that all his brethren, before making advance moves, must first come to him for permission to do that which they feel should be done. Such a man is in a dangerous position. He has lost sight of the work of a true leader among God's people. Instead of acting as a wise counselor, he assumes the prerogative of an exacting ruler {a false prophet}. God is dishonored by every such display of authority and self-exaltation."--Testimonies to Ministers, pg. 491:4 (bold emphasis, braces added).

"There will be those {the Davidian 'usurpers'} among us who will always want to control the work of God, to dictate {by appointing themselves as Porter-Prophet-Presidents} even what movements shall be made when the work goes forward {before the slaughter of Ezekiel 9} under the direction of the angel {Shepherd's Rod message} who joins the third angel in the message to be given to the world."--Testimonies to Ministers, pg. 300:0 (bold emphasis, braces added).

Ever since Elijah {V.T. Houteff) died in 1955, Davidian "usurpers" have arisen, not only to to exalt themselves, but to gain power and authority to "dictate" their work, and also for the sake of money:

(Third Main Reason)

As the desire for power and authority follows closely behind the heels of the sin of self-exaltation, so closely follows the foot steps of the third reason for the Davidians wanting to be Porter-Prophet-Presidents--the "root of all evil."

"For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some {the Davidian usurpers} coveted after, they have erred from the {SRod} faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows."--1 Timothy 6:10 (bold emphasis added).

"We see that this system of government is set up for no other purpose than to make its adherents rich in the name of religion, a practice which supercedes all other forms of idolatry."--2 Timely Greetings, No. 18, pg. 27:1 (bold emphasis added).

"If our hearts are set on wealth, if our love of money becomes greater than our love to help set up the Kingdom, then there is no hope. Such {world-loving people{ shall find themselves magnetically drawn down into Babylon."--2 Timely Greetings, No. 18, pg. 27:2 (bold emphasis, braces added).

Of all the three sins of the Davidian "usurpers" which causes them to want to be exalted as Porter-Prophet-Presidents, the third and last one is by far the worst--"the love of money." This sin "supercedes all other forms of idolatry," for they are trying to get "rich in the name of religion," just as others will do when the reign of Babylon is set up after the slaughter of Ezek. 9. These "usurpers" are idolators, and they worship self--their reason for wanting to be exalted with power and authority as Porter-Prophet-Presidents! And they are seeking idol worshippers--other Davidians who will follow, exalt, and support them with their tithe money!

"Moreover, this class of leaders {Davidian usurpers who claim to be prophets}, dead to Christ and alive to themselves, as a rule love to parade, and even exaggerate their religious deeds. Such should be branded as Satan-inspired {Davidian} disciple-seekers."--2 Timely Greetings, No. 28, pg. 16:1 (bold emphasis, braces added).

Yes, these Davidian false prophets (usurpers) are nothing more than "SATAN-INSPIRED DISCIPLE-SEEKERS" for this very obvious reason: What profit is there for them to be exalted as porter-prophet-presidents with the power and authority to "dictate," if they have no "disciples" to follow and support them with their tithe-money, to help them get "rich in the name of religion"?

And these Davidian "usurpers" have not been disappointed in their disciple-seeking, for there will always be Davidian idolaters who are looking for someone to idolize and exalt with power and authority--those who profess to hold the position of "the highest official in the church" (1TG8:23:1) And were it not for the fact that these Satan-inspired idolatrous disciples have deliberately put out their spiritual eyesight, because they have fallen snare to the sin of "trust in man" (2TG28:13:5)--the "usurpers"--they would easily recognize these lovers of money, who are trying to get "rich in the name of religion," by the fact that they are always calling for--yes, that's right--money, the "root of all evil" (1Tim.6:10)! "Money, we must have more money" is their cry! Yet, what do they give Davidians in return for all their money? NOTHING! Instead of crying "hear ye the Rod," they cry "Hear ye me (porter-prophet-president) and send me more money"!

