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"Awake, O sword, against my shepherd, and against the man that is my fellow, saith the Lord of hosts: smite the shepherd, and the sheep shall be scattered: and I will turn my hand upon the little ones."--Zechariah 13:7.

Were it not for the fact that this text of scripture could have a double application, one might conclude that this smitten "shepherd" is referring to Jesus only, since He spoke of this text and referred it to Himself in Matthew 26:31. (D.A. 686:3,743:3). And by way of comparison we see that just as Elijah the prophet of Malachi 4:5 has a double application referring to two different persons: John the baptist in Jesus' day and the Elijah of today--V.T. Houteff (T.M. 475:3; G.C.S. 23,24)--the one who brought to the Davidians The Shepherd's Rod message; so likewise its easy to see that there could be a double application of Zech. 13:7--the "shepherd" Jesus and the "shepherd" Bro. V.T. Houteff.

Now since the duty of a shepherd is to feed the sheep, and since Micah 7:14 says to "feed thy people with thy rod"--the message of The Shepherd's Rod (1 S.R. 243:2; 1 T.G. 27:7:6), and since Bro. V.T. Houteff fed God's people with that SRod, it proves he was that "one shepherd" to the Davidian sheep, and that from his hand only were they to feed.

"And I will 'save My flock,' says the Lord, 'and they shall no more be a prey; and I will set up one shepherd {V.T. Houteff} over them, and he shall feed them, even My servant David; he shall feed them, and he shall be their shepherd. And I the Lord will be their God, and My servant David a prince among them; I the Lord have spoken it.' Ezekiel 34:22-24."--1 Shepherd's Rod Tr., pg. 85:1 (bold emphasis, braces added).

"The fact that the people of God {Davidians} have since 1930 been receiving an ever-increasing supply of pure (Divinely revealed) truth at the hands of one {shepherd--V.T. Houteff} is evidence in itself that not only the defiled feasting and the 390-years have ended, but also the 40-year fast."--1 Shepherd's Rod Tr, pg. 85:2 (bold emphasis, braces added).

"God does not forsake His flock. He tenderly calls then 'My flock,' and reassures them that He is their God. He will, without fail set one shepherd to accomplish what a multitude of shepherds have failed to do. Now is your opportunity to feast on 'meat in due season,' at the hand of God's chosen shepherd {Bro. V.T. Houteff}, or starve on husks at the hand of a multitude of Shepherds."--2 Timely Greetings, No. 2, pg. 23:3 (bold emphasis, braces added).

Ever since the year 1930, when The Shepherd's Rod vol. 1 came off the press, the Davidians have been feeding "at the hands of one" shepherd--V.T. Houteff. Later, he again stated this fact on the day of Aug. 16, 1947 when he said "Now is your opportunity to feast on 'meat in due season' {the SRod}, at the hand of God's chosen shepherd," which was none other than himself--V.T. Houteff. Yes, only the Davidian sheep who feed from "the hand of God's chosen shepherd" (V.T. Houteff) and him only, will be among the 144,000. All others will feed from the hand of false shepherds--the wolves in sheep's clothing, the false prophets, usurpers, and uninspired men--and will be separated after the "shepherd" V.T. Houteff was smitten. For Zech. 13:7 plainly teaches that after the "shepherd" is smitten


"I have no special comments to make on verses 6 and 7, other than what is commonly understood among Christians. It is plain to see though, that after the Lord's shepherd {V.T. Houteff} is smitten, then it is that the Lord will separate His people {Davidians}."--1 Timely Greetings, No. 18, pg. 17:5 (bold emphasis, braces added).

Now since the Lord did not separate His people from the tares after the "shepherd" Jesus was smitten, because He plainly instructed them according to Matt. 13:30 that the wheat and tares are to "grow together until the harvest;" and since The Shepherd's Rod message has come since 1930 to the Seventh-day Adventist church where the wheat and tares are now growing together, to seal the 144,000 and finally separate them by the slaughter of Ezekiel 9, proves conclusively that (1) Brother V.T. Houteff was also to be a "shepherd" who was to be smitten (die), and that (2) sometime after he was smitten (1955) God's people will be separated.

This separation will be accomplished in two ways: (1) By the truth of The Shepherd's Rod message. (2) And by the slaughter of Ezek. 9. This means that before the slaughter has bodily separated the tares from among the wheat by slaying them, the truth of the SRod message must separate them in faith or belief of Its doctrinal teachings from the doctrines of men.

It was soon after the death of the "shepherd" in 1955 that the scattering of the Davidian sheep began, especially in 1959 with the predicted "KNOCKOUT BLOW," as noted in White House Recruiter:

"Unparalleled, therefore, is the urgency that every eleventh-hour church member {Davidian} now quickly and solidly brace himself against the Enemy's effort to deliver a knockout blow. We must be alert, too, to realize that the blow is to come from surprisingly unsuspected foes--from professed friends of the gospel {Davidian leaders at new Mt. Carmel Center}, who are no less pious than were priests in Christ's day."--White House Recruiter, pg. 33:2 (bold emphasis, braces added).

"Watch out," the Lord is saying to the Davidian sheep--to every eleventh-hour church member, "because after the 'shepherd' V.T. Houteff is smitten, the Devil is going to surprise you with a 'KNOCKOUT BLOW,' not from your SDA enemies, but from your own 'professed friends of the gospel'"! And who else could they be but Sis. Houteff and her Executive Council at new Mt. Carmel Center. Had all the Davidian sheep been wide awake and "alert," they would have easily recognized the spurious teachings of false shepherds, and they would have "quickly and solidly" braced themselves against the "KNOCKOUT BLOW." But failing to prepare themselves for the "blow," they were surprised when their own "professed friends of the gospel" predicted certain events to transpire in the year 1959, but which did not occur. Being caught red-handed and exposed as false shepherds, the "professed friends of the gospel" chose to liquidate Mt. Carmel Center in the year 1961-1962, claiming that the SRod led them to make their false predictions, rather than admit their errors. And this was the "KNOCKOUT BLOW" that knocked the Davidian sheep down (1959) and out (1960), but not destroyed. And that is because the Davidian sheep did not receive a "deadly wound" that never healed, but only a "KNOCKOUT BLOW"! Then the prophecy of Zech. 13:7 began to be fulfilled--"smite the shepherd, and the sheep shall be scattered." Plain it is then, that sometime after the "shepherd" (Bro. V.T. Houteff) is smitten, there will rise up among Davidians the


