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Our subject is about the "locusts" who torment people, but it would be difficult for the reader to understand who they are, if the "star" and other related symbols are not identified first.


"And the fifth angel sounded {his trumpet}, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to Him was given the key of the bottomless pit."--Revelation 9:1 (bold emphasis, braces added).

The key to understanding the fifth trumpet is knowing who is the "star." And the fact that it is designated as a male person "Him" and "He," proves that it is not a literal planet orbiting in the sky.

"Moreover, the star is personified as 'Him' (masculine in gender), thus being limited to a male person. And finally Christ Himself gives testimony that He is 'the bright and morning star.' Rev. 22:16. To Him, be it remembered, was given the key of the bottomless pit."--5 Tract, pg. 59 (bold emphasis, braces added).

Christ is not only the "Star," because He was "given the key" at His first advent, but He is also the "Angel," because He had the key at His second advent.

"And I saw an angel come down from heaven, having the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand. And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years.' Revelation 20:1, 2.

"Moreover, the fact that the Angel {Christ} of Revelation 20:1 (Satan's great enemy), is the One Who has the key of the bottomless pit, it follows that the Angel of Revelation 20:1 and the Star of Revelation 9:1 are the same, for the One {Star} to Whom the key was given, is the only One that could have it {Angel}."--2 Timely Greetings, No. 15, pg. 11:3 (bold emphasis, braces added).


"As Christ is the one who secures Satan's captivity, thereby ushering in the millennium {at His second advent}, He alone can be fittingly symbolized by the 'angel...having the key of the bottomless pit,' and by the 'star' to whom the 'key' was given. And as the 'giving' of a thing to any certain one must precede the 'having' of it by that one, the verbs 'given' (Rev. 9:1) and 'having' (Rev. 20:1; 1:18) point, of course, to two different times. Obviously, therefore, Christ received the 'key' at the sounding of the fifth trumpet {at His first advent}--sometime {2,000 years} before the millennium {at His second advent}. Hence at the commencement of the millennium He already has it."--5 Tract, pg. 60:1 (bold emphasis, braces added).

"Here we are told that this mighty angel, Satan's enemy, has the 'key of the bottomless pit' {Rev. 20:1}. If He has it, then to Him the key must have been 'given' {Rev. 9:1}. The Star {Christ} that received the key, therefore, is symbolical of this angel {Christ}."--2 Timely Greetings, No. 13, pg. 10:2 (bold emphasis, braces added).

"The heavenly Star {Rev. 9:1} represents a heaven-sent Being {Jesus}, the same 'angel' {Christ}, of Whom we again read in chapter 20:1,...."--2 Timely Greetings, No. 13, pg. 10:4 (bold emphasis, braces added).

Thus, the symbols so far mentioned are clearly understood this way: (1) Christ is the "Him," the "He"--the "star" (Rev. 9:1) who was given the "key" at His first advent. (2) Christ is also the "angel" (Rev. 20:1) who already has the "key" at His second advent. But what is the "key" and the "bottomless pit"?


"And He {Christ the star} opened the bottomless pit {with His key at His first advent}; and there arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace."--Revelation 9:2 (bold emphasis, braces added).

"Christ's mission being to bring deliverance from the prison house of sin and of death (the bottomless pit), and to do so through the preaching of the gospel, the key, therefore, must be figurative of the gospel, the only power that is able to set free those who are imprisoned in the 'bottomless pit.'

"Since the 'bottomless pit' of Revelation 20:3 is symbolical of the earth as a prison house during the millennium {G.C. 658:3}, then the 'bottomless pit' of Revelation 9:1, being identical, must likewise be symbolical of the earth as a prison house at another time {at Christ's first advent}."--5 Tract, pg. 60:2,3 (bold emphasis, braces added).

"This implicitly Biblical interpretation of the 'star,' the 'key,' and the 'bottomless pit,' reveals that the earth, at Christ's first advent, had become a prison house (a pit) for God's people {Jewish nation--2 T.G. 13:10:4}, and that Christ came to open it {by His death on the cross} in order to save them.