And just as the "church has gone after the world because she mistakenly thinks that her support {tithe-money} comes from worldlings, from her 'lovers'" (2TG6:19:6), so these "usurpers" --the "Satan-inspired disciple-seekers" (2TG28:16:1), go after Davidian sheep to shear them of their wool (tithe-money), to get "rich in the name of religion" (2TG18:27:1). Long ago Jesus warned them to "Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves" (Matt. 7:15).

Now what is it that the "wolves" want? The sheep's wool (tithe), of course! But the Davidian sheep are not about to let the "false prophets" shear their wool if they come to them as "wolves." So the wolves disguise themselves as Davidian sheep to fool them. Thus, as "false prophets"--"usurpers of Inspiration's throne," they exalt themselves as porter-prophet-presidents, seize power and authority, fool the sheep into believing that Elijah was NOT the last prophet, and get "rich in the name of religion" (2TG18:27:1) with the sheep's "wool"--all because they have fallen snare to "the love of money" which "is the root of all evil." (1 Tim. 6:10). But Jesus said to "Beware of false prophets," instead, though, the Davidian sheep seem to be unaware that these false-prophet "wolves are among them. Why, then, are the sheep following the wolves in "sheep's clothing"? Obviously, because they are not able to distinguish the "sheep" from the "wolves." Therefore, they must learn the answer to this important question:


In view of the fact that the "wolves" are clothed with Davidian "sheep's clothing," then, he will look just exactly like a Davidian! Yes, that's right, don't expect a "false prophet" to look anything like a wolf, because he won't; he will look exactly like a Davidian! And since he will be wearing Davidian "sheep's clothing," then, of course, he would profess to believe all the "Fundamental Beliefs Of Davidian Seventh-day Adventists" (2TG10:21-31), and all the teachings of The Shepherd's Rod message.

Moreover, he could be well educated with a good command of the English language; and possess a good knowledge of the SRod message. He may or may not have lived at Mt. Carmel Center and knew Brother V.T. Houteff; he may have a nice personality, be well liked for his speaking ability, and have good manners, refinement, and courtesy. These qualities, of course, should grace any true Davidian, but if they are used to exalt self, then they can be used to deceive others.

In short, this person might be someone whom other Davidians, especially those who follow him, might call "a good Christian, who loves the Shepherd's Rod message." These qualities, more or less, could be what a Davidian "usurper" would look like to the Davidian beholder, but nonetheless, he is still a wolf in "sheep's clothing." And yet, it is these very qualities that fools the Davidian sheep, for they think that because a Davidian has more or less of them, especially good manners, refinement, and courtesy, then, he must surely be a true Christian! Thus, they are loathe to believe that such an exalted one is a "usurper"--a wolf in "sheep's clothing" who has appointed himself as a prophet. But the never-erring Spirit of Prophecy has said: "Never Was There A Greater Mistake"!

"The opinion prevails with many that all which appears like courtesy or refinement must, in some sense, pertain to Christ. NEVER WAS THERE A GREATER MISTAKE. These qualities should grace the character of every {Davidian} Christian, for they would exert a powerful influence in favor of true religion; but they must be consecrated to God, or they also are a power for evil. Many a man of cultured intellect and pleasant manners, who would not stoop to what is commonly regarded as an immoral act, is but a polished instrument in the hands of Satan {a usurper}. The insidious, deceptive character of his influence and example renders him a more dangerous enemy to the cause of Christ than are those who are ignorant and uncultured."--Great Controversy, pg. 509:2 (bold emphasis, braces added).

"Such {wolves} should therefore be branded as Satan-inspired disciple-seekers. This class of men are naturally clever. They manage to gain the confidence of the people {the Davidian sheep} by the same method with which the priests and rabbis of Jesus' time deceived the nation: They prayed where they could be seen; they made it their business to air far and wide whatever good they did; they were adept at making themselves appear very religious, pious, philanthropic, and righteous."--2 Timely Greetings, No. 28, pg. 16:1 (bold emphasis, braces added).