As long as the true "shepherd" was alive, the wolves hid themselves in "sheep's clothing," pretending to be true Davidians who fully believed the SRod message; yet not daring to manifest themselves for fear that the "shepherd" would expose them for what they really are--"usurpers of Inspiration's throne" (1 T.G. 5:14:2). But soon after the "shepherd" had been smitten, the false shepherds like wolves in hiding, came pouncing upon the Davidian sheep to scatter them. They are false prophet-presidents who are trying to "inspire" themselves "with the Spirit of Prophecy" (2 T.G. 34:23:1), and thus usurp the "office" of V.T. Houteff (1 T.G. 14:22:0)--"highest official in the church" (1 T.G. 8:23:1). They are "unauthorized shepherds" exposed as thieves come "to steal, and to kill, and to destroy." And Jesus Christ forewarned us to beware of them.

He said, "Beware of false prophets which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves."--Matthew 7:5 (bold emphasis added).

"The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy:...But he that is an hireling, and not the shepherd, whose own the sheep are not, seeth the wolf coming, and leaveth the sheep, and fleeth: and the wolf catcheth them, and scattereth the sheep."--John 10:10,12.

"In verse 9 {John 10} Christ said, 'I am the door.' Connect verse 9 with verse 2, and you see that those {Davidian teachers} who enter in through the Lord's way are the only ones whom He acknowledges as shepherds of His flock. The Lord, therefore, implies that there are unauthorized shepherds {false prophets--usurpers} herding His sheep."--1 Timely Greetings, No. 2, pg. 19:6 (bold emphasis, braces added).

Yes, ever since the "shepherd" was smitten in 1955, there has come in among the Davidian sheep "unauthorized shepherds" to scatter them. But how do these "unauthorized shepherds" scatter the Davidian sheep? By "herding His sheep"! What! By "herding His sheep"? Isn't that what a shepherd is supposed to be doing--"herding His sheep"? Yes, Jesus, the true shepherd, is "herding His sheep" to gather them together, but instead, though, the "unauthorized shepherds" are "herding His sheep" to scatter, to divide, to bring division and confusion. But how do they scatter? Jesus said in Matt. 12:30: "He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad." The "unauthorized shepherds" do not gather, but "scattereth abroad" because they are "wolves in sheep's clothing" (false prophets)--"self-appointed shepherds."

"Since His {Jesus} sheep {Davidians} know not faces, but know voices, then, those who pay attention to faces and cannot differentiate between voice {of the SRod} and voice {of wolves} are sure to be misled by self-appointed shepherds {presidents}."--1 Timely Greetings, No. 2, pg. 20:4 (bold emphasis added).

Jesus told the Davidian sheep to "beware of false prophets"--the "unauthorized shepherds" (wolves); but how can they "beware" of them if they cannot recognize sheep from wolves? The fact that they are "shepherds," proves they are Davidian leaders; and to be "unauthorized" proves they are "self-appointed shepherds" (Davidian leaders) who have one claim in common--"I'm a president," which proves them to be "unauthorized." Its easy to recognize them, for


Presidents? Yes, that's right! PRESIDENTS! They are the "unauthorized shepherds herding His sheep," for they are not appointed by God; they are "self-appointed shepherds--"so-called presidents of the different so-called Davidian associations that are in existence today which cause division, confusion, and scatter the sheep. And the cry of each of the "unauthorized Shepherds" is "Come, follow me, for I am a president." Are they not confused and confusing? Do they not scatter the sheep? But how is a Davidian to know which president to follow? Which one is authorized and which ones are the "unauthorized shepherds herding His sheep"? Isn't there a way for the Davidian sheep to know which one is right? Yes, there is; for according to The Shepherd's Rod message, they are all wrong! That's right, every last one of the so-called Davidian "presidents" are nothing more than "rank imposters" (G.C.S. 23:3), wolves "in sheep's clothing" (Mt. 7:15), "unauthorized shepherd's herding His sheep" (1 T.G. 2:19:6), false prophets, "usurpers" (1 T.G. 14:22:0); and not one is right, because according to "THE LEVITICUS OF THE DAVIDIAN SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS"


"The president shall be called and chosen {by God} in accordance with the procedure set forth in Exodus, chapter three, verse ten, fifteen, and sixteen; chapter four, verse seventeen; Ezekiel, chapter three, verse seventeen; and Luke, chapter six, verse thirteen {showing him to be a prophet}."--THE LEVITICUS OF THE DAVIDIAN SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS, pg. 6:1 (bold emphasis, braces added).

This irrefutable fact is crystal clear: all Davidian sheep who will not be led by the "unauthorized shepherds" can plainly see, from the Bible quotations used in the SRod reference above, that a "president" must "be called and chosen" by God, as was Moses, who said to him: "Thou shalt say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you" (Ex. 3:14). And since all three Bible references: Exodus 3, Ezekiel 3, and Luke 6, proves that as Moses, Ezekiel, and the 12 Apostles were all "called and chosen" directly by God, so likewise, the president must also "be called and chosen" by God, as Bro. V.T. Houteff was called to be Elijah the last prophet, which means that the "president" is a prophet!

There could not possibly be any truth taught more plainer in The Shepherd's Rod message than this: a "president" is a prophet "called and chosen" by the Lord! Thus, any Davidian laymember (sheep) who would dare say that the "president" is not a prophet, or who would say that any common Davidian minister can be a "president," is openly exposing himself as an unbeliever of and an enemy to the message of The Shepherd's Rod. And any Davidian leader (a shepherd) who holds the position of a "president" is openly claiming to all the Davidian sheep that he is a prophet; for a "president is a prophet! So what else could he be but another false prophet!

Now since Bro. V.T. Houteff is "Elijah the prophet" (Mal. 4:5); and since he was "called and chosen" by God as a "president;" and since he clearly and emphatically stated that "the promised Elijah is to be the last prophet to the church today" (G.C.S. 23,24), then there is no way that the Davidian sheep can honestly escape the conclusion that Bro. V.T. Houteff was the "last prophet" as well as the last "president." Neither can they escape the eye-opening truth that all Davidians who claim to be a "president" can not possibly be "called and chosen" by God; because they are the false prophets called by the Devil--the "unauthorized shepherds herding His sheep" (1 T.G. 2:19:6)!