"The very fact that God's people {Jewish nation--2 T.G. 13:10:4} are vested with the power to keep open the bottomless pit, then should they be defeated {taken captive by Rome}, the pit would be shut, and would become a prison house from which there would be no escape unless it be reopened. And so Satan in the latter days of the Jews {70 weeks--Dan. 9:24}, as sacred history records, attacked them, took them captive {by Rome}, and thus shut the pit. And knowing that when the Saviour should come, He would open it, the dragon therefore stood ready to devour the 'child as soon as it was born.' Rev. 12:4. But losing sight of the infant Christ, he incited Herod to slay 'all the children that were in Bethlehem, and in all the coasts thereof, from two years old and under' (Matt. 2:16), in the hope of making rid of the Saviour. Under the protection of Providence, however, Christ was kept from the bloody hand of Herod. Then subsequently with the gospel key {Lk. 4:18,19}, He opened the {bottomless} 'pit' and freed His people {Jews who became Christians}."--5 Tract, pg. 61:1,2 (bold emphasis, braces added).


"And He {Christ the star} opened the bottomless pit {with His key of the gospel at His first advent}; and there arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace."--Revelation 9:2 (bold emphasis, braces added).

"For the significance of the 'smoke,' we need look no further than to the ceremonial system, which was 'a compacted prophecy of the gospel.'--The Acts of the Apostles, p. 14. There we behold the ascending smoke of the ceremonial offerings {of a lamb} which, as we know, prefigured Christ's great sacrifice in behalf of the human race. Accordingly, the smoke which came from the 'pit' is symbolical of Christ's crucifixion {as the Lamb of God--Jn. 1:29}."--5 Tract, pg. 62:2 (bold emphasis, braces added).

When the children of Israel killed the lamb and burned it according to the ceremonial sacrificial system, the "smoke" arose as a type of Christ's sacrifice "as the smoke out of a great furnace" (Rev. 9:2); which ended the typical sacrifices by "nailing it to the cross" (Col. 2:14).


"And there came out of the smoke locusts upon the earth: and unto them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth have power."--Revelation 9:3 (bold emphasis added).

"With the smoke symbolizing the crucifixion, and the locusts coming out of the smoke, the only admissible conclusion is that they are symbolical of the {Jewish} Christians who came as a consequence of the sacrificial blood that was shed on Calvary."--5 Tract, pg. 63:3 (bold emphasis, braces added).

"The heavenly Star {Rev. 9:1} represents a heaven-sent Being {Jesus}, the same 'angel' {Christ}, of Whom we again read in chapter 20:1, and the locusts are Heaven's rescued multitude. Who else, then, can the 'Star' and the locusts represent but Christ and the {Jewish} Christians?"--2 Timely Greetings, No. 13, pg. 10:4 (bold emphasis, braces added).

"The Bible points out that but one bottomless pit was opened, the pit out of which the locusts came (Rev. 9:2), and it was the heavenly Star that opened the pit to let out its captives,--the locusts who were to hurt only those men who have not the seal of God in their foreheads. Since the locusts were capable of knowing {the saints} who had and also {the wicked} who had not the seal of God in their foreheads, and since they were friends to God's sealed people, the truth is obvious: The Star that liberated them from the pit is Christ, and the locusts are the Christians, the people that were rescued from apostate Judaism {Jews}."--2 Timely Greetings, No. 15, pg. 11:2 (bold emphasis, braces added).


"And they {Christian locusts} had a king {Christ the star--Rev. 9:1} over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit {Rev. 20:1},..."--Revelation 9:11 (bold emphasis, braces added).

Christ is not only the "star" who was "given the key of the bottomless pit" (Rev. 9:1), but He is also the "king" over the locusts (Rev. 9:11), because He is the "angel of the bottomless pit" (Rev. 9:11) who is the same "angel...having the key of the bottomless pit"!

"...Christ is clearly seen to be King of His people in both the Old and the New Testament periods, and Author of the Scriptures in both the Hebrew and the Greek."--5 Tract, pg. 70:1 (bold emphasis, braces added).