"It is, therefore, very important to stop, watch, and listen, to diligently follow Truth Itself. Know that the vain make display of themselves, of their achievements, and especially of their religion. Know that they {wolves in sheep's clothing} do this in order to draw the hearts of their audiences to themselves, to get a following {the Davidian sheep}, to exert their influence, to put something over {to get "rich in the name of religion"}. The Pharisees in Christ's day were very proficient in this heart-stealing profession. They prayed on the corners of the streets to be seen by men, and thus they deceived them beyond reclamation."--1 Timely Greetings, No. 38, pg. 29:2 (bold emphasis, braces added).

"The tempter often works most successfully through those who are least suspected of being under his control {Davidian usurpers}. The possessors of talent and education are admired and honored, as if these qualities could atone for the absence of the fear of God, or entitle men to His favor."--Great Controversy, pg. 509:2 (bold emphasis, braces added).

"Then, too, when a preacher begins broadcasting his good deeds and accomplishments, along with his religious experiences; also when a preacher rubs his eyes and blows his nose unnecessarily as he preaches and endeavors to make his audience start crying;--when you see these things in a preacher, know for certain that he is pulling the wool over the eyes of his listeners, that there is something up his sleeve. I say, when you see a preacher doing all these things, he is aiming to enlist your endorsement to something of his own {get 'rich in the name of religion'}. BEWARE!"--2 Timely Greetings, No. 28, pgs. 17, 18 (bold emphasis, braces added).

Its clear, then, that the "wolves" look exactly like the "sheep," from all outward appearances and profession. Therefore, it becomes necessary for all honest Davidians, if they do not want to be sheared of their wool by "usurpers" who are trying to get "rich in the name of religion," to stop trying to recognize the "wolves" by their appearance and profession. They should stop asking the question: "What does a Davidian 'usurper' look like"? instead they should ask:


"Teachers of falsehood will arise to draw you away from the narrow path and the strait gate. Beware of them; though concealed in sheep's clothing, inwardly they are ravening wolves. Jesus gives a test by which false teachers may be distinguished from the true....We are not bidden to prove them by their fair speeches and exalted professions. They are to be judged by the Word of God."--Mount of Blessing, pg. 145:1 (bold emphasis added).

Foremost of all doctrinal teachings perpetuated by the "usurpers" is this lie: "Elijah is NOT the last prophet to the church today," in spite of the fact that this is contrary to the very "ROD" which the "false prophets" profess to believe and teach! Indeed, this lie is the very foundation of all the "usurpers" self-exaltation to the prophetic office of Porter-Prophet-President, in order "to seize and hold" the power and authority to "dictate" to their followers; and thus, enable them to get "rich in the name of religion" with the Davidian sheep's "wool." Without this foundation, they cannot exist as porter-prophet-presidents, since the SRod says Elijah is the last prophet (GCS23:3). This fact proves they cannot profess to hold the position of "highest official in the church" (1TG8:23:1) and still be right!

Once the "usurpers" deceive the sheep into believing this one basic lie, the way is opened for other fallacious teachings, all based on a false premise that denies the last Elijah (V.T.H). These "wolves" in "sheep's clothing" are exposed to all true Davidians as MODERN-DAY OFFICE-SEEKERS, because they study and compare the "SRod" teachings--Elijah is "the last prophet to the church today"--with their false teaching that Elijah is NOT the last prophet:

(1) The SRod teaches to all Davidians that they are "enriched with Truth" (11SC2:11:2), but the usurpers teach that they are "poor in truth" (11SC2:11:2), and must have another prophet to give them more truth, because they say "Elijah is NOT the last prophet today."

(2) The SRod says prophets die, but their "inspired writings" is "the ever-living Spirit of Prophecy" (2TG45:5; 6Tr3:2,78:0) which never dies (1SM55:5); yet, the "usurpers" say another prophet must come to give Davidians more truth, because they say "Elijah is NOT the last prophet."