"You claim to be a prophet"! Yes, that is what the true Davidian sheep will say to the so-called usurper-presidents of today, because they well know that a president is a prophet; that Bro. V.T. Houteff is the only authorized shepherd (prophet-president), that was "called and chosen" by God; and that the 144,000, who "follow the Lamb whithersoever He goeth," will not follow false prophets who claim to be presidents. For they know Jesus never authorized the "unauthorized shepherds herding His sheep." There is no provision made anywhere in the SRod for any Davidian to be "called and chosen" to the office of "president," if vacant, except it be by the appointment of the Lord. And no group of Davidians has the authority to appoint another Davidian as "president;" nor does any Davidian have a right to appoint himself as "president." At no time has Jesus authorized anyone to take Bro. V.T. Houteff's place as prophet-president; for, according to the LEVITICUS, none have that prerogative.

"The Executive Council...shall be vested with the authority to grant credentials and licenses, and to fill vacancies that may occur in any of the Association's offices, save the office of President {Bro. V.T. Houteff}."--THE LEVITICUS OF THE DAVIDIAN SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS, pg. 9:1,3 (bold emphasis, braces added).

Now if the "President" is to be appointed by man, as the so-called presidents of today teach, then should he resign or die, the Executive Council could appoint another. But since the "President" is to be "called and chosen" by God alone, as was Elijah (V.T. Houteff), and should his office become vacant, then only by God's appointment can it be filled. All other offices the Executive Council has "authority" to fill "save the office of President." And there it is, as bright as the noonday sun. Yet, in spite of this clear-cut truth, Davidians still insist upon appointing themselves as prophet-presidents, in the face of the SRod's positive declaration that "Elijah is to be the last prophet {president} to the church today" (G.C.S. 23,24). Thus, all Davidians who teach contrary to The Shepherd's Rod that Elijah is the last prophet, either by word or by actions, are teaching a lie!


Incredible as it may seem, the thought may never have occured to some that Bro. V.T. Houteff was supposed to have lied to the Davidian sheep when he said: "Elijah is to be the last prophet {president} to the church today" (G.C.S. 23:3); but this is exactly what the so-called presidents of today are teaching to Davidians when they hold the office of prophet-president! "Behold me, they cry, "for I am a prophet-president, because Elijah is NOT the last prophet to the church today"! Such "unauthorized shepherds," the "usurpers" of Bro. V.T. Houteff's office (president), are making themselves appear as living proof that Elijah lied to the Davidian sheep. This confuses and scatters the sheep, for which of the two presidents--Bro. V.T. Houteff or the so-called presidents of today, are they to have confidence in and follow? Both cannot be right. If Elijah lied, then he and his message is not reliable, for who would follow the message of a lying prophet? And what need would there be of another "president" to take Bro. V.T. Houteff's place and teach his message? How could another "president" teach the message of a lying prophet and expect anyone to believe it? But, if Elijah did not lie, then this fact is irrefutable: "Elijah is to be the last prophet {president} to the church today" (G.C.S. 23:3). Thus, it is obvious that all the so-called Davidian presidents of today are nothing more than "usurpers of Inspiration's throne" (1 T.G. 5:14:2), the false prophets who seek his office of president, and who are openly teaching a lie to the Davidian sheep. And all those who follow such "presidents" are declaring by their actions these words: "I do not believe Elijah (Bro. V.T. Houteff) is the last prophet-president, because he lied to us"! (Rev. 21:8; 22:15).

Make no mistake about this, Brother, Sister, Davidian, there is a definite reason behind the "unauthorized shepherds" seeking to exalt themselves to the office of "president." They not only seek self-exaltation, but they want PERPETUAL EXALTATION! Yes, they want a lifetime card (to be married as it were) to the office of self-exaltation, and they want to make sure that they are there for good (until they are parted by death), never to be removed by anyone! So, they choose to usurp the prophetic office of V.T. Houteff and make themselves "presidents;" and then, should any Davidian question their authority, or teachings, or actions, they will exultingly point right to the LEVITICUS, pg. 9:3 and say: "You can't remove me, for I am a president, and no one can remove me, not even the Executive Council"! What a trap for Davidians! Once they accept another Davidian as "president," they are hopelessly led, not by the message of The Shepherd's Rod, but by a cunningly devised lie--"Elijah is NOT the last prophet-president to the church today"! They become the sport of every whimsical theory that the so-called presidents may imagine, in order to insure their PERPETUAL EXALTATION forever, if possible; and one way they seek to do this is by delegating their office to a member of their family.

These "unauthorized shepherds" who seek the office of "president," to insure that they will have PERPETUAL EXALTATION as long as they live, do not limit their tenure of office to their own lifespan, but they make provision to carry on their PERPETUAL EXALTATION, even after they die, by delegating their usurped office of "president" to another member of their immediate family. Usually, such self-appointed "presidents," who appoints another man-appointed "president," will choose their wives or sons to carry on their PERPETUAL EXALTATION. What a trap for Davidians! Forever following self-appointed or man-appointed prophet-presidents, instead of following the "Rod," brought by Elijah the last prophet-president!

Now since the prerogative for a prophet-president to be "called and chosen" is given to God alone, then how can one prophet-president appoint his wife or son to be prophet-president in his stead, especially since Elijah is the last prophet-president? Even a true prophet cannot appoint another prophet, nor can a false prophet appoint a true prophet. And since all the prophet-presidents of today are false prophets ("usurpers" of V.T. Houteff's office), then it would be impossible for them to appoint their wives or sons as true prophet-presidents in their stead. Such "unauthorized shepherds" must "learn to respect the office of the Spirit of Prophecy" (1 T.G. 14:15:4), lest they be destroyed by the slaughter of Ezekiel 9. What an eye-opener to the true Davidian sheep ought this to be, especially when they see these self-appointed prophet-presidents scattering the Davidian sheep and spreading their confusion everywhere, all because the


"These devoted souls consider it a virtue to boast of their freedom to think and act independently. They will not take any man's say-so, they are amenable to no man. I was shown that it is Satan's special work to lead men {Davidian usurpers} to feel that it is God's order for them to strike out for themselves and choose their own course independent of their brethren {Executive Council}."--Testimonies to Ministers, pg. 29:1 (bold emphasis, braces added).