"And they {Christian locusts} had a king {Christ} over them,...whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon."--Revelation 9:11 (bold emphasis, braces added).

"Consequently, the Old Testament Scriptures, being originally written in the Hebrew tongue, give Him {Christ Jesus} the name Abaddon, whereas the New Testament Scriptures, being originally written in the Greek, give Him the name Apollyon....And from this fact it follows that as He is 'the Word' (the Bible in human form), His Hebrew name, Abaddon, is also the name of the Old Testament Scriptures, and His Greek name, Apollyon, is also the name of the New Testament Scriptures."--5 Tract, pg. 70:0,1 (bold emphasis, braces added).

"Abaddon, Christ's name in the Hebrew, signifying Him as a 'destroyer,' shows that in the Old Testament period He simply destroyed many of His enemies; whereas Apollyon, His name in the Greek, signifying Him as an 'exterminator,' shows that in the New Testament period He will exterminate all the wicked."--5 Tract, pg. 71:2 (bold emphasis, braces added).

To illustrate why Christ has two names, ask yourself this question: "Why do the people who get rid of bugs call themselves "bug exterminators" instead of "bug destroyers"? The obvious answer is because the word "exterminator" implies a permanent riddance of the bugs; whereas the word "destroyer" implies a temporary riddance. Therefore, Christ's name "Abaddon" could mean that the wicked are temporarily destroyed (2 Thess. 2:8) until they are resurrected (Rev. 20:5); and His name "Apollyon" could mean that He will then exterminate them permanently (Rev. 20:10).

"To those {locusts--Christians}, therefore, who accept Christ as their King, He is a Saviour, while to those {wicked} who refuse to have Him rule over them (Luke 19:14), He is a destroyer."--5 Tract, pg. 72:1 (bold emphasis, braces added).


"And it was commanded them {locusts--the Christians} that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing neither any tree; but {hurt} only those men {wicked people} which have not the seal of God in their foreheads."--Revelation 9:4 (bold emphasis, braces added).

"And the fact that they {locusts} were to hurt 'only those {wicked} men which have not the seal of God in their foreheads,' makes this conclusion {locusts are Christians} even more inescapable. For only a true Christian {locust}, one who has a personal experience with God, a perfect knowledge of His Word, and who is filled with His Spirit, can discriminate saint from sinner."--5 Tract, pg. 63:3 (bold emphasis, braces added).

"Had the Christians {locusts} not been told 'that they should not kill,' they naturally would not have known that they were entering into the period of grace {to torment only}, and so would have followed the example of the Jewish nation when, as a theocracy charged to execute God's judgments, they were commanded to kill and to drive out of the land.... both those who were departed from Him and those who did not acknowledge Him as the only true God."--Tract 5, pg. 64:2 (bold emphasis, braces added).


"And to them {locusts} it was given that they should not kill them {the wicked}, but that they should be tormented five {figurative} months."--Revelation 9:5 (bold emphasis, braces added).

"During the five figurative months, the 'locusts' were commanded to torment those {wicked} who had not the seal of God, but not to kill them."--5 Tract, pg. 74:4.

"And they {locusts} had tails like unto scorpions, and there were stings in their tails."--Revelation 9:10 (bold emphasis, braces added).

"We have seen that the 'locusts' are symbolical of the {Christian} soldiers of the cross; we know that the tail of an animal is the hinder member of its body; in other words, its rearguard. So we have no choice but to conclude that the tails of the locusts symbolize the church's rearguard--its {Christian} followers {converts}."--5 Tract, pg. 72:4 (bold emphasis, braces added).

"Their {locusts} tails representing their converts, and at the same time having stings in them, then, obviously, in the rapid accession of disciples to the religion of Christ, there was a sting, a torment, to the wicked. 'What shall we,' they cried in consequent despair, 'do to these men? {Christian locusts} for that indeed a notable miracle hath been done by them is manifest to all them that dwell in Jerusalem; and we cannot deny it. But that it spread no further among the people, let us straitly threaten them, that they speak henceforth to no man in this name {Jesus}. And they called them, and commanded them not to speak at all nor teach in the name of Jesus,' for 'the world is gone after Him.' Acts 4:16-18; John 12:19."--5 Tract, pg. 73:2 (bold emphasis, braces added).


Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life." (Jn. 14:6). Therefore, the saints (Christian locusts) who love Jesus love life; whereas the wicked who hate Jesus love death!

"But he that sinneth against Me {Jesus} wrongeth his own soul: all they that hate Me love death."--Proverbs 8:36 (bold emphasis, braces added)

"The rejecters of His {Christ's} mercy reap that which they have sown. God is the fountain of life; and when one chooses the service of sin, he separates from God, and thus cuts himself off from life. He is 'alienated from the life of God.' Christ says, 'All they {the wicked} that hate Me love death.' Eph. 4:18; Prov. 8:36."--Desire of Ages, pg. 764:1 (bold emphasis, braces added).

And what is death? It is hell, the grave (Isa. 14:9)--eternal death (Rev. 20:10). That is what the wicked love. Ever wonder why people engage in dangerous sports or crazy death-defying stunts that jeopardize their lives? or why they join guerrilla camps to be trained to kill people, knowing full well that they could be killed? or why they eat and drink things that eventually kills them, or why they commit suicide? Well, wonder no more. They do it because the life that Jesus offers them by His death on the cross has no real meaning to them. They love death, and if what they do is dangerous and they are killed, so what, they cared not for life anyway! But there is another thing they also love to do, and that is to take everyone they can with them to hell. They are not content to die forever. No! they want others to die with them in hell. And if they are rich or famous, they will use their money and influence to draw others to follow them to hell. Therefore, they not only hate life, but they also hate the Christian locusts who want others to live the eternal life with them. And this torments the wicked by the sting of the locust's tails--the converts who accept Jesus in the form of new truth (Jn. 14:6) which the Christian locusts are teaching.

In the days of Jesus the Pharisees, and most of the Jewish people who loved death, not only crucified Jesus because they hated the life He offered to them, but they also persecuted and killed the Christian locusts who loved life. And that is why Paul and Barnabus said to the Jews, "Seeing ye...{love death and} judge yourselves unworthy of eternal life, lo, we turn to the Gentiles" (Acts 13:46). But these Jews were not content to die, they wanted others to die with them. And that is why Jesus said to them, "Woe unto you, entered not in {to life} yourselves, and them {Christian locusts} that were entering in {to life} ye hindered" (Lk. 11:52), because it tormented them to see others choose life, instead of death which they love. And that is the reason why the wicked, who have judged themselves unworthy of eternal life, have always persecuted and martyred the locusts, because the life these Christians live is a witness against those who love death. Thus, the wicked who love death are tormented by those who choose life and accept new truth, which is as the sting of the locust's tails.

Yet, in spite of the persecution and martyrdom which these Christian locusts suffered during the Dark-Age period, they survived and their descendants continued on, and became members of God's Seventh-day Adventist church today. But the Devil, the serpent" (Rev. 12:9), sowed his "tares" (Mt. 13:25) who love death into the church; and they have multiplied tremendously, when "the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman" (Rev. 12:15). The "serpent" is "the Devil, and Satan" (Rev. 12:9); the "water" is "peoples...and nations" (Rev. 17:15); the "flood" is "ungodly men" (Ps. 18:4); and the "woman" is God's true church today--Seventh-day Adventists. This verse (Rev. 12:15) clearly reveals the irrefutable fact that the phenomenal growth of the Seventh-day Adventist church from 144,000 members in 1917 (5 Tr. 103:1) to over nine million today, is not by the work of God!

"The Lord does not now work to bring many souls into the truth {since 1917 when they had 144,000 members}, because of the church members who have never been converted {tares} and those who were once converted but who have backslidden {tares}. What influence would these unconsecrated members {tares} have on the God-given message which His people are to bear?"--6 Testimonies, pg. 371:0 (bold emphasis, braces added).