(3) The SRod says Elijah is the last prophet to "bind up the testimony" by the SROD message (6Tr.44:2; 5Ans.55:2), but the "usurpers" teach there must be another prophet with more truth to bind up the testimony for Davidians, because they say Elijah is NOT "the last prophet."

(4) The SRod says the "porter (the one through whom the Spirit of Prophecy is manifested)" (1TG2:20:1) is a prophet, who was Elijah the last (GCS23:3,32:0), but the "usurpers" teach that there must be another porter-prophet-president with more truth for Davidians, because they say Elijah is NOT "the last prophet to the church today."

(5) The SRod says the "president" must be one who is "called and chosen" directly by God as a prophet (LD6:1) of which Elijah was the last prophet-president (GCS23,32); whereas the "usurpers" teach there must be another prophet-president to come with more truth, because they say Elijah is NOT "the last prophet to the church today."

(6) The SRod says Davidians are to eat "butter" (6Tr.44,45), and save all the milk for those outside the church in the world (6Tr.cover; 1TG5:12:3), whereas the "usurpers" teach that another prophet must come to give them more truth (which is stored in their milk cans), because they say Elijah is NOT "the last prophet to the church today."

(7) The SRod says the latter rain is "a special truth, 'a teacher of righteousness'" (14Tr40:2; 1A86:1)--The Shepherd's Rod message (1A87,88), the last message (9Tr67:3) brought by the last prophet Elijah (1A78,79), but the "usurpers" teach that there must be other prophets, "inspired teachers of God" (1TG29:12:5), to give Davidians more truth, because they say Elijah is NOT "the last prophet to the church today."

(8) The SRod says that Davidians are to feed in the spiritual Carmel pasture until probation has closed for the Seventh-day Adventist church (Amos 1:2; 11SC12:31,32), but the "usurpers" say another prophet has come to feed them in the Bashan or the Gilead pastures before the slaughter of Ezek. 9 occurs and before the kingdom is set up, because they say Elijah is NOT "the last prophet to the church today."

(9) The SRod says the 11th hour is the last message (2SR9:3; 1 SR126:2; 1A67:1; 9Tr67:3), but the "usurpers" teach there must be another prophet with another message--11 1/2 hour (which is not in the Bible), because they say Elijah is NOT "the last prophet to the church today."

"It shall come to pass that the men who are now exalting themselves {as Porter-Prophet-Presidents}, and preaching without having been 'sent' {self-appointed usurpers}, shall be ashamed as their eyes come wide open when caught in their fallacies--in false predictions, and private interpretations of the Scriptures {which teach that Elijah is NOT 'the last prophet to the church today'}. No longer will they wear deceitful garments, {by claiming to hold the position of 'the highest official in the church'} rather, they will say, 'I am no prophet, not even a pastor; I am only a herdsman {who pretended to be a prophet}, a common farmer.'"--1 Timely Greetings, No. 18, pg. 16:0 (bold emphasis, braces added).

"For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets {'usurpers of Inspiration's throne' 1TG5:14:2}, and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect."--Matthew 24:24 (bold emphasis, braces added).

"The days are fast approaching when there will be great perplexity and confusion. Satan, clothed in angel robes, will deceive, if possible the very elect {Davidian sheep}. There will be gods many {porter-prophet-presidents} and lords many. Every wind of doctrine {teaching that Elijah is NOT "the last prophet to the church"} will be blowing."--5 Testimonies, pg. 80:1 (bold emphasis, braces added).

Now if all the Davidian sheep who profess to believe the Rod, would accept It's plain teachings that Elijah is indeed "the last prophet to the church today," it would not be possible for the "wolves" in their "sheep's clothing" to "deceive the very elect" when they come as "false prophets;" for there would be no one to exalt them as porter-prophet-presidents, or follow and support them.