"I am amenable to no man, not even the Executive Council; for I am a president" is the cry of the "unauthorized shepherds herding His sheep" today. They simply do not want to be subject to anyone, not even the Executive Council. So, they "strike out for themselves and choose a course independent of their brethren," and appoint themselves as prophet-presidents, and then boast to all the Davidian sheep: "I am amenable to no man, and no one can remove me." This independent attitude, which leads to self-exaltation as a prophet-president, is condemned by the Spirit of Prophecy for choosing one man as "president."

"These institutions are to be under the control of the spirit of God {by His appoint of a prophet-president}; in no institution is any one man to be {chosen by SDA men as} the sole head {a president}."--6 Testimonies, pg. 241:2 (bold emphasis, braces added).

"It is not wise {for Seventh-day Adventist men} to choose one man as president of the General Conference {as God chose one man--Bro. V.T. Houteff as Elijah, a prophet-president}."--Testimonies to Ministers, pg. 342:1 (bold emphasis, braces added).

Even according to the type, Israel wanted an uninspired king, chosen of men, to govern them as other nations, instead of being governed by God's word through Samuel, their inspired prophet. So today, Seventh-day Adventists (modern Israel) want to be governed by an uninspired president of their own choice to govern them as other churches, instead of being governed by God's word through Sis. White, their inspired prophetess (1 Sam. 8:5-7,19,20; 8 Tr. 48,49).

So likewise, some Davidian sheep are copying the mistake of Seventh-day Adventists by wanting a "president" whom they have chosen to govern them, rather than being governed by The Shepherd's Rod message through Elijah. They will not accept Bro. V.T. Houteff as the only inspired prophet-president "called and chosen" by God. They want a "president" chosen by Davidian men, even though the SRod message, which they claim to believe, says Elijah was the last prophet-president (G.C.S. 32:0). And yet, they know there cannot be another prophet-president until after the slaughter of Ezekiel 9 (Joel 2:28).

Moreover, the difference between a Seventh-day Adventist president and a Davidian Seventh-day Adventist "president" is that the General Conference presidents are not chosen of men because they claim to be inspired as prophets, whereas the "president" of the Davidian Seventh-day Adventist Association must be an inspired prophet who is "called and chosen" by God. Therefore, for one to be a General Conference president might be excusable, since this office is filled by men who do not claim to be inspired as prophets. However, Davidian shepherds who claim to be the "president" of the Davidian Seventh-day Adventist Association are claiming to be prophets, which makes them "usurpers of Inspiration's throne" (1 T.G. 5:14:2), "unauthorized shepherds" (1 T.G. 2:19:6), false prophets--a crime of which is punishable by death, when the earth opens her mouth and swallows them up (1 T.G. 14:15,16). What a fearful responsibility it is for a Davidian shepherd to appoint himself as a "president," which only spreads confusion, scatters the sheep, and breaks their unity!

"Unity! Unity! Why can't we have unity?" cries the Davidian sheep! "Why are there so many 'presidents'? Why can't we all join together and have unity?" Yes, Brother, Sister, Davidian, why can't we have unity? "For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints" (1 Cor. 14:33). Did not Jesus teach in John 10:12 that the "wolves" (false prophets), not the sheep, come to scatter the sheep? Is it not easy to see then, that the Davidian unity is not broken so much by the sheep, but by the shepherds? "Can two walk together, except they be agreed?" (Amos 3:3). How can there be unity among the Davidian sheep if there is no unity among the Davidian shepherds, while each shepherd claims to be the only prophet-president who is "amenable to no man" (T.M. 29:1)? And since "we see that revival and reformation starts at the head {shepherds}, not at the feet {sheep}" (1 T.G. 8:23:1), then, unless the so-called prophet-presidents (claiming to be the "head") should revive and reform to bring unity, how can the sheep (followers "feet") revive and reform for unity, when they are following disunited shepherds who confuse, divide, and scatter the Davidian sheep?

It has been suggested by some Davidian sheep that all the Davidians world-wide should gather together, with their shepherds, for the purpose of preserving unity; and all should agree to have only one shepherd to lead them. Now which of the shepherds are going to humble themselves, put aside their "amenable to no man" spirit, and say to another shepherd: "We will step down and let you lead; you be the prophet-president for all the sheep to follow"? You guessed right! Not a one of them will do this! In the first place, the Davidian sheep are not to follow any prophet-presidents but the SRod, which says Elijah is the last prophet-president. Secondly, for one so-called prophet-president to step down for another so-called prophet-president is to admit that he was not a "president" at all, but a "rank imposter" (G.C.S. 23:3), a false prophet. Thirdly, he loses all self-exaltation, which is his whole purpose of being a prophet-president in the first place--that of self-exaltation; and even more than that--perpetual exaltation! And if each prophet-president refuses to surrender his pride ("amenable to no man" spirit), and continues to seek perpetual exaltation rather than to seek perpetual unity, then each one will continue to sit upon his own man-made throne of self-exaltation (a "platform of error"). As wolves in "sheep's clothing" who come to confuse, divide, and scatter Davidian sheep, they become living monuments to perpetuate disunity.

"Unity! Unity! We must have unity!" is the cry of each so-called prophet-president of today. "Come, let all Davidians follow me," beckons all the "unauthorized shepherds" to the sheep, "and you will have unity!" Yes, even the "usurpers of Inspiration's throne" desperately want to have unity, just as most Davidian sheep want unity, but they want the sheep to unify on their terms and according to their false teachings, which are founded upon a "platform of error"--a lie that Elijah is not the last prophet-president! And even if all the Davidian sheep should unify under the banner of just one of the so-called prophet-presidents of today, they would have the greatest unity among Davidians ever known since the passing of Elijah in 1955. But this kind of unity can never lead them to God's Kingdom, but only to their death by the slaughter of Ezek. 9. "Let them alone: they be blind leaders. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch" (Mt. 15:14).

Yes, Brother, Sister, Davidian, Jesus says to have nothing to do with the so-called prophet-presidents of today. "Let them alone: they be blind leaders." Only those Davidian sheep who have deliberately put out their spiritual eyesight, lest they see that Elijah is the last prophet-president, and who insist upon following a prophet-president of today, will continue to be blind. "And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch"--die in slaughter of Ezek. 9.