If God is not bringing in these millions of members into the Seventh-day Adventist church, then who is? It can only be the work of the Devil who is busy using his "sleeping preachers" (2T.337) to bring in these "tares" by the millions. And they brag about it!

"Your {sleeping preachers} bragging about the Denomination's achievements and of her numerous {millions of} conversions the world over, if it be true, Truth now challenges you to honestly answer the questions that here ensue: Why are you giving them {the tares a} hope of a home in the Kingdom if you positively know that they {tares} cannot be saved? Is not such an ingathering outright deception and the greatest endeavor to infiltrate the church with tares ever heard of? and is it not spiritual whoredom of the worst kind to fill the church of God with devils?"--1 Timely Greetings, No. 12, pg. 21 (bold emphasis, braces added).

So why is the Devil bringing these "tares" by the millions into the Seventh-day Adventist church? He knows that Jesus predicted through His servant John in Revelation seven that an "angel" (message) had the "seal of the living God" (Rev. 7:2) to seal the 144,000 saints (Rev. 7:4) which Sis. White saw in her first vision. And he knows that she predicted in 1890 that God would send the prophet Elijah to the Seventh-day Adventist church (T.M. 475:3), who would have that message (The Shepherd's Rod) to seal the 144,000 and those saved "with" them.

"Prophecy must be fulfilled. The Lord says: 'Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord' {Mal. 4:5}. Somebody is to come {future tense--sometime after 1890} in the spirit and power of Elijah, and when he (a male person--Mal. 4:6} appears, men may say: 'You are too earnest, you do not interpret the Scriptures in the proper way. Let me tell you how to teach your message'."--Testimonies to Ministers, pg. 475:3 (bold emphasis, braces added).

Since Sis. White began her ministry in 1844 and wrote in 1890 that Elijah "is to come" in the future, then she could not have been that Elijah. The Lord proved this fact when He said: "And Deborah, a prophetess, the wife of Lapidoth, she judged Israel as that time." (Judges 4:4). Did you notice that God's Word does not confuse the saints by saying that Deborah was a "prophet," a "husband" and a "he"? Why? because the Lord always refers to a male person as a "he" and a "prophet;" whereas He always refers to a female person (such as Deborah) as a "she" and a "prophetess"! And that is the reason why Malachi said that "Elijah the prophet" (Mal. 4:5) is to be a male person "he" (Mal. 4:6), as the first Elijah--John the baptist was a "he" (Mt. 3:1-3). This irrefutable fact proves, then, that Sis. White was not referring to herself (a "she") as Elijah, but to a "somebody"--a "he" who "is to come" after her day to the Seventh-day Adventist church.


As it has always been in times past, the great majority of the "tares" in God's Seventh-day Adventist church would reject the message of Elijah, whereas the Christian locusts would accept it. They are known as Davidian Seventh-day Adventists.

"...we are the only people {in the SDA church} who have the message of the re-establishment of the House of David, and of restoring 'all things' (Mark 9:12) {by Elijah's message} and are therefore named Davidians,..."--1 Timely Greetings, No. 9, pg. 6:1 (bold emphasis, braces added).

Whenever they study with another Seventh-day Adventist and he accepts Elijah's message, this torments the "tares," as if they had been stung by the tail of a scorpion (Rev. 9:5,10). And this causes them to persecute the Davidian locusts and cast them out of the church, because they cannot kill them.

"To punish those who were supposed to be evil doers, the {papal} church {during the Dark Ages} has had recourse to the civil power. Those who differed from the established doctrines {and lived a Christian life that tormented the wicked} have been imprisoned, put to torture and to death, at the instigation of men who claimed to be acting under the sanction of Christ. But it is the spirit of Satan, not the Spirit of Christ, that inspires such acts. This is Satan's own method of bringing the world under his dominion. God has been misrepresented through the church by this way of dealing with those supposed to be heretics.--Christ's Object Lessons, p. 74.