These plain statements could, of course, open the eyes of some Davidian sheep to the outright contradictory teaching of the false prophets, who say that Elijah is NOT the last prophet. For others, these wolves are exposed as "usurpers of Inspiration's throne" by their crooked methods. That is, the Davidians need to realize that when these usurpers cannot produce plain SRod statements to prove their position as porter-prophet-presidents, according "to the law and to the testimony," then they invariably resort to other means:


"As men {the usurpers} see that they cannot, by the Scriptures, maintain their position, they determine to vindicate it at whatever cost, and as the final resort of a lost cause they indulge in personalities, assailing the character and the motives of those who cross their paths with unpopular truth."--6 Tract, pg. 36:1 (bold emphasis, braces added).

"For want of Bible arguments, those who are making void the law of God will manufacture falsehoods to stain and blacken the workers. They did this to the world's Redeemer; they will do it to His followers. Reports that have not the least foundation will be asserted as truth."--5 Testimonies, pg. 601:1 (bold emphasis added).

"And so, since they {wicked} cannot refute the Truth, they desperately resort to Pharisaical falsehoods with which to char the characters of those with whom they disagree."--1 Timely Greetings, No. 29, pg. 14:0 (bold emphasis added).

"And since the Enemy cannot get around the Truth, he does all he can to blacken character and to pick flaws in personalities."--General Conference Special, pg. 8:3 (bold emphasis added).

"Those {wicked} who were in pursuit of the earthly, mocked them {the Davidian saints}, and threw black balls after them."--1 Testimonies, pg. 349:1 (bold emphasis, braces added).

"The black balls which were thrown after the saints were the reproachful falsehoods put in circulation concerning God's people by those {wicked people professing to be Christians} who love and make a lie."--1 Testimonies, pg. 353:2 (bold emphasis, braces added).

The difference between the true prophets and the "usurpers" of today can easily be seen by the fact that neither Sister White nor Brother Houteff ever resorted to character assassinations to "maintain their position"; whereas the "false prophets" are quite proficient at throwing their "black balls" of "Pharisaical falsehoods," name calling, ridicule, etc., and by circulating "reports that have not the least foundation" against those who expose them as "usurpers of Inspiration's throne."

Yet, in spite of "the weight of evidence" (3T255:1), which clearly exposes the "usurpers of Inspiration's throne," and their false teaching that Elijah is NOT "the last prophet to the church today," why is it that some of the Davidian sheep still persist in following these Davidian false prophets? because of what they say in their hearts:


"Then said he unto me, The iniquity of the house of Israel and Judah is exceeding great, and the land is full of perverseness: for they say, The Lord hath forsaken the earth, and the Lord seeth not."--Ezekiel 9:9.

The reason why some Davidian sheep are inclined to follow the "usurpers," is because they think the Lord does not know that He has "forsaken the earth"! Such followers of the "usurpers" are ever inclined to "trust in man" (2TG28:13:5) because they think the Bible said in Micah 6:9 to "Hear ye V.T. Houteff," instead of "Hear ye the Rod" (Mic. 6:9)! Therefore, while he was alive they followed him, not the SRod! Consequently, when he died in 1955, they thought that the Lord had forsaken the earth, and they began to look around among the Davidians for someone else to follow--a "usurper."

And the fact that the "trust-in-man" Davidians refuse to believe that Elijah is "the last prophet to the church today," and refuse to be satisfied until they have another prophet to follow, proves conclusively that they think "the Lord hath forsaken the earth, and the Lord seeth not"! Indeed, they will find their prophet, not appointed of God, though, but instead, the Devil's cheap substitute, a false prophet--"usurpers" appointed by men to be their "ruler."

"When a man {Davidian} shall take hold of his brother {fellow Davidian} of the house {church} of his father, saying, Thou hast clothing {righteousness}, be thou our ruler {a porter-prophet-president}, and let this ruin {Ezek. 9} be under thy hand {to save us}."--Isaiah 3:6.

"To say, 'come and rule over us because you have clothing' {doctrinal righteousness}, is perhaps equivalent to saying, 'if you rule over us you can at least give us something to wear, and this ruin shall be under your control, you can remedy the situation.'"--1 Timely Greetings, No. 5, pg. 17:3 (bold emphasis, braces added).