"'We are to unify, but not on a platform of error.'--Mrs. E.G. White, Series B 2, pg. 47"--4 Answerer, pg. 80:3 (bold emphasis added).

Stop it! That's right! Stop it! Stop looking to the "unauthorized shepherds"--prophet-presidents--for unity! Is it possible for wolves in "sheep's clothing," who come to confuse, divide, and scatter the Davidian sheep, to bring unity? NEVER! They are not unified themselves, and neither can they ever bring unity to the Davidian sheep on a "platform of error;" and to trust in them to solve the problem of division among Davidians is looking to man--a false hope. But if all the Davidian sheep should stop following false prophet-presidents, then the "unauthorized shepherds" could no longer confuse, divide, and scatter them, and they would all fade away for lack of sheep supporters. Then unity among the sheep would again be restored. It is obvious, therefore, that only by standing on a "platform" of present truth can there ever be unity among the Davidian sheep. And that unity is founded upon the message of The Shepherd's Rod:


REVIVAL AND REFORMATION? Yes, the platform of The Shepherd's Rod message is just that--revival and reformation. Indeed, without this message we would all perish at Ezekiel 9. There are over 100 pages (so far counted) in the SRod literature referring to revival and reformation; and there's more. In fact, right on the very front cover of The Shepherd's Rod book (vol. 1 printed in 1930) is written these very inspired words: "THE 144,000 A CALL FOR REFORMATION." According to The Shepherd's Rod Tr., pg. 10:2, the sealing angel (Rev. 7:2) started from the east (Portland, Maine) in 1844 when Sis. White had her first vision, and arrived in 1929 at Los Angeles, California (west) to seal the 144,000. That angel symbolizes the SRod message--"A CALL FOR REFORMATION." And not only the 144,000 saints from the SDA church, but the salvation of the great multitude (Rev. 7:9) is wholly dependent upon the success of the SRod message--"A CALL FOR REFORMATION." What a platform of truth that is! Strong, durable, and immovable, the only one for true Davidians to stand on; while the false Davidians stand on the "platform of error," founded on the shifting sand of a lie--Elijah is not the last prophet-president, as taught by the "unauthorized shepherds" of today.

Ancient Elijah revealed to Israel that the platform they were standing on was false--Baal worship by false prophets (2 Ki. 18:19), and led them to the platform of truth by revival and reformation, resulting in the death of 850 false prophets (2 Ki. 18:40). So today, Elijah and his SRod message reveals to the Davidians the "platform of error"--Baal worship by false prophet-presidents, to lead them to the platform of truth, "A CALL FOR REFORMATION," which will result in the death (1 T.G. 14:15:4), by slaughtering angels (Ezek. 9:5,6), of all false prophet, president (1 T.G. 5:14:2) usurpers (1 T.G. 14:22:0)--the "unauthorized shepherds." So if there is one platform of truth the Davidian sheep need today, its revival and reformation. Even before "A CALL FOR REFORMATION" came in 1930, Sis. White wrote about the great need for it.

"Speaking to the S.D.A. leadership, the servant of the Lord says: 'You have no right to manage, unless you manage in God's order. Are you under the control of God? Do you see your responsibility to Him?...That these men should stand in a sacred place to be as the voice of God to the people, as we once believed the General Conference to be,--that is past. What we want now is reorganization.'--General Conference Bulletin, 34th Session, Vol. 4, Extra No. 1, April 3, 1901 p. 25, Cols. 1 and 2."--8 Tract, pg. 49:1 (bold emphasis added).

Why did Sister White write: "What we want now is reorganization" in 1901? Because in 1888 the Lord sent the message of "Righteousness by Faith" through Jones and Waggoner (T.M. 91:2). But rather than accept the message, the General Conference as a whole completely rejected it (1SM234:6), and this is why she wrote that they were no longer to be "as the voice of God to the people." Consequently, Inspiration directed her to write: "What we want is reorganization." Whatever the "reorganization" was, it could not come until 40 years later from 1890 (1 S.R. Tr.69:2).

"This message {of the Shepherd's Rod}, as some of you already know, began to unfold in 1930....Since we have seen that the 430 years ended in 1930, we had better now find out when the 390 years ended, the time the 40 years of grace began. To find this date we subtract 40 years from 1930, which takes us back to 1890. What happened then to mark the beginning of the 40 years?--Just this: The denomination then wholly rejected the message that was to unfold the truth of 'righteousness by faith' and the 'righteousness of Christ,' the very truth that again began to unfold years later, the {SRod} truth that we {Davidians} are now feasting on!"--2 Timely Greetings, No. 39, pgs. 18, 19 (bold emphasis, braces added).

Arriving exactly as predicted in 1930 according to the prophetic time in Ezekiel 4, the "Righteousness by Faith" message came again in the form of The Shepherd's Rod message--"the truth that we are now feasting on!" That is the "reorganization," the revival and reformation, that was to come 40 years later in 1930--"THE 144,000 A CALL FOR REFORMATION"--the platform of truth for all true Davidian sheep to stand on! But in order to be one of the 144,000, it is necessary to understand the meaning of "revival and reformation."

"...For 'revival' the dictionary gives: 'To restore; to refresh; to renew; to re-awaken; to re-establish.' And for 'reformation' the dictionary gives this definition: 'To make better morally; change for the better.'"--1 Timely Greetings, No. 10, pg. 18:3 (bold emphasis added).

"Christ Our Righteousness defines these terms of speech as follows: '"A revival and a reformation must take place under the ministration of the Holy Spirit. Revival and reformation are two different things. Revival signifies a renewal of spiritual life, a quickening of the powers of mind and heart, a resurrection from spiritual death. Reformation signifies a reorganization, a change in ideas and theories, habits and practices. Reformation will not bring forth the good fruit of righteousness unless it is connected with the revival of the Spirit. Revival and reformation are to do their appointed work, and in doing this work they must blend."'--p. 154, 1926 edition; p. 121, 1941 edition."--1 Timely Greetings, No. 10, pgs. 18, 19 (bold emphasis added).