"But as the {Seventh-day Adventist} church today is virtually everywhere in subordination to the state, and therefore utterly powerless to impose the penalty of imprisonment, torture, and death, as her predecessors frequently did {during the Dark Ages}, in punishment for supposed heresy, the threat of excommunication {being cast out of the church} is consequently the highest price that the Denomination is able to impose upon any who would dare to awaken her sleepers {Rev. 3:16). Likewise it is become her strongest weapon for persuading the awakened to retract and to lapse back into Laodicean slumber and sleep."--White-House Recruiter, pg. 72.

The command given by God to all Christian locusts during the New Testament Christian era, especially to the Davidian locusts today, is to torment "those men which have not the seal of God in their foreheads" (Rev. 9:4). That torment, however, is not bodily harm done by the Davidian locusts, because "in no case would we hurt them in the least, but rather would befriend them" (8 Tr. 55:2); instead, it is the tails of the locusts that sting and torment them. And since the tails symbolize their converts who accept Elijah's message which the Davidian locusts teach, then it is the knowledge of these converts that stings the tares and torments them. In the days of the early Christian disciples (locusts) "the rapid accession of converts ('tails') to the church...enraged the {Jewish} enemies of Christ" (5 Tr. 98:1) which tormented them; and they persecuted and cast them out of the synagogue (Jn. 9:22). So it is today, the leadership of God's church are tormented by the Davidian locusts, whose "tail" (converts) stings them, and they cast them out!


To know how to torment, you must first know who to torment?--"Only those men which have not the seal of God in their foreheads" (Rev. 9:4). Do you know who does not have the "seal"?

In Revelation 7:2,3 an angel, representing a message, came to the Seventh-day Adventist church in 1929 (1 S.R. 10) to seal the 144,000 with the "seal of the living God." All those who accepted this message, entitled The Shepherd's Rod, became Davidian Seventh-day Adventist locusts. "To them it was given" (Rev. 9:5) by God to "torment" all those who do not have the seal of "present truth" (E.W. 58) in their foreheads.

And there are two ways to do to find out who does not have the seal: (1) Preach The Shepherd's Rod message to the people in the Seventh-day Adventist church. (2) And live that message in your daily life (1 T.G. 22:26:1). If you do this, by the unction of God's Holy Spirit, you will quickly find out who does not have the seal in their foreheads! Those, of course, in the Seventh-day Adventist church who believe in and obey the Spirit of prophecy (5 Test. 217:2; G.W. 308:1) will not be tormented by the Davidian locusts. They will listen to what they are teaching, because they have already been "sealed unto the day of redemption" (Eph. 4:30; 2 Ans. 32:1) with the regular seal that all saints have. Therefore, they will receive the "seal of the living God" (Rev. 7:2) to be one "of" the 144,000 (Rev. 7:4) or one "with" them (2 S.C. 5:8:1) who are translated and never die (1 Thess. 4:17).

But not so with many of the leaders who are prejudiced, who are intolerant of other's beliefs, and who are religious bigots that despise freedom of religion. They refuse to listen to the Davidian locusts, because they will not enter into life, while they hinder others (Lk. 11:52) who are trying to enter in. And they will do everything they can to prejudice other Seventh-day Adventists, or scare them by threatening to cast them out of the church if they study with these Davidian locusts. But in spite of all that they do, they are tormented when they see other Seventh-day Adventists who listen to the locusts, which especially stings them by the Davidian "tails"--those members who become converts--new Davidian Seventh-day Adventist!


What about you? Are you a Christian locust in the Seventh-day Adventist church? Do you tell others about the Sabbath, about health and dress reform, about the truth of the judgment of the dead, the three angel's messages, and other doctrinal truths? and do you live as a true Seventh-day Adventist should? Do you torment those in other churches by what you teach and the way you live? Do you have "tails" that sting? If you are not a saint who stings and torments, then you are not a true Christian locust!

And what about you, Brother, Sister, Davidian? are you a true Christian locust? Do you witness to the sealed saints (Eph. 4:30) in the Seventh-day Adventist church who are seeking the seal to be one of the 144,000? Do you obey the command of your "King" (Rev. 9:11) to "torment" those who do not have the seal? Do you have "tails" that sting? If you are not a saint who stings and torments, then you are not a Christian--a true Davidian locust!

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