"The people's way of thinking and acting in this soon-coming time of trouble, ruin, and adversity of all kinds, clearly reveals that they are not taking God into consideration,--no, not at all {that Elijah is the last prophet}. They are trusting in men {porter-prophet-presidents} and goods. They hope that someone {a usurper} can yet remedy the situation, can save them from ruin. Thus by their {'trust-in-man' Davidians} calling on men {usurpers} to help instead of calling on God, they are acting as if God has forsaken the earth."--1 Timely Greetings, No. 5, pg. 17:4 (bold emphasis, braces added).

Yes, the "trust-in-man" Davidians, and their walking and talking idols--"usurpers of Inspiration's throne," the MODERN-DAY OFFICE-SEEKERS--are clearly outlined and exposed according to the type.

"Now, if never before we should see that where there is a type there is also an antitype, and that where there is no type, there is no Truth."--1 Timely Greetings, No. 47, pg. 15:1 (bold emphasis added).


"Now Korah,...Dathan and Abiram...rose up before Moses, with certain of the children of Israel, two hundred and fifty princes of the assembly...gathered themselves against Moses and against Aaron and said unto them, Ye take too much upon you, seeing all the congregation are holy, every one of them, and the Lord is among them: wherefore then lift ye up yourselves above the congregation of the Lord? And when Moses heard it,...he spake unto Korah and unto all his company, saying, Even tomorrow the Lord will show who are his,..."--Numbers 16:1-5 (bold emphasis added).

"And he spake unto the congregation, saying, Depart, I pray you, from the tents of these wicked men, lest ye be consumed in all their sins."--Numbers 16:26 (bold emphasis added).

"And Moses said, Hereby ye shall know that the Lord hath sent me to do all these works; for I have not done them of my own mind. If these men die the common death of all men, or if they be visited after the visitation of all men, the Lord hath not sent me. But if the Lord make a new thing, and the earth open her mouth, and swallow them up, with all that appertain unto them, and they go down quick into the pit; then ye shall understand that these men have provoked the Lord."--Numbers 16:28-30.

"And it came to pass, as he had made an end of speaking all these words, that the ground clave asunder that was under them: And the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed them up, and their houses, and all the men that appertained unto Korah, and all their goods. They, and all that appertained to them went down alive into the pit, and the earth closed upon them: And they perished from among the congregation."--Num. 16:31-33 (bold emphasis added).

"They grew jealous of Moses and of Aaron. 'They are taking too much on themselves,' the office seekers complained. 'We are just as much favored of God as are Moses and Aaron. God speaks with us as much as He speaks with them,' they said. And who were the chief complainers?--The princes of the nations, the men who were the most capable, the very ones who should have known better. Those who could have been the greatest help to Moses became the greatest hindrance to him. They wanted Aaron's office; they wanted Moses' office. They refused to be satisfied with anything less. The Lord Himself got nowhere with them! The only thing He could do was to cause the earth to swallow them. Thus in one day thousands--practically all the so-called wise--fell into the bowels of the earth. Are we, too, seeking office by which to exalt self and are we, too, endeavoring to usurp the seat of the Spirit of Truth?"--1 Timely Greetings, No. 7, pgs. 9, 10 (bold emphasis added).

"You are familiar with the fact that there was no ism trouble in Moses' day as long as Moses alone interpreted the Word of God to the people. But just as soon as Korah, Dathan, Abiram, and others aspired to Moses' office, ism trouble started. And the only remedy that even God Himself could find was to cause the earth to open her mouth and to swallow the ism-breathing multitude, the self-appointed {usurpers--Korah, Dathan, and Abiram who claimed to be} representatives of God."--1 Timely Greetings, No. 14, pg. 15:3 (bold emphasis, braces added).