"What is the difference between 'revival' and 'reformation'?--Revival means to bring the spiritual qualities back to life; to quicken the mind and the heart to the upbuilding of the spiritual phase of life; to re-establish, to repair. And reformation means to change one's self for the better, to reorganize the moral powers under Divine guidance."--1 Timely Greetings, No. 10, pg. 19:0 (bold emphasis added).

It is very important to notice that there is a definite difference between revival and reformation, that reformation is dependent upon revival; that is, reformation must be "connected with the revival of the spirit." This is so important that it must be re-emphasized again that without revival ("a resurrection of spiritual life"), "reformation {a change in...habits and practices} will not bring forth the good fruit of righteousness." (1 T.G. 10:19). Yet, "Revival and reformation are to do their appointed work, and in doing this work they must blend." (1 T.G. 10:19:0). But why is this so important? Remember, revival and reformation is the only platform of truth the Davidian sheep are to stand on (all others are "platforms of error"), and unless this platform is thoroughly understood, how can the sheep expect to be one of "THE 144,000" who accepts "A CALL FOR REFORMATION"? Only the 144,000 stand on the platform of truth, because "They know what they believe, and believe what they know." (1 T.G. 7:13:4).

The fact that "revival" means "a resurrection of spiritual life," proves conclusively that if one already has "spiritual life," he needs no spiritual resurrection. But if he is spiritually dead, then he must have the "revival" of the SRod, or else he be spiritually dead forever and left to be destroyed bodily at the slaughter of Ezekiel 9--never to experience "a resurrection of spiritual life."--"Except a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God" (John 3:3).

Therefore, when a Seventh-day Adventist is spiritually dead, he knows it not; that is, he "knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked" (Rev. 3:17), and he is very much in "need" of the "revival" of a "spiritual life;" even though he thinks he has "need of nothing"--no "need" for The Shepherd's Rod message, the platform of revival and reformation. Sister White wrote about those who are "spiritually dead."

"I have been shown that painful and contagious disease is upon you, which will produce spiritual death unless it is arrested."--5 Testimonies, pg. 70:1 (bold emphasis added).

"We sustain a loss when we neglect the privilege of associating together to strengthen and encourage one another in the service of God. The truths of His word lose their vividness and importance in our minds. Our hearts cease to be enlightened and aroused by the sanctifying influence, and we decline spiritually."--Patriarchs and Prophets, pg. 541:1 (bold emphasis added).

"In the last vision given me, I was shown the startling fact that but a small portion of those who now profess the truth will be sanctified by it and be saved. Many will get above the simplicity of the work. They will conform to the world, cherish idols, and become spiritually dead."--1 Testimonies, pgs. 608, 609 (bold emphasis added).

Not only is The Shepherd's Rod message to bring to the Davidian sheep "revival"--"a resurrection from spiritual death" to "spiritual life," but It also must bring "reformation"--"a change in ideas and theories, habits and practices," because "reformation signifies reorganization." That is what Sister White meant when she wrote in 1901: "What we want now is reorganization"--reformation! And since "Revival and reformation are two different things" (1 T.G. 10:19:1); and since they were brought by SRod message in 1930; then which part of it is "revival," and which part is "reformation" or "reorganization"--the only platform of truth that the true Davidian sheep are to stand on?

"As restorers of every Divine institution, we are glad to announce to the readers of Present Truth, that besides the literature of 'revival,' they may now obtain that of 'reformation,' our organizational publication, The Leviticus Of The Davidian Seventh-day Adventists."--1 Answerer, pg. 38:2 (Copyrighted in 1944) (bold emphasis added).

What is revival? All the "literature" of the Tracts and Timely Greetings. What is reformation? "Our organizational publication, The Leviticus Of The Davidian Seventh-day Adventists," which is reformation--the only platform of truth for Davidians today. All other "platforms of error" devised by the false prophet-presidents of today will never bring revival and reformation of life to the Davidian sheep, but only spiritual death.

The "revival" of all Tracts and Timely Greetings of The Shepherd's Rod message is to bring about "a resurrection from spiritual death;" but "reformation will not bring forth the good fruit of righteousness unless it is connected with the revival of the spirit" (1 T.G. 10:19). Therefore, since "reformation signifies reorganization" (1 T.G. 10:19), which is "our organizational publication, The Leviticus Of The Davidian Seventh-day Adventists" (1 Ans. 38:2), then this fact proves conclusively that any Davidian who claims to believe the SRod literature of "revival," but despises "the Leviticus" is "spiritually dead" (1T608,609), and cannot "bring forth the good fruit of righteousness." Why? Because "revival and reformation are to do their appointed work, and in doing this work they must blend." Thus to reemphasize, when a Davidian discredits THE LEVITICUS and teaches that it is not inspired, that it is not part of the SRod message, it proves he is "spiritually dead: because all "spiritually alive" Davidians know


Some Davidians teach that the Leviticus is not part of the SRod message, because it does not say it is copyrighted by V.T. Houteff. Yet, all the Answerer books were copyrighted by Bro. V.T. Houteff, and 1 Answerer, pg. 38:2 says it is a part of the SRod--"our organizational publication, The Leviticus Of The Davidian Seventh-day Adventists"! So, will these despisers of the Leviticus teach also that the Answerer books are not part of the SRod either, in order to do away with the Leviticus? Do not such despisers prove that they are not revived by the SRod "literature of revival"? because they are "spiritually dead," even though they may be alive physically. Flee away from such Davidians and touch them not; have nothing to do with them. The Bible says "touch no unclean thing" (Isa. 52:11). For to despise the Leviticus is to hate reformation--reorganization." And when Sister White wrote: "What we want now is reorganization," she was saying in effect (in the light of the SRod message): "What we want now is the Leviticus;" just as Bro. Houteff was saying when he wrote on the cover of The Shepherd's Rod, vol. 1: "THE 144,000 A CALL FOR REFORMATION" (REORGANIZATION)--the LEVITICUS!

Those Davidians who have not been revived "from spiritual death" (1 T.G. 10:19:0) by the SRod "literature of revival" (1 Ans. 38:2) are "spiritually dead" (1T608,609), and will automatically despise reformation--the Leviticus (1 Ans. 38:2)--because "reformation signifies reorganization, a change in ideas and theories, habits and practices" (1 T.G. 1O:19:0); and they do not want to change (reform)--"And he who does not reform at the moment he is convinced of the Truth, will not reform later" (2A34:1). So instead of reforming, they despise "reorganization"--the Leviticus--and love the "platform of error"--disorganization!

"The spirit of pulling away from fellow-laborers, the spirit of disorganization, is in the very air we breathe. By some all efforts to establish order are regarded as dangerous,--as a restriction of personal liberty, and hence to be feared as popery. These deceived souls regard it a virtue to boast of their freedom to think and act independently. They declare that they will not take any man's say-so; that they are amenable to no man."--Gospel Workers, pg. 486:2 (bold emphasis added).

"O how Satan would rejoice if he could succeed in his efforts to get in among this people, and disorganize the work at a time when thorough organization is essential,...Some have advanced the thougt that as we near the close of time, every child of God will act independently of any religious organization. But I have been instructed by the Lord that in this work there is no such thing as every man's being independent."--Gospel Workers, pg. 487:1 (bold emphasis added).

The SRod plainly teaches that "the logical name that would represent her work from this time down to the time the Kingdom is set up is to be Davidian Seventh-day Adventist" (2 T.G. 34:25:0), which proves that we must have reformation (reorganization)--the Leviticus--an organized Davidian Seventh-day Adventist Association until "the Kingdom is set up." Yet, the despisers of the Leviticus say it is not a part of the SRod message, and that Davidians must not have any organization (Association) at all! Such a teaching is not "the good fruit of righteousness"--reformation, reorganization--but it is a teaching that spreads "disorganization" even into "the very air we breathe" (G.W. 486:2) to confuse and divide and scatter the Davidian sheep. Do not such teachers prove that they are "spiritually dead"?

Now what is it about "reorganization" that is despised by the Leviticus haters? On page 15 the Leviticus is "GOVERNMENT;" on page 21 its "ORDER;" on page 28 its "DISCIPLINE;" and on page 41 its "EDUCATION." Yes, that is what the Leviticus is: GOVERNMENT, ORDER, DISCIPLINE, and EDUCATION! And that is what they despise! They refuse to subject themselves to "GOVERNMENT"--the Executive Council (Lev. 9:1-3); or to "ORDER"--the constitution and by-laws in the Leviticus (Lev. 8, 9); or to "DISCIPLINE"--"comply with the demands of the message for today" (1 T.G. 31:9:0); or to the "EDUCATION" found only in The Shepherd's Rod message. It is just that simple; they do not want reformation--reorganization--because they want to breathe "disorganization"!

Thus, when THE LEVITICUS haters despise reorganization--"Government, Order, Discipline, and Education" and teach that the Davidians do not need to have an organized Davidian Seventh-day Adventist Association, they must automatically hate the fellowship card, too. And that is why they cry: "It's just a piece of paper--worthless--and we don't need a fellowship card to be a Davidian." Yes, it's true, you don't need a fellowship card to be a "spiritually dead" Davidian, but if one is "spiritually alive"--revived by "the literature of revival, he will see the need for reformation: "our organizational publication THE LEVITICUS OF THE DAVIDIAN SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS" (1 Ans. 38:2); and he will "pay the price" to be worthy to hold a fellowship card.

"It is when one {a Davidian} pays this price, and thus becomes eligible to receive a Certificate, signifying he has complied with all the requirements, that he has the light. Hence, though we can freely hand out tracts, we cannot freely hand out the Certificate of Fellowship....We must comply with all the requirements--pay the price in other words. And we cannot steal the oil. Those desiring the Certificate of Fellowship must pay the price. It does take time and effort."--11 Symbolic Code, No. 3, pg. 11:1,2 (bold emphasis, braces added).

"Consequently, to him who avails himself of every opportunity to know the Truth and who zealously complies with all its requirements, it is counted for righteousness (Rom. 4:3)--living without sin."--2 Answerer, pg. 35:2 (bold emphasis added).

The card is issued by the Executive Council from the Headquarters of God's true Headquarters--GENERAL ASSOCIATION OF DAVIDIAN SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS, according to the "demands of the message for today" (1 T.G. 31:9:0). And it is issued only to those Davidians who are living up to its principles. But a "spiritually dead" Davidian does not want to reform--"comply with Its requirements" (1 T.G. 31:4:2); so he cannot conscientiously apply for a fellowship card that he is not worthy to hold. Therefore, he would naturally despise the card as well as the place from whence it came (God's Headquarters) and the Executive Council that issued the card--all because he is living in sin (spiritually dead). Consequently, what other course could such a spiritually dead Davidian pursue, in order to do away with the fellowship card, than to teach that the Leviticus is not part of the SRod message, and that we do not need a Davidian Seventh-day Adventist Association? Do not such "fellowship card haters" and "Leviticus despisers" and "no Association teachers" prove that they are fighting the very SRod message which they claim to believe in?

In contrast, though, all "spiritually alive" Davidians who have been revived by the "literature of revival," will believe that according to the Leviticus--reformation (reorganization)--there must be "from this time down to the time the Kingdom is set up" (2 T.G. 34:25:0), a Davidian Seventh-day Adventist Association of like believers in The Shepherd's Rod message, who are fellowship card holding members of that Association, and who assemble themselves at Session time to elect


You can't have one without the other. That's right! A Davidian Seventh-day Adventist Association must have both to exist--members and officers. That is why on page 5 of the Leviticus that both are listed: "ARTICLE III--MEMBERSHIP" and "ARTICLE IV--OFFICERS AND THEIR DUTIES." While the members elect the officers of the Executive Council, they in return issue fellowship cards to the members who elected them, but they are NOT life-time fellowship cards. Each year a Davidian must "pay the price"--must be "complying with the message of the hour" (5 Tr. 117:2), and renew his fellowship card for that year. And that includes all the officers of the Executive Council as well.

But there is only one member in the entire Association of members and officers that has the only available life-time fellowship card; and that is the prophet-president! He is the only officer who is "called and chosen" (LEV. 6:1) directly by God, and the only one who cannot be removed from his office (LEV. 9:3) until death or God removes him before death. Man does not have the prerogative to put him in office, nor to remove him. And according to "Fundamental Beliefs and Directory," pg. 16:6, the "President" is listed as "V.T. Houteff." He was the first and last prophet-president to hold a dual office as a prophet to interpret the scriptures (T.M. 475:3), and as a president to be the "chief administrator of the affairs of the Association" (LEV. 6:3)--the office of Elijah "the last prophet to the church of this day" (G.C.S. 32:0), and the last "president" until the Kingdom is set up.