"In our day there is an even greater flood of {usurpers who are} private interpreters of the Scriptures (the cause of today's isms) than there was in Moses' day. And according to Revelation 12:15,16, the Lord warns that He will again use a remedy {death} similar to the ancient remedy against today's ism-breeding flood. Then some {usurpers} may learn to respect the office of the Spirit of Prophecy. Let us now read of the fate of those who chose to continue walking in sparks of their own kindling.

"Rev. 12:16--'...and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth.'

"Here we see that a similar remedy which caused isms to cease in Moses' day, is to again to be used in our day {Ezek. 9 slaughter}, the only means by which harmony can be restored among fellow-members in the church itself, as well as among Christians in general."--1 Timely Greetings, No. 14, pgs. 15, 16 (bold emphasis, braces added).

"Rev. 12:16, 'And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood {the usurpers and their followers} which the dragon cast out of his mouth.' The meaning is that they die, being buried in the earth as in Num. 16:32, 'And the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed them up, and their houses, and all the men that appertained unto Korah, and all their goods.'"--1 Shepherd's Rod, pg. 152:1 (bold emphasis, braces added).

"Or, literally stated, the unconverted {usurpers and idolaters} who are now in the midst of the church, are to be slain and buried."--12 Tract, pg. 44:2 (bold emphasis, braces added).

"This Scripture {Amos 1:2}, you see, reflects the tragedy which took place on the top of Carmel in the days of Elijah. Here we are given the hint that there is to be another show-down between the prophet of God {Elijah} and the prophets of Baal {usurpers}."--2 Timely Greetings, No. 41, pg. 7:4 (bold emphasis added).

Brother, Sister, Davidian, as Moses told the people of Israel during their wilderness wanderings to flee from the office seekers of his day--"lest ye be consumed in all their sins" (Num. 16:26), so let us flee from the MODERN-DAY OFFICE-SEEKERS of today--the "usurpers of Inspiration's throne;" lest we, too, go down into the pit of death by the slaughter of Ezekiel 9, because we love to "associate" ourselves with the "usurpers."

"Since you are now instructed in Truth and righteousness, and since the earth has not yet swallowed up the dragon's flood, also since this {Shepherd's Rod} message is but the announcement that the earth will soon swallow the flood {of wicked who are buried in their graves after the angels have slain them}, with which class of church members {followers of 'usurpers' or of the 'SRod'} would you love most to associate?"--2 Timely Greetings, No. 34, pg. 30:3 (bold emphasis, braces added).

What about you Brother, Sister, Davidian? How would you answer these important questions?

(1) Do you love to follow and "associate" with the usurpers?

(2) Have they led you to believe that "the Lord hath forsaken the earth, and the Lord seeth not" when Elijah the last prophet (V.T. Houteff) died in 1955?

(3) Do you believe that the Davidians must have a "ruler" (porter-prophet-president), who has "clothing" (his own self-righteousness), to lead them after Elijah's death in 1955?

(4) Do you believe that every Davidian who has the "clothing" of self-righteousness--"courtesy, refinement, pleasant manners, " must be a Christian, and could not be a "usurper"?

(5) Do you believe that Davidians should follow other Davidians (the usurpers) who exalt themselves to the position of "the highest official in the church," for power and authority to "dictate" and control the work, in order to get "rich in the name of religion"?

If your answers to these questions is NO!, then you must be a faithful Davidian who will not only "hear ye the ROD" and believe it, but also teach all of it's plain statements; especially that Elijah is "the last prophet to the church today." And if this is true, then , it is obvious that you are NOT an modern-day office seeker or a "trust-in-man" Davidian, because you believe and teach this very important statement in the message of The Shepherd's Rod:

"Nevertheless, one's {a true Davidian} only safety will be in the teaching of Elijah {V.T. Houteff the last prophet}, for there will be no other voice {of a usurper} of timely Truth and authority {the porter-prophet- presidents} to whom one may turn. Any others {besides Elijah} will lead their victims blind-folded into perdition."--General Conference Special, pg. 8:0 (bold emphasis, braces added).

Authored and written by
Don Adair
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