But "all other officers of this Association shall be appointed" (LEV. 6:2) by man through the direction of the Holy Spirit, because they are not directly "called and chosen" by God as is the "president." Yet, these "other officers" of the Executive Council are "vested with fill vacancies that may occur in any of the Association's offices, save the office of the President" (LEV 9:3). This proves that these "other officers" are not given a life-time fellowship card. And that's because they can be replaced either at the Session by its members, or by the Executive Council between the Sessions (LEV. 9:3).

Thus, in the absence of the last prophet-president (Bro. V.T. Houteff), all the "other officer" positions may be refilled to carry on the work of the Davidian Seventh-day Adventist Association "from this time down to the time the Kingdom is set up" (2 T.G. 34:25:0).

This is borne out by the fact that "the vice president shall...assist the president in administering the affairs of the Association" (LEV. 6:4). It should be noted that the vice president does not "assist the president" when he is interpreting the scriptures, but only assists him "in administering the affairs of the Association." Even before the death of Elijah, there was a vice president (F.B. 16:6), but at no time did he ever "assist the president" in interpreting the scriptures; only the "President" (Bro. V.T. Houteff) had that prerogative.

The death of the prophet-president (Bro. V.T. Houteff) in 1955, however, does not mean that the work of God's Davidian Association must cease until another prophet-president is "called and chosen" by God. In the absence of the last prophet-president, the vice president simply continues to administer "the affairs of the Association;" and in place of the president he would "act as chairman" (LEV. 6:3) of the Executive Council, which has "full executive and administrative power." (LEV. 9:2).

"Full executive and administrative power"? That's right! "FULL EXECUTIVE AND ADMINISTRATIVE POWER." That is what the LEVITICUS is all about. It's reorganization! It's reformation! It is the only way to be one of "THE 144,000 A CALL FOR REFORMATION" (cover of The Shepherd's Rod book, vol. 1)! Yes, it's "GOVERNMENT," "ORDER," "DISCIPLINE," and "EDUCATION."

What! That's impossible! How can the Executive Council have "full executive and administrative power," and the prophet-president also have the same power as "chief administrator" (LEV. 6:3)? Both can't have the same "power" at the same time! As prophet-president, nothing was done without his approval, including the Executive Council. This proved that V.T. Houteff had "full executive and administrative power," while he was the "chief administrator."

After his death, however, the vice president (who is to "act as chairman" in his stead), and the other Executive Council members together, are to have "full executive and administrative power;" not to interpret the scriptures as did Elijah, but only to administer the "affairs of the Association" in the absence of the president. To teach otherwise would be to place the by-law in the Leviticus, pg. 9:3--"ARTICLE I--EXECUTIVE COUNCIL....(b) It shall have full executive and administrative power"--into the realm of the meaningless, because it did not say partial "power," but "full...power."

Inspiration, however, has cleared up this seemingly impossible situation by making provision for God's Davidian Association to carry on its work "from this time down to the time the Kingdom is set up" (2 T.G. 34:25:0) with an Executive Council that is to have "full executive and administrative power" after the death of the last prophet-president (Bro. V.T. Houteff). Before his death, as "chief administrator" he had "full...power," whereas after his death the Executive Council has "full...power." This is reorganization--the LEVITICUS--reformation, which confronts every Davidian today, and forces every one to


ALTERNATIVE 1: You may choose to join with the so-called prophet-presidents of today (the "unauthorized shepherds"), who have usurped the position of Bro. V.T. Houteff--the "chief administrator" (president), while claiming to have "full...power;" which confuses, divides, and scatters the Davidian sheep.

ALTERNATIVE 2: Or you may choose to join the "no Association" believers who: (1) Despise the fellowship card, and hate the Leviticus, by teaching that It is no part of the SRod message; (2) who claim to believe in revival, but want no part of reformation (reorganization)--the Leviticus; (3) and who teach that it is not necessary for God to have a Davidian Seventh-day Adventist Association "from this time down to the time the Kingdom is set up" (2 T.G. 34:25:0).

ALTERNATIVE 3: Or you may choose to join with God's Association which accepts neither porter, prophet, or president as "chief-administrator" with "full...power" at its headquarters; and which accepts both the "literature of revival" and "reformation...the Leviticus" --reorganization through "Government, Order, Discipline, and Education," with a ruling body composed of an Executive Council with "full executive and administrative power," that issues fellowship cards to its members who "pay the price" and have "complied with the requirements for admission" (1 T.G. 2:20:0); and which prints and promulgates "the Voice of Elijah's publications" (G.C.S. 35:2)--all the Tracts, Timely Greetings, Answerer Books, Symbolic Codes, Jezreel Letters, Shepherd's Rod books, Vols.1 and 2, and the large charts.

"It is, therefore, prerequisite that we learn to take orders if we are to receive the seal of God in our foreheads."--1 Timely Greetings, No. 7, pg. 5:2 (bold emphasis added).

"Now it is up to all of us individually to decide whether we should hear the voice of man or the voice of God's Rod. This is now everyone's concern for one of these two voices--the voice of men or the Voice of God's Rod--will determine everyone's destiny either for eternal death or for eternal life."--1 Timely Greetings, No. 27, pg. 8:1 (bold emphasis added).

What about you Brother, Sister, Davidian? Are you a follower of the so-called prophet-presidents of today who seek to usurp the position of Elijah (Bro. V.T. Houteff)--the last prophet-president? Do you love the lie perpetuated by them that "Elijah is not the last prophet-president"? Do you despise the fellowship cards and the Leviticus--reformation--reorganization? Do you think that there is no need for God's Headquarters to exist today--THE GENERAL ASSOCIATION OF DAVIDIAN SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS?

If your answer to these questions is "No," then you must believe in the following inspired statement from the message of the SRod:

"Nevertheless, one's {a true Davidian} only safety will be in the teaching of Elijah {Bro. V.T. Houteff}, for there will be no other voice {a usurper} of timely Truth and authority {porter-prophet-president} to whom one may turn. Any others {besides the voice of Elijah} will lead their victims blind-folded into perdition."--General Conference Special, pg. 8:0 (bold emphasis, braces added).


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